Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ferncliff in the Dark

Ryan's at Ferncliff because Kevin is just limp. Oh HE'S BLIND!! The nurse says they have to go to GH to get his sight back. Ryan is like NOPE-- I'm not taking him anywhere. He tells him that he went blind too but he got his sight back. 
Kevin tells Ryan he did meet Dr. Cabot because Cabot was doing research on identical twins. Kevin didn't work with him so he doesn't know what his work was. Ryan tells Kevin Laura is mayor, she's divorcing "Kevin" and Lulu was almost killed. 
Kevin tells Ryan something about a prenup which I think was a ruse to get Laura to realize it's not him. 

Brucas on a Date Night and Michael's watching Wiley-- and he goes to Charlie's where..WILLOW is. :eyeroll:  Oh, Michael has a to go order. 
JossCar goes into Charlie's too. Talk about know, life, school.. yada yada. 

Kim and Drew at the bar at the Metro. Drew asks her to dinner. They eat. yawn. OMG he tells her all about Sam having the baby. boring

Brucas decide to go get Wiley at Charlie's Bar but Brad is going to drop of Lucas to see Lulu at GH. Brucas sees Willow and is all pally with her. 

FAnna and Robert are at Anna's having tea, trying to figure out why the report says she saw Cabot when she says she didn't. He shows her a photo. It's Alex. (DUH) They can't quite seem to figure out that KEVIN has a damn TWIN!! 
Anna asks Ryan to come over (Kevin, but Ryan). He says, yes, I do remember, sorry. He asked me to about identical twins. He says that's all he knows. 

Julian tells Brad that Willow thinks she's Wiley's birth mother. 


  1. Ok watching gh now oscar just said "when I get my license..." uh didn't Kim and drew buy him a car for his bday?I remember drew threw the keys at him and he left the hospital by himself? I think he left behind his and joss' planner on his way out. Am I crazy?

    1. You're not crazy ... or we both are ;-)

    2. I think he has a learner's permit which has restrictions on it and he was talking about what he could do or where he could go when those were lifted.

  2. I truly want to scream at the TV - I want Robert back - you know the one who doesn't people and thought Ryan was lying. HOW DO THEY NOT KNOW IT IS RYAN? Ryan/Kevin would NEVER go to see Lulu - and yet he was there - Ava hasn't looked at the damn shoes ------ the spies and police in this town are pitiful -
    I'm going to say this again - I have enjoyed no mob storyline, too.....BUT they woulda figured out RYAN is alive and killing people!

    1. Yes, the thing that I don't understand is that how can the staff at Ferncliff not know that "Wilson" is Kevin's/Ryan's twin?

    2. I wish Kevin would have convinced the nurse to record his and Ryan's private conversation to prove who he is. Or he should have her call the police to determine who's lying. It would make more sense to me if Kevin were super drugged up like he was.

  3. Also, isn't Kevin worried for Laura now that he set Ryan up with the prenup lie?

    1. OK, THIS IS CRAZY, why doesn't Kevin just tell the nurse that Ryan is pretending to be him? EVERYONE KNOWS there is a serial killer on the loose. Can't the nurse see that Ryan/Kevin are twins? HOW could he be Wilson? SOMEONE please explain this to me.

      On another note, cutest, smiliest, most happy baby ever!

      And Dr. O will be on tomorrow, be still my heart!

    2. i really like the prenup twist. i think that is good writing. that is, of course, if it is played out and not forgotten like the cassadine ring in the limo or drew's flash drive.

    3. I just find it hard to believe that Ryan isn't even a LITTLE suspicious of that story. Maybe he is, but didn't look like it. I assume this story will wrap this month. ?

  4. The hospital:

    Bobbie and Brucus: Man has Lucas been working out?!!?! Holy cow! Great scene!!!! :) Love that Brucas has a date night. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    CarlyKim and Drew: Hmmm CarlyKim is all giggly. Dinner? Is this a date? Oh talking about baby Trim.

    CarlyKim: I heard Scout was quite the miracle baby.

    Yeah you can say that.

    Drew: I've got to give my little girl credit. She had one hell of an entrance into the world.

    Hell yeah she did!!!! She was born while Sam had pants on!!!! Miracle baby indeed!

    CarlyKim, Drew, and Brucus: What is with CarlyKim giggling through all the scenes? Did she take laughing gas?

    Brucus: Awwww! Love the date. :) When Lucas was eating, I was wondering when the actors taped their scene.. Was it dinner time? Cus if it was, then yeah they would be hungry.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Willow and Julian: Okay Willow enough of that attitude of yours!!!!! And if your baby was still alive, he wouldn't be yours anymore! You gave him away remember?!!?!! She is so annoying!

    Willow, Michael, and Jonah: Michael!!!! Jonah is your son!!!!!! :(


    Doc and Ryan: OH NO! Doc is blind!!!! :( Ryan is tormenting him! ROFL! Doc wins the line of the day.

    Ryan: You know, you really shouldn't work yourself up into such a TIZZY!


    Ryan and Nurse: I thought for a second that he was going to fire the nurse.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna, Finchy, and Robert: Of course Robert doesn't believe Anna!!! She used to be a spy!!!! :) I am loving Anna and Robert scene!!! Now Finchy has to leave the scene and let Anna and Robert talk together. :) Finchy shouldn't be there. Go back to work Finchy!! Ohhh that picture is not Anna! It's Alex.. I wasn't even thinking about Alex being in that picture!!! I forgot all about Alex.. Well that's because Anna doesn't have a twin sister it was all made up by Fasion. Yeah that's it.. Faison. :)

    Hospital part 2:

    Bobbie and Lucas: Awww great scene!!! Yes Lucas it's important to have date night!!!! :)

  5. I must have been really grumpy (due to the ridiculous cold) watching yesterday's show because everything annoyed me. Michael at Charlie's and giving Julian crap. Stay out of Charlie's hypocrite. Willow at Charlies, same response. Stay outta there! LOL! And what was up with Finn leaning against the wall in that weird pose, with his back to Anna and Robert? And I agree Sonya, don't get me started on Kim's giggling and hair flips. I did like the Doctors Collins, but that nurse is an idiot. I also agree that Wiley is the cutest!

  6. OK, NO ONE answered me. "Kevin's" pt. obviously is his twin, and there is a serial killer on the loose! Wouldn't the hospital staff put 2 and 2 together????

    1. You would think, AntJoan. But like I said the nurse is an idiot. Maybe Ryan told the staff something during off-line GH that we never heard.....

    2. Yes, but what could possibly explain that they obviously are twins?

  7. You know, when Kevin was keeping Ryan at Ferncliff, I guess that Mary Pat knew he was Ryan, and was paid off or something to keep it quiet, and they called him "Wilson." However, how could the rest of the staff have not noticed that they are twins? Since the untimely demise of Mary Pat, the only thing that would make sense is that "Kevin" is still telling the staff that this is Ryan, and they are keeping it quiet. But, with a serial killer on the loose, wouldn't SOMEONE on staff figure out that maybe there had been a switch?

    1. He(Ryan) told the staff that this was his twin brother who thought he was him (Kevin), and that he was very dangerous. And regardless of what "Dr. Collins" said that nurse has an obligation to her patient to call the hospital or the police to get him specialized medical care for his blindness. I hope she does.

    2. Yes, that it right, it is crazy for her to deny him medical care and leave him blind. They better fix it, soon!

  8. From the scene(s) leading up to Ryan killing Mary Pat, I got the impression she did not know he was pretending to be Kevin.

  9. This week has been annoying. Thank goodness for Jon Linstrom! And still the Michael baby story drags on. And Lulu can't remember her ex step father stabbing her. Joscar seem to be headed towards another wrong adventure involving a much talk about getting license. Does Feb. sweeps still exist or will these stories go on forever?



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