Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Grill That Cheese

I'm just saying, Velveeta does the trick

I'm just sitting here thinking there's a Polar Vortex coming next week--and JaSam were in the river water for like--ever. LOL Grilled Cheese and Sex just fixed that right up!!  Maybe I should try a magical grilled cheese for my romantic life. *wink*

Let's get to it. I'm just having coffee and some--grilled cheese!

I'm dividing this week's stories up  into 4 parts--going worst to best --  

But First.......let me take a selfie! 

CALAMITY IN THE CATACOMBS: When I first heard about this, I thought: WELP!! Here we go...maybe the kids get lost.. finally have some hot lust. Spooky Catacombs...winter-- wandering around under Port Charles. Maybe finding Faison's Brain!!? Anyway--what a nothing burger with a side of hilarity. (and not in the good way). Should I even go over the whole Ladder Fiasco? Good Gravy-- 4 adults and none of them could figure out how to get 2 kids out of there safely?!  Not only that, Jason fell through the floor! Sam runs and grabs her scuba gear (guess she has that tank at the ready) and goes and finds Jason floating in the non-frozen river. 

SCUBA SEX : And there it is. Why did we have the weird catacomb drama? So Sam could basically go 'back in time' and save Jason like she failed to do years ago. That all led to a fire, some sweatpants for Jason and making da love. All I can say is I hope JaSam fans enjoyed it all. I still say they should have had some unabashed sex ages ago but-- :handsintheair: 

BAKING BROs: My second favorite story this week was of course, little Aiden and his passion for baking. I'm glad they found a hobby for Aiden that involves Franco eating. You know I'm all for that. Jake helps out and finally lets Liz and Franco know that Aiden's being called "Gayden" on Switch. Now, there was a LOTTA discussion about the whole "boys don't get bullied for baking now a days" and while I think this is true, I also can see how this story evolved. Aiden isn't involved in sports and yes, that is a cause for some bullying, especially by boys that age. God forbid you suck at gym.  With so many kids on traveling teams all over the place, those that don't play organized sports are often left out. That said, I can see how the 'whole' of Aiden was ripe for bullying and it morphed into this.  I loved the talk Liz had with Jake-- Hudson is such a good actor. He just "gets it".  Liz and Aiden were gold as well. Franco had that look of anger, horror and disgust when he saw "Gayden" on the iPad--perfect from RoHo.  Nicely done and I am glad to see more family scenes. 


RYAN'S BAD AIM:  In a heart pounding show on Monday, Ryan went in and caught Lulu researching all about his murders. It was a great show-- Jon L brought it in spades. Cool, calm and killing! He misses and when he goes for Lulu a second time he collapses. WHAT?! Yep. Lulu flees and makes it downstairs. 


In a twisty-twist, Ryan loses his sight just like Anna did.  Ava's there for him and unknowingly, takes his bloody shoes home.  Then comes the FAnna questioning and the realization from Robert that Kevin did have an involvement with the same "Cabot' guy Anna did. (Don't ask me who he is exactly but he was in the DVX).  Hell, Robert's back so this earns an A+ from me. Plus, Ryan's back in Lulu's room so there's still hope she's in a coma a bit longer. 

I can't just hide the baby, Brad.. I mean he's not a sack of potatoes..
Well, put a lampshade on him then! Throw him behind the bar! Anything!

Oh my GOD, I told you, they are UNDER THE CITY....
Drew, this isn't Batman..
I'm telling you, it IS Batman and I feel like the Penguin sometimes.

SCENES OF THE WEEK: Sonny's quiet realization that it's time for Mike to go, Liz' telling Jake "we'll just have to love him through it' when it comes to Aiden.

FACE OF THE WEEK:  There it is... Franco's rage, horror, angst and upset over seeing "Gayden" on the Switch game. Damn, see, that's what I live for on soaps. Moments like this.

NEW SET OF THE WEEK: "Rice Square"... which they should have named something cool. Rice? Huh? 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  iPad .. a big message started a bigger conversation 

I give this week a solid B-- even that comical "rescue stuff" because  it was pretty campy and I did laugh a lot. We had a blast on Twitter with it...can't ask much more of a TV Show. The whole "WHEN WILL JASAM HAVE SEX" is over. OV-ER.  Phew, thanks. Now let's move on. 

I don't really bother with EMMY PreNoms---I never have. I'll list the nominations when they come out. Hit that link for Daytime Confidential's list!  By the way, if you're into podcasts, they have a good one. 

That's it!  Hope you have a good Sunday and see you next week. 


  1. Thanks, Karen, for a great, as usual, SS! Have a great day, not looking forward to Polar Vortex, which is coming to NYC this week also.

  2. "4 adults and none of them could figure out how to get 2 kids out of there safely?! Not only that, Jason fell through the floor!"

    And that stupid ladder!!! It was separating! Couldn't Sam grab onto it and pull it back?! She tells Jason to take her hand! He doesn't! What the hell are you waiting for Jason!?!? He just stood there with an empty look on his face! UGH!

  3. i cannot stand jasam. love jon linstrom and roger howarth both great actors. and sonny and carly were great with the mike story

  4. Excellent SS as usual Karen. I was just telling my husband about your blog and how creative you are and that YOU should be a GH writer. Seriously

    The bullying storyline is pretty well done with Aiden IMO. Those boys really are great little actors.

    The highlight of the week was seeing my Robert Scorpio!!!!!!

    1. thanks so much!! In all fairness, I have no idea what the writers actually go through. It's not like the old days where a few sit around and discuss--everything is parceled out now. I have the ideas, but execution? Plus, we know the management would never agree to 1/2 of them lol

  5. My favorite moment all wk was Franco, like you, that face and those eyes. Said it all, if it had been an adult and a different situation Franco would have pummeled them. Good scene.

  6. It was a pretty good week even with the dumb ladder 'rescue' bit. JL is so good...I almost hate to see Ryan caught. Almost. And yes to RoHo eating...and everything else he does!

  7. Thanks Karen. I really enjoy the family focus with Liz and Franco and the kids. Sonny and his dad is also a great family story. The catacombs rescue? Now that was annoying. Speaking of annoying.... the metro court is a 5 star hotel and office building WITHOUT cameras? Should we do a gofundme to get cameras for the number one ongoing crime scene in Port Charles? If there’s a little extra, we could put a guard on LuLu’s door!

  8. isnt there a law somewhere that grilled cheese is to be paired with tomato soup and not coffee?

    i cant stomach the bullying storyline. too many bad memories of my youth. im passing on it

    hey karen.. wes (peter) got an emmy prenom. just saying...

    i still wanna see ava in the doorway with a gun while ryan is hovering over lulu with a pillow

    still no call from luke, lucky or ethan? even tracy? dante? (unless he is injail like spoilered) just sad, really.

    1. Delcodave, you made me laugh!. Grilled cheese is ALWAYS paired with tomato soup!

      And just blech to Wes getting a emmy prenom. Whatever did he submit??

  9. Ryan wore gloves while stabbing Lulu. I think he didn't with Mary Pat. Didn't watch with the other guy.

  10. You are right!! Laura at least should have said< I've just talked to your dad and he can't leave (wherever) right now because of an airline strike--or something! Anything! Tracy broke her leg and eh can't leave-- or.. he's in the hospital for a heart trouble. (because you'd believe that!)


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