Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Bucket List

TWO days in a row!! Don't faint! 
Carly voted (for Laura) Joss asks her for Sonny's jet, some connections and money.  She wants to go to Mexico, Brazil and England to get drugs and treatments not available in the USA.  Carly questions her about the validity of them. 

Kim is trying to call all over the country to find somewhere to operate on Oscar's tumor. no one says yes. Alexis comes in. Alexis tells her that she didn't sleep with Jules. Kim doesn't even care (because of Oscar).

Cam's trial was ..I guess...over? I missed it? Weird. Oh, no, it's starting today. People are getting ready for it.  Cameron visits Oscar first. He thinks he's cured because he's leaving the hospital. Whoops.  He tells Oscar that he has a trial for trying to buy pot to help him get his appetite back.  Oscar never tells Cam he's terminal. 

Sam talks to Drew about... that Hank guy. YEAH, really appropriate. Did I miss a day? Did he tell her about Oscar?? I feel like the editing is off today.  It's all exposition about Shiloh and Hank and Krissy.  Oh, he didn't tell her about Oscar. She's all "Why aren't you reacting to MY news'?? WHY? Then Carly comes in and wants to talk to Drew about Josslyn and Drew tells Sam. 
That's was really strange. 

END: Judge Carson is presiding over Cam's trial. She's 'hard-nosed" Alexis says. 



  1. The new credits: I had to close my eyes!!! UGH! I don't like it. Too fast. My poor eyes.

    Today's show: It was so sad!!! There was no joke of the day! We really needed one badly!

    The hospital:

    Cam and Oscar: Oh Oscar! Tell Cam the trial didn't work!!! Yes Oscar! Cam bought weed for YOU!!! When Oscar said you bought weed? I said out loud, for you!!!! It made me cry. If someone did that to me, wow! Just thinking about it while watching the show, made me cry, and thinking about it now, is making me emotional!!!

    Alexis and CarlyKim: Oh Alexis!! There was no need to tell CarlyKim that you didn't have the sex with Julian!!! Unless she confronted you about it, it was not necessary!!! And CarlyKim, Alexis is not your friend, so I don't know why you had to tell her that Oscar's trial didn't work! CarlyKim is right about 1 thing.. Julexis still loves each other! :)

    Carson home:

    Carly and Joss: This is breaking my heart!!!! :( When Carly finally agreed to help Joss, and Joss was crying, it made me tear up!!! Damn it! :(

    The Q mansion: Hmmm. Did the Q mansion get a makeover?

    Paint and Wall: Blah blah blah Hank. Blah blah blank Hank. Blah blah blah Hank. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Paint and Wall with Carly: Damn it!!! Breaking my heart!!!! :(

    Cam's trial: Did BobTodd get another haircut: Oh oh!!! Judge Carson!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Gulp*

  2. I liked yesterday's show, but I was also talking back to the TV, a lot! Poor Sam didn't get the reaction she wanted from Drew? Bah! So much eye rolling and yelling on my part. Carly was great today, (with Joss and Drew) and I never and I mean never say that!

    I didn't mind Alexis trying to set the record straight with Kim. I wouldn't want to be in her position in this Charlie/Kim drama.

    Looking forward to Cam today, and he will be crushed when he finds out about Oscar. Let us hope that the hard-nosed judge shows a little mercy for our favorite lad.

    And Sonya, we do need a joke for the day. Yesterday was a little depressing. :(

    1. I agree Julie about Carly, those were nice scenes. True to life. I'm also glad Alexis set the record straight. Also as annoying as the character of Kim is, or some think she is, her scenes in her office before Alexis were very good. Again very true to life. I enjoyed yesterday and it's been nice without Sonny. I've come to the conclusion that the reason Drew has "that look" is he has RBF.....resting bitch face. I suffer from this as well. If I don't smile, I look mad. He sure doesn't have alot to smile about this past yr haha! 😋

  3. Michelle, love the RBF for Drew. Makes sense, and it made me laugh! And you're right, Kim was good yesterday, too.

  4. "Julie H said...And Sonya, we do need a joke for the day. Yesterday was a little depressing. :("

    Yeah it was depressing. :(

    "Michelle Latta said...resting bitch face. I suffer from this as well. If I don't smile, I look mad."

    Just like in your profile picture! ROFL! :)

  5. "Michelle Latta said... Haha good, I'm smiling..a little 😎😁"

    Yeah a teeny tiny bit! ROFL!


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