Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Sudden Impact

MAMA, Can you See Me??
*Babs Streisand voice. 

Well, how could we get through a week without ANOTHER story happening!!? And to think I called LAST week's blog "blind"!! LOL... I could say that was foreshadowing but ... I'd be lying. I had no idea Anna was all of a sudden going to go BLIND. :handsintheair: 

I'll have a nice iced coffee today to go with our frigid temps. Brrrrrr. 

Look  lady,  all I knew about my Dad's new wife was that she had big boobs. 
Watch it pal. 
To be fair Jason, my chest hasn't changed much...
Told ya!!  Let me just take a little feel...

Ok, so this happened.  Again, the story editing and pacing just wore me out. Daisy was introduced when? Summer? (feels like summer)...and now this guy is around and it's not 'fitting' yet. We should have saw more of Oscar actually living there. Maybe Shank giving him false hope for his cancer. Something--!! Why not have Daisy and a bunch of kids hanging around when JaSam went over there. The place was empty. Sam's got a couple of emails and that's it. I wish she would have been outted in the media and someone do an expose on her past --Peter perhaps. He needs stuff for his rag, right? Shank also needs to be more-- um... something.   He's basically Frank's Ford Brother Prototype. I mayor? 
No, Sonny...LAURA is mayor!
I wrote my name in for nothin?
You know, you would make a really great mayor...
I really should run, right? 

:Oh god, please no...don't let him 

Oh, honey, I'm sorry you lost but I really didn't like being nice to people anyway
Yeah, I know what you mean. Now we can be on two times a year instead of four!

Laura got to be mayor and we found out Olivia found being "first lady" tedious and stressful. Ned apparently also 'rebuilt' Port Charles after the earthquake. Off camera. So-- hmmm. It used to be the mayor got a big house, remember Luke? LOL. I don't think that happens now! BTW, where is Spencer? Did he got back to school in Paris? I must have missed that during a split second I missed an afternoon. 

So, you see, I've just told you all the confidential stuff I know about the killer so...on your way. 

So, you see, I just told you more confidential stuff about the your way. 

Yeah, Ryan found out about the 'signature' license's and what the police knew through everyone in town!! Lulu did too-- and she told Peter! Ergo, everyone knows everything! Ryan keeps them in his office by the way. Franco is going through the files-- but I doubt if he'll find them.  We saw in Monday's promo that Carly comes in and interrupts. 

Tumor Reactions:  Dr. Terry tells Drew and Kim that Oscar is going to die. Not sure when but he's going... and then they have to go in and tell him the news. Joss is there. We don't see the words but watch through the window. I felt the show missed some beats directly after by not showing Oscar, KIm and Drew together. Again, just choppy. 

Hey, kid! Hooray! You got off your pot charges!! Let's celebrate, we can buy brownie mix on the way home!!
What?  Ok, Ok...Too soon? 

So, Cam still doesn't know Oscar is going to die and just assumed that he's cured.  He got off his pot charges as long as he does community service, goes to drug counseling and stays out of court for a year.  The hearing was pretty funny because Liz interrupted then Drew came barging in talking Cam up. Oh, and Drew told Cameron he can work at his media empire (remember that thing?) if he needs money to pay off Alexis. 

I don't know, one minute I'm looking at your white teeth and the next... I can't see! 

Welp. This came on like something dropping off a shelf. BAM! Anna has a headache and boom! Hemorrhage! Not only that, they can't seem to say if it's going to last long-- or what!?  So... why? Why would this happen now? There has to be more to this, right? Peter ran out and told Valentin--which I found weird.  Maybe Oscar will donate his corneas to her? If there's nerve damage tho--not sure how that would work.  I mean, seriously, Anna and Finn were just getting fun, moving in together and she sure could have gotten in on the Ryan story.  Color me confused.

So... you wanna light a candle or somethin? 
I don't do that anymore--I HATE GOD! 
Wait, you hate God now? Well, I got enough faith for the both of us, doc
Do you, DO You SONNY?
Sure, I'm his favorite. 

Does this look like a "Just Married and Enjoying my Honeymoon Face"?? Does it?? 

(speaking of...) FACE OF THE WEEK: Franco doing Franco--or RoHo doing RoHo! Thx to @SoapJenn for this! 

REACTIONS OF THE WEEK:  One lost, one won... (thx to @keya64/JasonFF)


So. Laura won the mayor's race,  Oscar's cancer isn't cured, Cam has to do some Community Service and Sam and Jason confront Shank about the whole "your Daddy was my Sugar Daddy".  Everyone in town told either Ryan or Lulu about the serial killer M.O.  and finally Mac's in on the story. Gail mention by Laura and hopefully a reading of the Will this week.  Dr. O came around, trying to find a job somewhere. Anna went blind. 

Ok, that's a wrap!! Have a good week!  


  1. And Felicia was thanked for hosting something, and she wasn't even there!

    I dish with my chiropractor's secretary about GH, and I just was saying to her that it is strange that Spencer isn't around. Karen, I watch EVERY MINUTE of the show, and there was no reference to his leaving to go back to Switzerland or France or wherever, he seems just to be MIA!

  2. I dont think they are going to have the reading of Gail's will. Ever. See, what GH does, is bring up a storyline in an episode and then famously drop it never to be heard from again. I am willing to bet it happens here.

    People wonder why ratings are down. I think I know.

  3. Great post.

    Yes, Spencer went back to school... on #GHOffscreen BEFORE the results of the election which would've been great to see his reaction and maybe Sonny or Valentin giving him side-eye.

    Ryan is in the perfect position to stay ahead of the PCPD (though its not that hard) and drag this out with more bodies to drop as the #holidayhacker.

    As a longtime GH viewer offended they've given Sean ALZ on #GHOffscreen and Tiffney has no support or on screen mentions from Robert, Mac, Felicia, Robin or Anna. While Sonny is walking around with a hair shirt on and I'm supposed to give a care about Aunt Viv and Mike.

    With the Ryan story NOW would be a great time for Anna Donnelly to come to town to help with her father's notes or the investigation and maybe cute meet, Griffin or even Michael. Sean's daughter and Duke's daughter could be cool and Anna is a blank slate, TPTB can develop her anyway they choose. Can stay with her God Mom Anna and maybe be close to Maxie as they're all interconnected.

    Shank story is already going wrong way. Have Hank & Sam actually have been scamming his dad together and then Sam took off with all the money because Nico or Cody found her and Danny. Have Hank plotting to get back at Sam by yes, using Kristina and Oscar to enter her orbit, his history with Drew be away to draw them into his scheme together and then blow Sam's world apart by having some or ALL her previous con husbands sue her. She's worth MILLIONS now, why not have them come for her and make her interesting outside of being a barnacle on Jason's butt. Can still have JasDrew work together to protect Sam, the kids and Kristina from the fall out and lead it up to a Valentine's Day resolution when BOTH men plan a special dinner and she has to FINALLY choose who she really wants to be with. On her way Ryan or Hank prevent her from showing up. (but that's just me)

  4. Hey, kid! Hooray! You got off your pot charges!! Let's celebrate, we can buy brownie 'mix on the way home!!
    What? Ok, Ok...Too soon?"

    BAHAHAHAHHA! That would have been hysterical!!! He won have won the line of the day for sure! :)

    "So... you wanna light a candle or somethin?
    I don't do that anymore--I HATE GOD!"


    "Wait, you hate God now? Well, I got enough faith for the both of us, doc
    Do you, DO You SONNY?
    Sure, I'm his favorite."

    Of course Sonny is his favorite!!! HAHAHAHAHHAA!"

    "(speaking of...) FACE OF THE WEEK: Franco doing Franco--or RoHo doing RoHo!

    Hahahaha! Yes!!! RoHo being RoHo! :)

  5. Not being critical or anything, as a non Christian, is the hospital chapel the only place in port chuck sonny can light a candle,pray.? They do have that teeny tiny church where people get married/buried. Also, is Ruby’s still there? We only see people outside of it, even in winter
    Thanks, Ruthie

  6. "guy416 said...Ryan is in the perfect position to stay ahead of the PCPD (though its not that hard) and drag this out with more bodies to drop as the #holidayhacker."

    #HolidayHacker!!! We should SO call him that!!!! Port Chuckles people should call him that!!!! And yes he can Holiday Hack Amy, Margoo, Griffin, (then he can be with Kiwi) Dr. Terry, and the drug dealer boy.

  7. why does peter always have a sinister expression? sam and jason always have a zombie look to them total blank stare and kim's expressions are over the top. ryan you can take their licenses from them.

  8. My first thought re Anna's blindness is that she'll need something and Peter will be tested and he isn't her son. They never do that...right. hahaha.

    The serial killer story could be so good. Oh well. I still think GH has too many writers who don't communicate with each other, just like there are too many cast members adrift in no story land.

    If you can't tell by, the writers don't (seem to) care about long time viewers. I am one although there have been years at a time when I couldn't watch because it was not too good.

    So much missed potential with these great actors.

  9. "zazu said...My first thought re Anna's blindness is that she'll need something and Peter will be tested and he isn't her son. They never do that...right. hahaha."

    OH! I love that idea!!!!! :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Deciding to move into together, then two weeks off-screen, to blindness just reeks of desperation to make Anna & Finn work to me. The same thing can be said about the nonsense with Peter. Anna & Peter went three weeks without interacting and you have Anna go blind the next time they do. GH is so desperate to make these failing relationships of Anna's work. Hence why Anna's blindness seems like it is more about Peter & Finn than her.

  12. That would be great if they tested Peter and he's not her son. On second thought, why don't they make that whole thing a dream sequence. Instead of a bad rewrite of Anna's history with Faison, make the whole thing a nightmare of Annas.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Amen to Parking Lot Pete not being Anna's son, proven by a DNA test. Or Ryan takes him down, or Dr. O snaps and kills him on Off Screen GH. Any of these work for me.

    I think Spencer made a reference of maybe going back to Europe for school, when he was having his chat with Uncle Sonny about rigging the first election. And then POOF he was gone. Sigh...

    Loved the screen caps and comments for SS. I was rolling! Thanks Karen! :)

    I did see on Comcast previews that Gail's will is read om Thursday. Way to drag that out, so we can have more scenes of Kim and Nina/Valentine. :(

  15. Please stop all the killings gh is luv an romance. Gonna stop watching if story line isnt changed get rid of Sam the drama queen


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