Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Lulu's interview with Ned is's election day. Ned will support Laura even if she wins. Cute scene.

Carly talks to Sam about Oscar's illness at the Floating Rib.  Laura is there too to see election results.  They talk about the patient in Ferncliff and his name "Wilson Ritter" Laura thinks it's an alias. 

Oscar's trial. He's got the bitchy judge.  Alexis using the "he's a minor, never in trouble good white boy" defense.  The dealer got 12 months in juvvy--why not Cam? asks the judge.  Cam reads his apology letter. Things are going ok and then LIZ jumps up and says "he didn't tell you all of it".  She tells the judge about the pot brownies. The judge then starts in on "are you a doctor or a nurse, how could you know if it would make it better"?? 
THEN DREW BARGES IN! "I have something to say, your honor"!! ahahaha. Throw them all out!! Drew says Cameron was selfless and a "hero". Judge adjourns to think about the verdict/sentence. 
Judgement: Delay in judgement for a year provided Cam doesn't get into trouble, does community service and drug counseling. Cam is like A YEAR ON PROBATION? Geesh, stupid kid. Liz tells him he needs a job to help pay for Alexis' legal fees. Franco laughs. Drew offers him a job. Geesh, I forgot he owns Aurora.
Oh! Cam still doesn't know Oscar is dying.

Sonny drops by Lulu's to check on she and the kids. Totally forgot Rocco was his grandkid. He has bodyguards on her (of course). 
Later the DA come in and talks to Lulu about the case.

Jordan is calling Sean Donnelly to talk about Ryan's murders. Unfortunately, he has Alzheimer's..Tiffany suggests they talk to Mac because he was involved with the investigation. They go to the Floating Rib to talk to him.  


  1. Police station:

    Jurtis and Margoo: Margoo is so BORING! Ryan can you kill her off next?

    "Karen: Jordan is calling Sean Donnelly to talk about Ryan's murders. Unfortunately, he has Alzheimer's."

    Yeah! I was thinking what?! Sean has Alzheimers too?!!?!?!?! :( Why are they giving him Alzheimers?!!?!?!!

    Floating rib/Election time: I love Ned!! I love Laura! I wouldn't be upset if Laura becomes Mayor! :)

    Sonny and Laura: Great scene!!!! Always love scenes with them! They are friends and family! She has known him for years. Way back when Laura and Luke were married. She is not just going to pretend she doesn't know who you are! ROFL!

    Laura and Carly: Meh! More talk about Jason Ritter. Oops I mean Wilson Ritter. :)

    Mac and Jurtis: Ohhhhh! They went to talk to Mac! I thought they were going to talk to Felicia!

    Cam's trial: His trial was great!!! He was so scared of the judge!! :) Love the letter!! Love that Liz stuck up for Cam!!!! Glad she is finally on his side and not giving him a hard time!!! YAY FOR MAMA LIZ! :) Love that Drew stuck up for him too!!! Drew made me cry!! :(

    Drew and Cam: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That made me cry too!!!! And then Drew gives him a job!!! YAY! :) He is 16 now so he should work. Cam wins the line of the day.

    Cam: Did she just put me on probation for a year?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you Cam! I really needed this! :) And the look Liz gave him hahahahahahha!

    Lante home:

    Margoo and Lulu: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Lulu on computer: Is Lulu going to figure out That Ryan is alive? :)

    Lulu and Sonny: Awww love the scene. :) No Sonny! Dante shouldn't come back home!!! Lante should divorce! I'm a waitin. :)

    Q home:

    Nedlia: Awww great scene!!! She is skeered that the killer is going to kill Ned! I hope not! Ryan better not touch a hair on Ned's head!!! Ryan should go after Amy and Margoo!

  2. "Michelle Latta said... Poor Sean 😥"

    I know!!!!!!!!! :'(

  3. The last time they showed John Reilly (Sean) he was in a wheelchair and didn't look great. I think he and Tiffany's daughter (can't remember her name, but they need to bring her to Port Charles to hang with Anna) did most of the talking that scene. It was kind of sad because Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany) has had some health issues in recent years as well...none of us OLD SCHOOL GHers are getting any younger! I am guessing this is their way of retiring Sean without killing him off.
    More Laura! More Ned! Always a good thing.
    Laura and Sonny have only known each other since her return in like 1993ish, right? I am surprised how she can stand him considering his abuse and exploitation in the past. I'd love to see a #Metoo storyline where the past women that Sonny has committed crimes against show up and put his ass on the hot seat!

  4. John Reilly (Sean Donnelly) is 82. Loved him, Robert, Anna and the gang

  5. Lindie, thanks for John Reilly's age, I was going to google to see if he was even still with us. Glad to know he is. :) I just loved him and Tiffany.

    Once again Margoo and Sam......totally worthless yesterday, in every scene they were in. Ryan needs to get busy!

    I did enjoy Sonny yesterday, go figure.

    Cam was a hoot. His probation comment and the look on his face, typical kid. I was snickering! Drew was excellent, and his face broke my heart when Cam mentioned Oscar beating cancer. And Franco laughing that Cam had to get a job, that seemed so natural and I was laughing, too.

    Another good episode!

    1. LOL!! "Ryan needs to get busy" you made me laugh Julie!! 😁😆

  6. Cam is amazing, he looks soooo much like Liz, only thing is, she NEVER ages so she hardly looks old enough to be his mother! If Cam stays out of the sun (like Becky likely does), and maintains his alabaster skin, the 2 of them can remain forever ageless!

    As for poor Sean, I THINK that his Alzheimer's was mentioned in a past episode, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

  7. I really liked yesterday's show! Cam is stealing the show. And Genie was No.1 on the opening flash credits! She looked gorgeous too, at the Floating Rib. Good historical mentions. Too bad about Sean.

  8. I also laughed out loud at that look on Cam's face. Typical teenager. lol I even like Franco when he's in scenes with him.

    I absolutely loved Laura's scenes too. Genie is such a good actress. You never get the sense that she's phoning anything in. She lights up any scene she's in.

  9. Di,I agree about Genie - she is truly a gem! And about Cam and Franco. That kid is the greatest find since J.J.'s Lucky.

  10. I love Genie too. And miss JJ Lucky. Excellent acting from them always

  11. They have to keep Genie. Get rid of others if necessary

  12. Genie is now the heart and soul of GH.

  13. Mama could you see me,the movie Gypsy

  14. I will miss Sean he was great on G.H.Love to all his family


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