Friday, January 18, 2019

Too Much Information

Felicia and Bobbie are at the book event. Lucy comes in with 2 body guards. 
Special drinks:
Pic-a-Lila Martini

Spencer Special
Carnobic Snow

Lucy disses Felicia about 'attracting" Ryan Chamberlain to Port Charles in the first place. Felicia gets angry. Lucy wants to know if "Doc" is coming. Felicia says that "she doesn't know because his schedule is in her OTHER push-up bra". 
Lucy reads a passage about SONNY from her book. Of course-- then she reads passes out loud that pisses off almost everyone in the room.  LOL Cassadines, something about Faison and then a passage about BJs HEART!! Oh wow... she tells the whole story and people are crying!  She continues to piss people off, especially Felicia.  The eventually make up and Felicia tells her that "Doc" is seeing Ava and Lucy yells NO WAY! 

I need Ryan to hide that damn box better. PLEASE!! I mean that's just a bad "hiding" place. 

Carly made an appointment with Sonny and she to see Kevin about Mike. Sonny wants to go to the book thing but she's like NO! Ryan is in his office and Ava comes to the door-- she wants to stay while Carly and Sonny have their session. He says No way and she leaves. 

Carly and Sonny come in. Ryan locks the door so not to 'be disturbed"... he has a knife under his files. Oh lord, I wish it was a gun with a silencer on it or a machete. Anyway, they explain Mike and he says they are really upset they couldn't save Morgan. He said they should talk to Morgan to work through things, because that will help them work through Mike's illness. They go to the grave. Ryan picks up his knife (TINY way TOO SMALL). 

Laura's talking to Lulu in her office about the stalker story that Peter killed. She tells Lulu about the list she found in Ryan's office. 
Dante calls Lulu, he may be gone for awhile. He's tracking "Raj". Would you really say the guy's name??
Lulu tells Peter she wants to work on her Ryan story and Peter yells at her to GET TO THE PARTY AND COVER IT like he said!! But she calls "Kevin instead" because she's Lulu. 

Nina says she doesn't want to marry Valentin because it's perfect the way it is now. 

NOTE: It's Maxie and Nathan's anniversary.  

END: CarSon at the grave, we hear footsteps (I think it's Maxie)
Ryan goes to Lulu's office...she lets him in. 


  1. hopefully he kills lulu. then onto sam and nina.before he gets caught. too many annoying women on gh.

  2. I heard talk that LuLu's phone call from Dante (that he is going deep under cover) was to help explain why he doesn't come back to town after KevRyan attacks her. I get that, but Luke? Lucky? It would be pretty sick if they ignored that type of news. Writers have work to do.
    Part 2, my Guess/ wish for story.... Lulu is attacked and survives (coma time). Kevin sneaks in to Sonny's and kidnaps Avery. Shows up to Ava and convinces her he talked Sonny and Carly in to allowing her to travel. Tells her they should get out of town NOW before they change their mind. They disappear together.
    When LuLu awakes... "Kevin" was the killer, continuing his brothers mayhem. Now he is MIA with Ava...... Search begins.

  3. I read that too, and I like that scenario, patrix.

  4. The book party:

    ValeNina: Damn him and their sparkleness!!!! No don't marry him!!!!

    ValeNina, Maxie, Felicia and Mac:

    Maxie: Nina can you please tlel my parents htat nobody is going to die here tonight?

    How the hell would you know that Maxie?

    Nina and Maxie: Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: Follow my heart? What? My heart's an idiot.

    ROFL! Yeah Nina. I completely understand.. My heart has been an idiot too in the past.. Many times.

    Felicia and Lucy: Aww great scene! Love that Felicia forgave Lucy! :)

    Lucy and Ava: LOVE THE SCENE!!!! Love how Ava is saying Kevin, and Lucy says Doc! :) HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Doc's office:

    Rava: They are sparkly too. :)

    Carson and Ryan: Hmmmm very good scene! Ryan's reason for Sonny was very insightful!!! :) He couldn't help Morgan, so he wants to help Mike!!! :)

    Chillow: Another date!!!! :) So they are officially dating or a couple?! :)

    Hiney and Lulu: Oh I love how forceful he is with her!!! LULU I SAID NO!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH! :)

    Lulu's office: Oh come on Lulu!!!!! You have not learned your lesson!!!! GAH!!

    Lulu on the phone with Date: I'm still waiting for him to call her, and say, he has found someone else!!!! :)

  5. Karen!!! Are you and your family okay in this snowstorm we are having?!?!!? Stay warm and stay safe! Don't go out!!!!


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