Wednesday, January 16, 2019

When The Parents Come

Oh my Mom and Dad are up here to get a new car so I am going to lunch with them right around the time of GH! Sorry!!

I had a few more thoughts on yesterday's show I thought I'd throw out there.

First of all, I did a survey on Twitter and asked: If Ryan killed off ONLY ONE of CarSon who would you pick? and...

55% said Sonny
45% said Carly

Interesting!! I thought it was really interesting to see what people would do if one of this couple were to go. I'm not telling you who I'd pick. It changes daily!

That said, yesterday's show was so good because there was no CarSon, JaSam or Drew on--sorry, not sorry. I'm sick of all of them at the moment. It was so nice to have a day of "REST". 

Did you notice that lately Aiden and Cam are on--and JAKE IS gone?? His turn to work the coal mines?? 

It would have been fun to show Monica, Scotty and Lucy on the plane going to Gail's service. Or (if they drove--I'm not sure which) all piled into the car getting snacks and just talking about her for awhile. 

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow-- !


  1. love all 3 boys that play liz's sons.

  2. The boy who plays Jake seems to have a busy schedule these days. He probably wan't available for a one day shoot.

    GH really lucked in with the actors who play her sons. Too bad they keep them hidden all the time.

    1. Not so much in hiding now. Now poor Jake is mia.

  3. Just say it Karen, the show would be better with a shift in power. Fans have had enough with the status quo on GH. I thought yesterday's show was great. The old formula is not going to boost ratings or attract more viewers. A lot of my friends are moving to Days now. Writers and producers better wake up.

  4. I'm liking Sonny a teeny bit more than before, mostly because Mike. Carly is only enjoyable with her kids and Laura, but I was pleasantly surprised with her interaction with Franco in Ryan's office. Normally I agree with her "Snarly" nickname. She's just too hypocritically for me. Sam is the one that needs to go.

  5. I thought yesterday's show was excellent, especially Joss and Cam, and Franco and Aiden. Those kids are really remarkable. I think The Jake kid is doing a lot of other things - talented kid, too. Aiden is really precious. Not that crazy about Oscar, who looks far healthier than his mother. I like Finn and Chase having a brotherly relationship now. And I'm ready for more Liesl!


  6. I guess I am strange - I like Sonny and Carly - and there has been no mob presence in forever....I want them to be the stable couple ------
    and I also liked Carly with Franco interaction......

    please send Oscar, Sam, Drew and Kim away like now.....

    and what in the world did they do to Griffin? Hate him now.

    I also watch DOOL and it was great and then slowly I can tell - just like he did with GH - things are kinda drifting back and things are slow and make no sense, etc.

  7. This cancer story line with Oscar is not believable at all. If the kid had 6 weeks to 6 mos to live he would look like crap, be in pain, be sick etc etc. Just terrible all around

  8. Loved the inauguration-really well done! The family photos were great. And Scotty is always so entertaining with Ava.

    1. I agree Linda, loved the inauguration photos and Scotty as well.

  9. Friz home: I was wondering why is everyone dressed up? A wedding? Ohhh the inauguration! :) Love how Liz was talking to Cam about his shoes! HAHAHHAHAHA! Is that what you are wearing? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Jake and Cam: GREAT SCENE!!!!! Love how Cam tells Jake that he has to protect Aidan!!!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Scotty and Ava: Scotty wants to be with Ava!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Maybe when Rava are over, Sava can be together. :) #Team SAVA! :) Oh hi Ryan!!!! Ryan pretending to be all sweet to Scotty about Gail! Ava is sweet to Scotty for real! :)

    Stella and Curtis: Love how Curtis wants to protect Stella with Marcus! Awwww. :)

    Carson home: Carson on the phone with Lucy! Hahahhahahhaahaha! Too bad we don't get to see Lucy.

    Sonny and Lucy: Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: I can't hear you. Yeah it's like static. Like shhhhhhh.


    Sonny and Mike: HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped the way Mike was acting!!!! Then when Mike hit Sonny, I gasped and my jaw was still on the floor. I covered it with my hand!

    Carson: No Sonny!!!! You will be so affected if you hit your father back!!!!!!!! Don't do it! Your father needs around the clock care!!! He needs to go to that alzheimer's place full time!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't take care of him anymore!!!!!! What if Mike grabs a knife and stabs you? Stop being stubborn!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lulu and Hiney: Lulu STOP IT! You have not learned your lesson!!!! GAH!

    Hiney and Mac: Listen to Mac!!! He is right!


    Lulu, Jordan, Maxie, and Mac: Oh dear! Yes cancel the book launch!!!! Listen to Mac!!!

    Lulu, Maxie, and Jordan: LULU STOP IT! Stop being a reporter! Oh my Maxie and her husband's anniversary!!!! :(


    Aidan and Stella: Love the scene!!! Yes Stella you are right! Aidan should be a baker! :)

    BobTodd and Cam: Oh no! Cam no!!! Don't revert back to how you were acting before!!! You just told Jake to be there and protect Aidan! You should do the same!!!!

    Laura and Ryan: Don't drag your heels Laura!!! He wants a divorce. Although it won't be legal, but meh the REAL Doc will stand up eventually.

    Laura being sworn in: WEBBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Laura hasn't been called Webber in years!!!!! :)

  10. "Karen says JAKE IS gone?? His turn to work the coal mines??"

    ROFL! Apparently so! :)

  11. Not strange Barbara, there are a lot of us Sonny/Carly fans!

    1. AntJoan is too. I'm not necessarily a Sonny fan but he has become bearable to watch.

  12. It was GREAT seeing Laura front and center in her inauguration pics, and, I agree, the ceremony was well done, and EVEN OUTSIDE!! And there were extras there! Showing Laura front and center as mayor is SO gratifying to those of us who fought to get her back after she was shoved unceremoniously out the door last year!

  13. I agree AntJoan, and so glad to see Genie looking better than ever! She is worth every penny they are paying her, and I hope it is plenty.

  14. I loved the scene outside during the inauguration. And so many extras. It was great! Let's hope that this means that Laura and her clan stay front and centre now.

    I also loved that she went back to her maiden name as it really ties her to the canvas, and Liz's family.

  15. YES to Laura's inauguration being well done. Genie deserves to be front and center. And I LOVE that she's Laura Webber again! I hope she keeps it even after she and Kevin get remarried - which I assume they eventually will.

  16. Well, they don't have to get remarried, they will not get divorced, Ryan's divorce from her will not count.

  17. AntJoan - good point! (off to get more coffee ;-)

  18. I love Genie. Everyone loves Genie. Webber represents the strong woman she is on her OWN


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