Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday Surgery: The Bird Wub

Scotty and Gail... 

One of my most FAVE kind of blogs!! I'm going blind again this week and just getting photos to see if I can guess what happened on the show. I'll watch, then recap a bit at the end. We'll find out how well I did.  
There were 3 new shows this week;  I saw Monday's.

Let the fun begin!!

I'm on January Detox..which is the saddest month in my house. NO booze. Little Carbs. Much crying!! 

**Note: do you get the Bird Wub reference?? heh 

Look, I finally got some tongue, and then this guy just falls out of the snowman. 
Jason, my stomach hurts ... I mean, I haven't used my lips in months!

Well, vintersnooken des das babies of da weinkamers.... my little schnitzel 

You knock, you're closer.
I'm not knocking you knock! 
Well...we can stand here all day.
I can't believe I have to wear this leather jacket again...

Hey, man.. welcome to the pad!! Dig the groovy pictures behind me! See this scruff? Took a day to come in.. I'm're cool... all the young babes here are cool...Wow, sorry, can I offer you a ginger infused cucumber water? 

Oh my god, can you not? I'm trying to get my chill on here! 
She started it. 
She won't use my skin-care line
Well, to be fair, Nina, she doesn't NEED your skin care line! 

Like I'm every gonna solve anything in this town....ever. 

THE WEEK:  So, let's see... Ryan plays with the PCPD in a marvelous way, JaSam are leery of Hank, Krissy however, loves him.  Sonny hires Chet to be head of the gym, Curtis and Drew box.  Gail was remembered and Lucy went looking for venture capitol for her book. 

HA! I thought that class up there was YOGA or something. Didn't see it was self-defense until I saw the show! 

Note From Wubs: I had to cheat here, couldn't tell if Oscar died or Jules broke up with her or Drew bought her a muffin and she was all happy-sad.

LINE OF THE YEAR (so far): "I'm ok, I slay"... Lucy, when asked about going to the self-defense class!! 

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Real...or.. Photoshop? 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Same as it ever was. 

MEMORIES OF THE WEEK: Thank you for the Gail memories and I'm looking forward to the Reading of the Will. 

THROWBACK OF THE WEEK: Seeing Brenda again... 

PREDICTIONS:  They brought Chet back to be manager of the gym because he somehow knows Hank ...or knows people that know Hank?  More about Lucy's book (I hope) and a good will reading from Gail. Maybe left money for a charity? Julexis will get back together--because what else can happen at this point? Or, they'll at the very least, sleep together.  Yvonne will die and Stella and Marcus will get 'back' together. Ryan should be thinking of killing someone for Feb break. Not sure if he'll succeed this time though. 

That's about it right now!! I have a clear-ish week so here's hoping I can get my butt here to blog!!  answer to title question? Bird Box.  If I hear one more thing about that blindfolded movie...I'll scream! 


  1. I hadn't thought of a Hank/Chet connection!!! Great idea, Karen. And I am sure that is why Chet is back!! And I also agree with you about Birdbox. It is not my kind of movie so I won't watch it even though I love Sandra Bullock, but I also am sick of the references, the commercials, and the conversation about it.

    Good job on today's SS. Loved the captions on the pictures.

  2. Thanks, Karen. I was thinking maybe Chet was there because of the so-called military connection. (Hank said he was a contractor) I hope he ends up recognizing him, although he never recognized Jason, did he? Or have they had scenes together.

    I love that Lucy's back too. She's such a ditzy dynamo.

    And I wish they'd use Chase more on the Ryan case. He's going to be used only in a triangle soon. Curtis isn't even a cop and Jordan is the commissioner. She should be working with her police to solve this. Not her husband. GH never lets cops solve crimes. They always have to be ineffective and the gangsters have to do it.

    Wouldn't it be interesting if we found out that Gail owned the old brownstone now and she leaves it to Scotty or maybe Lucy or someone else.

    I want more scenes with Laura and Felicia too. They should be working on this. I'd even accept Carly in the group.

  3. FINALLY a character with some mystery - Hank/Shiloh!!! he looks like Ben Affleck, doesn't he? THIS is the kind of characters we need-------not Kim with no personality/Oscar with no personality/Drew who looks angry AND WHEN was the last time he was at work???????

    YEP I too thought that is why Chet is suddenly back ---because of Hank.....and it was SO freakin' obvious that HANK is the one stalking Sam.....he actually even said
    "sometimes when you want to begin a new chapter in your life, you change your name, don't you?" and LOOKED AT SAM! I thought HOW can they not notice!!

    happy though - NO mob stuff going on!!!

  4. The self defense scenes could have been good. They were just lame and cheesy (and juvenile) on the part of Willow, Liz and Nina. I hated Nina at first, then liked her, and now I can't stand her character again. She acts like a teenager, and kind of ding batty.

    1. I can't stand Nina at all either. She needs to be the next victim.

  5. Lucy is ditzy, but very likable.

  6. I thought of the Brownstone being in Gail's will too. I hope so

  7. I thought this weeks shows were quite enjoyable. Liked the way they did the Lucy book thing. Really laughed at your captions, especially 'knock,knock'. I agree with lindie about the self defense class with grown up women acting like nincompoops. No wonder their kids are bully and bullied. It was fun though.

  8. Lucy brings a breath of fresh air. Really miss her! Maxie was great at the self defense class.

  9. I read he is back because Amy is the next is murdered victim ?

  10. Great Sunday Surgery, I was giggling at the captions! I'm happy that Chet is back and will take either story, Amy being Ryan's victim, or knowing info on Hank. I like both suggestions! And I agree with Barbara, Hank reminds me of Ben Affleck.

    Nina is an idiot, and I don't like her. Never have, never will. Not a Stafford fan either.
    Can we also just send Drew, Kim and Oscar back to San Diego. It's painful watching any of them.

  11. I think it's time they gave Jason a black Leather Cape and tights with a Superhero "J" on his chest. He is involved with everyone.Jason and Sam are like Superman and Lois Lane now.Just jump off the Metro Court balcony and solve all of Port Charles' various crimes.


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