Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Oscar tells Alexis he wants to finish up his Will. She hugs him.

Kim tells Dr. Terry that she wants her to answer all of Oscars questions IN FULL and don't spare him. Um, ok, little late for that. Oscar comes in. His first question is: What is it going to feel like when I'm dying? Wow, start with the hard question right off the bat!! She says the longest anyone has lived with the condition that she knows of is 7-8 months. Shortest? 6 weeks. 

Monica and Michael talk about Gail, she's back from the funeral. She says that she's feeling that she has to do things in the 'now'. Michael invites her to go to a play with him in NYC to get away from it all. She said she'd love to but with Oscar, she can't. 

Willow is in Charlie's talking about Wiley. Oh, she's meeting Liz there to talk about Aiden. She says Charlotte isn't bullying where she can see it anyway but Aiden is still by himself most of the time. Liz wonders why. Willow says there's a 'pack mentality" and Aiden is finding himself. 

Aiden wants to make cookies from scratch for the "Save the Planet" Bake Sale at School. Liz says no time--but Franco says he'll do it. Awwwwwwwww.. Very cute scenes.  They shove chocolate chips in their mouths! Hes' a great baker. He learned on TV and in the library. He said kids laughed at him about it. 
Which is--very strange because now a days, kids are on TV cooking all. the. time?? Then Cameron comes home and sees "GAYDEN" on the iPad in response to Aiden's game playing. So there it is. 

Cameron is sleeping in the chapel... Joss finds him and tells her that he has to do drug couseling because he was busted for the pot. Wait, Joss didn't know? I guess not!.. Oh, and Joss tells Cameron that Oscar is dying.  Later, Oscar comes in and he and Joss plan on doing his bucket list. 

Anna has on bandages ...and Griffin is going to tell her about the damage done on her eyes.  The surgery went well but she can't take the bandages off yet. Hey, did anyone call Robin?
So...they are going to take off the bandages. That was like 3 seconds later? LOL  SO, they take off the bandages and she sees blurry and then PERFECTLY? Um.. one day blind story?? Wha? Weird.  Finn does notice strange markers on Anna's blood work. Maybe that's the story? Oh, it's a virus that he hasn't seen in North America! Oh boy, Anna thinks maybe someone gave it to her intentionally? 

Monica talks to Kim... Monica says it's tough because there's no manual for dealing with that. They cry a bit. 


  1. Hospital chapel:

    Jam: I love their scene!!!! Love that Joss told Cam about Oscar dying. I thought they were going to kiss at one point. He was holding her and they were lookin at each other's lips. :)

    JossCar: Awwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    The hospital:

    Finchy and Chase: Uh okay Chase! Finchy is not being selfish! He is worried about Anna!!!! SHUT UP CHASE! But after that, they had a nice moment together.. They were bonding awwwww! :)

    Anna's private room: Okay where the hell is Robert!!! If Anna told Robert to leave, he will insist on staying!!! Finchy stop being a wimp!

    "Karen says Um.. one day blind story?? Wha?"

    That is what I said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yeah it is!!!!!!

    Doc Terry's office:

    Oscar, Terry, and CarlyKim:

    "Karen says She says the longest anyone has lived with the condition that she knows of is 7-8 months."

    Time to have sex and get the preggers for Oscar, right Drew and CarlyKim? 7-8 months, PERFECT! :)

    Friz's home:

    Aidan and BobTodd: I LOVE THEIR SCENE!!!! Aidan loves to bake!!!!! He can someday be a chef/baker!!!!!!!! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day, and the scene of the day.

    BobTodd: Um I don't think so.

    ROFL! And then when BobTodd got the butter, it was sticking to the plate or whatever it was.. That was hysterical! I laughed hard! :)

    Cam and Aidan: GAYDEN?!!?!?! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! WHAT IN THE FREAKIN HELL?!!?!?!?! Well good to know it's not in Aidan's head. Cam tell your mother!!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Willow and Julian: Willow dear, you gave up your son! So he isn't your son anymore! And besides, your son died. :( The way Willow was giving attitude toward Julian, I thought she was going to blame him again!

    Alexis and Julian: Oh Alexis I love you to bits, but shut up. CarlyKim doesn't need him!!!! She has Drew! Give me a break.

    Charlie and CarlyKim: Oh yes CarlyKim. For someone who cheated on you, he is a great guy? SHUT UP! *roll eyes*

  2. I think the Cam/Joss scenes were so well done. There are alot of talented young actors on the show. I predict great things for the actor portraying Aiden. It was a sad show but, well written. Always love Rodger! He slays it whether he is making cookies or breaking into Ryan/Kevin's office.

  3. sonya said...Cam tell your mother!!!!!

    *** He needs to tell his mother and she needs to get someone to find out who's sending the message. Where are you, Spinelli?

  4. "Di said...He needs to tell his mother and she needs to get someone to find out who's sending the message. Where are you, Spinelli?"

    YES! Spinelli is perfect for the job! Bring him in on this!!!!

  5. I want Robin to come back and what she always did, save peoplešŸ˜„

  6. Man I love RoHo! He is so great with kid actors. I loved him as Todd on OLTL, he was great with Kristen Alderson (Starr). So glad Frank brought him over to GH.

  7. I love roger but he needed to be a different character not franco

  8. Aiden and Franco, Joss and Cam, all just excellent scenes. And Cam better tell his mom about "Gayden" or there will be trouble from me, lol! I just love that kid who plays Aiden, he is adorable and a great little actor.

    I agreed with everything you said Sonya (especially about Willow), but noooooooo to the preggers! Nooooooo! Haha!


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