Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 --- Let the Viewing Begin!

I'm hoping Santa brought Anna a Corgi!! 

Here we are!! First day of GH in the year 2019--and ..I have to get my Tillie Girl groomed!! Can you believe it??  What was I thinking!!

So, here's a place for you to nest and rest-- !! I'm hoping it's a good show and Ryan has somehow killed about 4 people off camera while we were gone. Their heads are to be found all over town!  :) 


  1. one comment about yesterday's show - it was kinda boring - from 1997 -WHY didn't they show the episode when Bobbie found out Carly was her daughter - it took me a while to realize THAT is why she wasn't upset......

    anyway back to today's show. it was faster than I thought that Shiloh and Hank are the same person - I mean that WE found out so soon......

  2. Drew and Hank were close-speaking, it looked like they were lovers. Why does everyone have to speak like 2 inches from someone else's face? I don't think that is done in real life . . .

  3. off topic: Here's some promos from Nathan Parson's new series.

  4. Kim had a lot of nerve. It’s ok to kiss Drew because THEY were remembering the past- not SHE was remembering? She’s a real piece of work!

  5. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    CarlyKim and Charlie: Oh he confronted her about the kiss!! YAY! When he was talking about sleeping with someone else, I laughed because I was thinking he was lying because he wanted her to feel hurt the way he does. You know, just a taste of how he feels, but then he started talking to her about just go be with Oscar and all that, and I was thinking oh oh he is listening to Joss?!?!!

    CarlyKim: So you slept with someone else because I kissed Drew?

    Uh shut up CarlyKim! You cheated on him with Drew!!! So shut up! Go be with Drew!

    V.C. and Nina: UGH!!!! You are such a scum sucking slime V.C.!

    Dr. O, Maxie, Nina, and baby James: Nina's face when Dr. O just walked in! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Cracked me up!!!! :) Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: However I must inform you little one, you need a diaper change. STAT!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! And the look on her face! HAHAHHAHAHAHA! Priceless! :)

    Dr. O and V.C.: Ohhh great scene. :) Dr. O has got the upper hand. :) GO DR. O! :)

    The hospital:

    Drew and CarlyKim: OH! Oscar is eating!!! Great!!! :) No drugs needed. :)

    Drew and Hank: How did Hank know what Drew looks like now? Drew doesn't remember squat! :) Sorry Hank he don't remember you. Hank is handsome. :)

    Sam's home:

    Jasam: I love the way they were talking about Diane and Max!!! I love my Dax!!! :) Yes Sam! Dax should get married!!!! :) They have been together for years!! They are in Las Vegas!!! So why not!? :) Oh a Jasam kiss. :)

    Jasam and Krissy: Hmmm Jasam kiss and Krissy doesn't seem thrilled. How odd. When Krissy was talking about the cult house, I was surprised that she didn't yell at Sam like she does with her mother! Oh wait there ya go! *roll eyes* Oh yes Krissy would NEVER sleep with Shiloh! Shame on you Sam! How dare you! (Sarcasm)

    Ryan and Jurtis: Ohhhh so the murder was at 6 pm!!! So yeah Ryan could put the body at the metrocourt without anybody seeing it. Love this scene! :) Ryan was great here. :)

    Ava's home:

    Lulu and Ava: Oh yes!! Keep your eye out on Doc! He could have a breakdown! ROFL!


    Ryan: They are trying to tear us apart. We can't let them.

    Ava: No we can't let them.

    ROFL! They are bonding. :)

    Cult house. HANK IS SHILOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped and I gasped!!! I didn't see that one coming!!!! Very very juicy soapy!!!! :)

    1. Yeh I finally got to watch mon show when it finally showed up on my ABC firestick app, so that was good and then watched Weds show and I too was shocked to see Shiloh was Hank. He sure is pushy. Also I wonder if Ryan his something in Ava's box of Kiki memories?

  6. Someone on another site said that Hank& Shiloh are twins.Is that true?Didn't Hank say that Drew called him by the name Hank?

  7. A very happy belated 2019 to you all. I was off line for almost 2 weeks, and it was kind of nice LOL!

    I just got all caught up with GH, and this blog. Loved the predictions and wishes for the coming year. And yes, the Queen of the blog should be GH's head writer. I also loved the flash back episodes, but I had forgotten how much I disliked Kung-fu Kourtney. HAHAHA!

    From yesterday's episode I loved Julian telling Kim to take a hike, and her self righteous jibber-jabber took a lot of nerve. Hank being Shiloh was awesome, but what was even better was Krissie hollering at Sam. I loved it. Sam isn't used to being treated like Alexis, especially from Krissie. I hooted!

    And Ryan, come on man, commence to killing some more. Maybe Lulu? :)

  8. Shelley, Jason met "Hank" and that was who Drew thought he was. Now we see he is actually "Shiloh".


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