Monday, January 14, 2019

Locked Box

Ryan tries to convince Ava to leave with him. "you'll be haunted if you stay here"... Maura and Jon are SO GOOD!! OMG tho, Ava says she'd love to go but Avery is here!! Ut oh!! Ryan wouldn't kill a kid, would he?? He said he forgot about Avery and maybe they can take her with them. She says CarSon would never say it was ok. He said I can 

Nina and Dr. O. Nina talks too fast and Dr. O doesn't tell her about Sasha being fake. But they do have a fun exchange about who's worse: Valentin or Fiason. Giggle.  

Sam and Alexis at the bar--waiting for Krissy. Alexis brings a present. Sam says she has no gift, just a warning. They talk about the Dawn of Day place. Kristina comes over and Sam tells her and Alexis about her past with Hank's father and she thinks he's targeting Kristina.  Kristina thinks Sam is making this all about HER -- and she doesn't believe it.  She wants Alexis, Sam and Jason to go to seminars that he puts on. 

Franco  rifling through Ryan's safe. Sees, the box, gets it out....and Carly walks in. He says Kevin is acting funny--she says she knows it, that's why she's there too. They talk about that patient at Ferncliff-- did he every paint with him? (Wilson Ritter). Franco says maybe the answers are 'in this box" (the locked one).  Carly says leave it alone. And he does-- and they clean up the office. Franco can't find his file, he thinks "Kevin" has a secret. Leaves. 

Jason tells Sonny about Hank/Shank-- because you know, SONNY.  Kristina comes in-- and tells them the whole backstory of Hank..and the charity. SaSon aren't convinced. 

Ryan finds Carly in the office. She asks him why Wilson Ritter isn't on the internet. He said didn't want to glorify him. "So did you scrub him off the internet"??  Ryan says that she's obsessing just like she did about Nelle-- and Carly gets mad. Ryan puts her name on his "list" when she leaves.  Damn, we know LW isn't leaving, so that won't happen.  Oh, after Ava calls him, he puts Sonny's name on the list too. 

Dr. O and Franco meet on the docks. I'm so happy!! He asks how she beat the charges..She says she knows other ppl's secrets. 

Ava sees Sonny and says she wants to move out of the country, can she have more time with her please? For extended periods? Sonny's like No damn way. 


  1. can only hope sonny and carly are the valentine victims

  2. Sonny and Carly are pillars of GH. I hope they stay on for years and’s only natural Jason spell out Shiloh story with Sonny as Kristina is his daughter. It’s very refreshing to see Sonny so involved with his family and friends instead of mob focused. I am thinking that Ava will be in position to save Sonny and Carly from Ryan, but am conflicted if she will leave them the way they left her in the raging fire.

  3. Did anyone catch all the names on Ryan's list? Carly made #14, then he added Sonny. I saw Peyton and Kiki but didn't catch the rest.

  4. Sonny and Carly are the pillars of GH? Okayyyyy ...

    Michelle - I know. Ryan really writes like a doctor - I couldn't read most of the names either.

  5. The pier:

    Rava: Time to leave the Chuckles!!!! Get permission from Sonny!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sason: Shanky is BAD! Just BAD!!!!!

    Sason and Krissy: Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Krissy: I am not giving you and Jason my power.

    Sonny: What'd you say?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Krissy's chakras Sonny!!! :) She wants to be centered! OMMM OMMMMMM! :)

    Ava and Sonny: Permission to leave town, DENIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Sam and Alexis: OH! A present. :) Alexis is trying not to worry hahahaha. I am glad Sam wants to tell Alexis what is going on with Krissy!

    Sam, Alexis, and Krissy: Great scene!!!!!!!!! :)



    Dr. O and Nina: Great scene!!! Dr. O spill the herbal tea all over her!!!

    Dr. O and V.C.: DR. O VS V.C LOVE IT!!! :) Be careful V.C. and don't step on any Dr. O mines, or you will get blown up!

    V.C. and Nina: UGH! Scum sucking jackass!!!!!

    The hospital/Doc's office:

    BobTodd and Carly: OH! Great scene!!!! :) Love that Carly wasn't mean to him! They tried to help each other out. Where is BobTodd's file?!!?!? DAMN!

    Ryan and Carly: Careful Carly! Ryan can kill you!!!!

    Ryan on phone with Ava: CARLY IS ON THE LIST!!!! SONNY IS ON THE LIST!!!! OH OH! They are in trouble now!!!! But hopefully the next person to die is Margoo. :)

  6. Who are current pillars of GH if not Sonny and Carly who have been on for 20plus years? They are heavily involved with countless storylines and Port Chuck residents, supporting friends and their children. They are extremely loyal to friends and family and generous to the hospital- I’m not sure I understand the hate people dish to these characters. They are enmeshed with the whole GH canvas- by all writers choice. There are no more Quartermaine's to be the pillars (aside from Monica), which was a writer catastrophe, not sure who else would be contenders. Of course Laura reigns supreme, but really I guess I’m considering families in general- ie Corinthos. I just think it’s pretty nice to see actors stick with the soap for years and years and see the developments and growth (ie Mike and Sonny)

  7. And I forgot to mention, I do think the writers have jammed themselves in a corner where without the Corinthos clan, GH soap would disappear (pillars crumbling). They deserted the Spencer family, the Cassadine family, Quartermaines, and I’m consistently trying to understand- I do so miss Tracy Quartermaine so much. Every soap needs a family with a large family tree to withhold storylines.

  8. On the list, I think the first 10 or so names were victims from 25 years ago, then Mary Pat, Kiki, Peyton, Carly and Sonny. Although we know that he was trying to kill Laura, I didn't see her name on the list. Also haven't heard anything about the noose that Ryan left at the gym.

    I really hate cults, and hope that GH uses this story to expose how dangerous they can be. Mindlessly following some leader, who always ends up being self-serving, is never a good idea.

    It IS great that Sonny is shown being loving and helpful to all his family/friends, rather than shown doing mob stuff. However, he still is in the mob, they just don't ever show that anymore, and I don't know when he has time to be a mob king with all the complicated stuff going on in his life. I wish they would have let him leave the mob the last time he tried, as now it looks like he has left, but he hasn't . . .

    1. I agree AntJoan, while I'm still not a Sonny fan, it's been nice to see him in this different light. Even his scene with Ava yesterday he could have been a total douche and yell and say she couldn't ever have her or whatever. I think he was being sensitive to her feelings because of Kiki and even though he'll never give her up, still a nice scene. Oh and thanks about the list.

  9. KT4GH said.... I just think it’s pretty nice to see actors stick with the soap for years and years and see the developments and growth

    *** I do too. It's really unfortunate that a few years back a lot of those long term GH actors had to leave or take a back seat so that actors from another soap could come in and take over. They definitely tried to decimate the Spencer family, the Cassadine family, and the Quartermaines; the latter was supposed to be the backbone of the show.


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