Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Sweet Treats

Congratulations Ms Mayor! 

All in all a pretty nice week. I had some good scenes to savor and a little drama at the end. There was plenty of cast around (and together) too!  Laura is looking great as Mayor and all is right with Port Charles. 

Not sure about you but we are up to our butts with the storm so get ready for a longer than usual surgery. May want to pop in the gift store and get some snacks. 

Come away with me...far far away..

No..I musn't! But my heart--it flutters..
Alas, we are so good together...
I... have a daughter.. and Sonny and Carly....
Are toast my sweet obsession; toast. 

Ryan decides that he wants to leave town with Ava because the fuzz (ha ha) is getting hot on the trail. Ava wants to take Avery who is of course, in the clutches of CarSon. The fact that Ava even asked was a little 'out there" but doable. The reason CarSon "had" to see Kevin that very night was weak but I did love the cat and mouse game Ryan was playing. Hell, Jon L can just stay around forever being Ryan. He's so good.

We all thought Ryan was luring CarSon to their deaths in the graveyard but in a nice twist, the writers are letting me think that Lulu may be slashed to pieces by Ryan on Monday. They showed the office after he shut the door in previews so I know that's not going to happen. Not that I necessarily want Lulu to die--but you have to understand how I like my soaps. Shocker deaths are fantastic--it means there's a giant spoiler kept and we the audience can think "Hell Ya, we can have a Red Wedding too"!!  Soaps are so predictable. Anyway, Dante called and Lulu was all "you going after Raj"?? Which probably shouldn't be said on an open phone line with the WSB but-who am I to do a spy thriller?  

Max Gail was again excellent as Mike losing it to the disease. He decks Sonny because he doesn't know him. Heartbreaking and just done really well. I keep wondering how this story will play out. Will Mike be sent away and Sonny just not visit after awhile? Will we see his death? Will he die of Alzheimer's or because of recklessness leading to some sort of accident. Will Sonny want to get tested for the gene (will anyone suggest that to him?) Can't wait. 

Finally the Aiden story gets traction. We see that he got laughed at for baking and kids call him "Gayden" on his game.  Now, I'm really hoping the teasing is more because he's easy to pick on and NOT due to them thinking he's gay because he bakes. Because..ummm no.  The Princess Pencil thing made more sense, although at that age, it's not super rare anymore. I have preschool boys that LOVE Elsa. Anyway, Aiden obviously got targeted by kids, might be gay or not "tough" enough by the cool kids standards. 

I do like the positivity that Franco provides, especially since he was a artist as a kid and probably picked on more because he had a fascination with monkeys and weird crap. (you KNOW he was totally EMO in HS). The baking sequence was superb-- I really liked how they referenced the kid's baking shows on now, how it was Franco that baked with him AND that they ate chocolate chips together. Big Bro Cam will also help him out, you can see that now.  Whether or not this turns into a gender identity story remains to be seen.  I was shocked ABC let the "Gayden" thing fly. Maybe they are loosening up.  I'm enjoying some drama with a kid that's not involving kidnapping. (or switching..or....) 
DecloDave messaged me to add that if The Chew was still on it would have been fun to have Aiden make a guest appearance to do some baking with Carla. Or, have Carla back as Cook 2 to give him some baking tips!

Yeah for the Mayor celebration! Felt like old times in The PC!! Nice cast integration--and ALL of Liz' kids were there.  I'm so happy Laura is the mayor, it's really making GH feel like GH again for me because there's a major vet at the center that isn't Sonny.  Hopefully, it will keep going. 

Sam is not impressed with Kristina.
Sam is not impressed with Dawn of Day

Sam is not impressed with Shank.
Sam is not impressed. 

Having Sam's past rear it's ugly head could really be a major coup--although I would have rather have the "CULT" be "The CULT" and the "Mark's Son" be just that. We also should have seen more of the 'sessions', Krissy's living at the house and them trying to 'heal" Oscar. Right now KMo is playing this like a death march. Sorry-- I know she's a great actress (I've seen it) but wow.  One way to integrate this story and maybe add something would be to have Laura get involved by learning of the "charity" work they do and at first, thinking it's great for the city. Get Valerie involved because she's worried about Kristina and her deeper connection to the organization. Valerie and Laura share stories over dinner at Bobbie's --and wow, you have a broader story!! 

Speaking of Wow.. it is. The strangest scene took place this week between Jason and Drew. I wasn't quite sure if Miller could lean any farther back in his chair without falling over. The tension? Palpable-- and not talking between characters, either.  Drew called Jason to talk to Carly about talking to Joss about not looking up cures on the internet. Which was already all solved so??? What was the point of this? To drag Jason and Carly back into the story? Ya got me. 

Oh, Mom...look at Lucy up there-- she's such a great speaker
Uh Huh... 
I mean, the clothes, the hair... 
The absolute nerve...

BOOK LAUNCH IS HERE! I've been looking forward to this since I read the Travel Guide and was happy to see the cast together for this, even if they were all dressed in black.  Kudos to having a lot of the cast at the event. TWICE in a week we get a lot of people all together? Must have been some money available!!  Loved the snark, loved Bobbie and Felicia's reactions to Lucy's stories too. The inclusion of the BJ's heart story was  a bit odd--because Lucy has turned way more sensitive through the years. There should have been lead up to this where she became so enamored with her own work, she just couldn't contain herself. Notes to production: Another way to go would have been Lucy "writing" the book and the process she took to get there. Have her visit old buildings and places, complete with thinking of memories. Show flashbacks--it would have been a great way to add content over about 2 months! She could have also have talked to people in town, asked for their memories (Laura and Bobbie together talking about their "Scotty" fights would have been gold!) It could have gone a step further; have old cast members do brief cameos with Lucy. Even if you did it iPhone style where Lucy supposedly visits say, Blackie Parrish at his house. John Stamos would have been up for that I bet --espeically if it was brief and funny. He answers the door in his swim trunks while Lucy tries to pry conversation from him and he eventually shuts the thing down and goes back inside. Just little things like that.  Holly does a Skye interview--hell, you could have had SO many of the old cast in Skype type things!  That's my pipe dream anyway. I really would have taken this story and expanded it big time. Could have been a major coup for GH; history, humor AND a great product to be sold at the end.  The book IS really good--- 

MADE WUBSY'S WEEK: I really, really like these two. Did you know that? I bet you did! 

PROMO OF THE WEEK:  The photos for Port Charles Travel Guide. Loved them. 

Valerie and Laura get involved with the cult story (see above)
Cook 2 gives Aiden baking lessons 
Oscar becomes ill--really ill and death bed angst begins
I think an immigrant family story would be great right now. Stella find them through social service/hospital work.  Dad or Mom is threatened with deportation even though they've been here years. Could even be a doctor at GH.  Would involve Alexis, Laura--maybe Scooty (on the other side). 
Keep the kids on as much as possible...they really add to the show. Charlotte as well because she is such a pill.  Age Rocco to be Aiden's age.  
Keep the Scott, Lucy, Bobbie, Felicia Mac circle going, Kevin will need support when he gets out of Ferncliff. They add so much to the show! 
CarSon go searching for a good place for Mike to be placed. Give them a bit of time off. 

EDIT to say: I hope the Catacomb story is a good one too-- 

I have a million more but I'm sure you're eyes are stressed and you need more coffee!! Sorry--I just keep thinking of things to do for the show!! Watching this week really fired me up because so many people were on. 

JUST A FUNNY: Here's a 10 year challenge: GH Style!! Thanks to @yael_c on Twitter!! 

So, here I am surrounded by piles and piles of snow. Our wind chill is going down to like minus 20 Monday as well. Tillie won't get out for awhile!! At least we all have Monday off because knowing Rochester, there would be no snow day.  Hopefully, I'll see you most of this week. As always, thanks for reading!! 


  1. I live in rochester to. only thing I disagree with is kemo, never saw talent and zero expressions. only zombie face. and the reason she was a criminal was to support her brother.did she ever hear of getting a job. i love roger howarth and jon linstrom.

  2. Karen, so sorry for all of your snow, you know I grew up in Buffalo . . . In Brooklyn it is raining, we got lucky . . . But it also is supposed to be -20 windchills here on Monday.

    Thanks for the great SS, hope they listen to you and keep the vets and the kids on more . . .


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