Monday, January 7, 2019


I'm here!! Get all happy...Oh first time I've seen that card shuffling opening thing. Weird. 

The trial is over, and Oscar has his appetite back. Dr. Terry says she wants Kim and Drew together when they get the results in. 
Krissy and Hank go visit Oscar and they tell Oscar about him knowing his dad.  Oscar wants to move back home tomorrow. Kim's happy. 

When Oscar and Joss are alone, he says he wants to go to Kelly's tomorrow and the 

JaSam... they talk about Krissy and Alexis comes over. She pretends it's ok that Krissy moved into "Dawn Of Day" but she's really not. 
Did I tell you I went to school with a Dawn Day??  LOL, I did! 
Anyway, I wonder if this group is like NXIVM... that thing that got busted for 'empowerment" but was really sex trafficking?? Remember that!!? That Smallville actress got busted in it. 

JaSam find out that the guy that filed the paper work for Dawn of Day is the son of one of her 'marks'.  (David Archer)... the mark was Henry Archer. 

Drew goes over to Charlie's and tells him he's a son of a bitch because he was mean to Kim.  I'm team Jules so..whatever.  Jules says he saw them kissing.  Yada yada.. Drew leaves because the test results are in. 

Test Results: The tumor is unchanged. Oscar's gonna DIE!! It's tangled into his blood vessels too. They can't give a timeline...not just yet.

Ryan and Laura at Sonny's Gym--good scenes, you have to watch. Creepy too. It looked like he was going to kill her but Scotty barges in. Tells Kevin hes' weird to wear a suit to the gym. LOL  Ryan isn't happy.  Scotty says Laura should take the PCPD self-defense class because there's a LUNATIC on the loose! 
Laura says she's sorry Gail died.  She says shes' going to take him to Kelly's and they'll get coffee and walk down the Elm St. Pier and he can tell her his memories. 

END: Drew and Kim tell Oscar and Joss about the trial not working. We see them through the glass and don't hear it. Just JossCar shaking their heads. 


  1. So after all of this, Oscar IS going to die? I wonder when the writers changed their minds ---- maybe they read these comments and saw we are ready for Oscar, Kim and Drew to move away....

    I LOVE (sarcastic font) that Jason found out in ONE episode that Hank was the son of one of Sam's marks.........all of this and they were afraid to tell Spinelli?
    that is just too funny.....

    I am happy Laura is talking about Gail - she SHOULD be talking about Gail since she was close to her.

  2. of all the creative people in Hollywood working in tv, movies and youtube, THIS is the best you can do for an opening?

  3. I love Scott with Laura and Ryan/Kevin. So glad to see them all together. Maybe Scott will discover the mystery.

  4. the first person in the new opening? SONNY.

    OMG if anyone can see the shocked look on my face....

  5. The new GH Opening sucks - it goes by way too fast. A slower moving group montage is better. Chet needs to do a better job of looking after the boxing gym. Looks like any one can come in and walk around. Leaving the glove lace noose was creepy and a typical Ryan move - who will be next??

  6. "Karen says Oh first time I've seen that card shuffling opening thing. Weird."

    Yeah first time I saw it too! First day they showed it. I didn't know they were going to change the opening. I don't like it. Too fast! My eyes!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Drew and Julian: Oh shut the hell up Drew and leave my Julian alone!!! GAH! And don't call him Charlie you jerk!!! Don't act all high and mighty Drew!!!

    "Karen says, I'm team Jules so..whatever."

    I'm team Jules too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Julexis: I love how Alexis just knows Julian so well! Get back together already!!!! :)

    The gym:

    Ryan and Laura: Ryan is CREEEEEPY!!!! I thought he was going to strangle her with the laces!!! Then he turns the laces into a noose!! YIKES!

    Ryan, Laura, and Scotty: Love Scotty and Laura talking about Gail. Awww! :) As soon as Scotty tells Laura about Gail, and she has the shocked look on her face, the scene turns to Jasam!!! GAH! Hate that. I wanted the Scotty and Laura scene to finish, and THEN turn to Jasam. Scotty has a great idea for Laura to go join the self defense classes!!! You should go Laura! :) Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: I just came here to hit the heavy bag. I might have to knock out some knife wielding lunatic, that's running around our fare city.


    The hospital:

    Hank, Krissy, and JossCar: Wow! Joss was asking questions, and Krissy didn't bark at her!! Hank you got through to Krissy! Did you see the way Krissy was looking at Hank? She got a crush on him!!!! :)

    CarlyKim, Liz's friend, and Drew: Wait! Why wasn't Oscar there?!!?!??! How odd!!!! So is Oscar going to die? I didn't hear the actor leaving.. Hmmmm. Damn he isn't getting a festivus miracle!! :(

    CarlyKim, Drew, and Josscar:

    Karen says We see them through the glass and don't hear it.

    Yeah that is very affective, but whenever it's used, it breaks my heart. :(

    Sam's home:

    Jasam: Wow!!!! Hank is related to Sam's con ex husband!!!!! I like him though and he is hot. :) Sam don't feel guilty about trying to help Krissy!!! I love what you are doing! You are being a good sister and you will be a great mother! :)

    Jasam and Alexis: I love how Alexis faked being happy with Krissy! ROFL! Sam fell for it hahahhahaha!

  7. "Barbara said...all of this and they were afraid to tell Spinelli?"

    They are afraid to tell him? Why?

  8. I am hopeful I will like Kim better if she is given a storyline outside of Oscar’s cancer. Too bad she didn’t come to the canvas with secrets or something. Just boring. Please don’t kill off Oscar! I do not believe he will die. Drew’s a moron. A little kiss between two exes? WTH??? Drew and Kim are in denial. Yes the family should go start anew somewhere but since that won’t happen, just sleep together already and eat crow.

  9. I know Sam must be 40ish, but she looks 30. It always has been hard for me to believe she had multiple husbands before coming to PC, it does take time to do those things, you can't just meet and marry a new guy every 5 minutes--doesn't add up.

    I hope Oscar lives, how many people have to lose their children, it is too sad. I am not a dr., but I would think that a treatment like this would take time, I thought he was getting a series of treatments. He had ONE treatment, and the thing was supposed to shrink 2 days later?

    Laura saw Ryan holding the string, so when they find the noose, and if they let that be known, THEN maybe Laura can finally buy a clue? C'MON, Kevin thought he was Ryan before, he is not acting like Kevin, and the Ryan documentary guy was killed? And Laura can't connect the dots?

  10. The new opening hurt my eyes, and I thought I was having a "spell"! Slow it down for crying out loud. Blech.

    I'm team Jules too, so Drew can shut it. He did show some emotion when he found out about Oscar, so I know the man can act, but dang, he's either monotone in scenes or just plain annoying. Lol!

    Hank brushing back Krissie's hair was a little "too forward", so there is a new creep factor with him. I could care less about Jasam, but I am liking this storyline only because it involves other people. You're right AntJoan, Sam's timeline doesn't add up at all.

    Ryan is starting to lose it. Jon Lindstrom is awesome, just give him an Emmy now! Scotty and Laura were great, and I would like to see them every day. :)

  11. Nice not to have to see Carly for a few days. I don't care if Oscar dies because maybe that would get rid of him, Kim and Drew. I'm team Jules, too. Josslyn asked him to back off, too, for the sake of the "family". Oscar looks like he has been on vacation somewhere instead of getting treatment for a tumor. Ryan, Laura and Scott scenes were great! Maybe Sam started scamming in her teens. And now she is playing the virgin queen with Jason.

  12. Didn't watch when Sam first got to Port Charles. Did she divorce these men she married and scammed?

  13. Hi Sonya - YES, Sam said to Jason, 'we can't tell Spinelli because he will go full blast (can't remember the word) and interfere with our this time it is up to us....'

    so silly that they thought Spinelli would go nuts and then it's more hysterically funny that they solved the Hank issue in one episode.....

  14. "Barbara said...Hi Sonya - YES, Sam said to Jason, 'we can't tell Spinelli because he will go full blast (can't remember the word) and interfere with our this time it is up to us....'

    so silly that they thought Spinelli would go nuts and then it's more hysterically funny that they solved the Hank issue in one episode....."

    Hi Barbara. :) Wow! Yeah none of that makes any sense.

  15. "Julie H said...Jasam and Shank ( I saw that somewhere, can we call him Shank?)"

    Oh! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    "I agree with Sonya, let Jasam be wrong. Wouldn't that be refreshing!'

    Yes!!! It would be refreshing!!!!!


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