Monday, December 31, 2018

Wubs Wish List for 2019

Here you no particular order...this my Top Ten Wishes for General Hospital.  Some of these ideas are old, some are new but all are offered with love of the show! 

1.  Brownstone/Carly's House. You know what I think about this. Interns/Nurses from GH should all live together. with Bobbie as their Aunt Ruby or Myrtel from AMC.  Great stories from struggling Molly and TJ (she spends way too much money and he has a mountain of debt) to Felix and his love life. 

2. Lulu and Maxie move in together as well. Maxie realizes that it's way way too soon for Peter and Lulu is left struggling for childcare and companionship. So, they pool their resources and hilarity ensues. Especially with Maxie vs. Charlotte. LOL Spinelli can drop by a lot too. 

3. Peter is found dead and the Cassadine crest rests on his chest.  Was it revenge for Faison's sins or is someone trying to deflect from the real killer? 

5.After he kills 3 more times (one being Peter but no one knows that) -- Ava slowly realizes Kevin is Ryan.  She also realizes that Laura and Felicia are going to turn him into the FEDS. Guess what she does?  Well, lets just say Julian has a special on meat pies at Charlie's. 

6.   I'd like to try to give a good solution to the baby mix up but the wrench of Willow in there thinking that it's HER baby (who's really dead) is making me think too hard. All I know, Nelle must come back. 

7.  Finn and Anna adopt a child that was on ICE's list to be deported after getting separated from her family. They basically tell them she's too sick to travel and apply to be her foster family. Oh, and Anna gets a Corgi that Roxy loves and rides around the house. 

Ha ha..fooled ya

8. Ava invites Franco to manage the art gallery and gives him free painting space because she can't cope after Kiki's death. He doubles at the hospital with his art therapy people.  Cameron tries to be good but he keeps getting into trouble--especially after---

9. ... Oscar dies. Yep. He's a gonner. Kim feels horrible because she pushed him into the trial, which shortened his life by awhile.  Drew and she get back together and decide to visit San Diego where it all began. 

10.  Josslyn and Cameron cling to each other--basically emo over Oscar's death and maybe "go on the run" (although I'm sure the network would frown upon teen running stories now a days).  Anyway, they both rebel a LOT and I'm so here for that.

There's a million more (I haven't outlined my Krissy/Valerie story yet) but those are the few I'd like to start with. My wishes for all the fans is to enjoy the show, keep reading the blog and many many days filled with cotton candy and great dance music.


  1. Thanks, Karen, and Happy New Year and a wonderful 2019 to all!

  2. Karen. You are hired as the new GH head writer! Happy new year

  3. I agree with them all and I really wish you could be a GH writer Happy New Year everyone

  4. If you can't be a GH writer I sure hope one or more of them read your blog. Your wishes rock.
    Thank you!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  5. I disagree with the Finn/Anna one, not my favorite couple(I rather have Finn/Hayden and Robert/Anna). Also, why has Finn conviently forgotten about his kid with Hayden?

    Add a 2nd Girl to the Oscar/Joss/Cameron mix. How about a SORAS Lila(Skye's Daughter)?

    Bring back Lucky!!!! The stars are aligned, Aiden is front and center in a story, JJ's show Nashville has ended, and he would go nuts over Liz/Franco.

    And finally, my dream idea to end Ryan's arc: Valentin kils Ryan, after Ryan tries to target Charlotte. Valentin's dark side awakens from killing Ryan and he believes he should bring the Cassadines back to glory, with Nicolas in hiding, planning his revenge. Meanwhile, Ava realizes she pregnant with Ryan's child, and strattles with the idea of abortion or keeping the child to fill the void left by Kiki(Would she claim the child as Griffen's?)

  6. YOu think the writers ever read these?

    I hope so because I am SO hoping Oscar, Kim and Drew go away.....boring....

    and this Daisy thing could go away ASAP......
    Nina's baby DID actually die - I firmly believe that......let's have Nina pregnant now with Valentin.....
    Peter go away like NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want Laura to kill Ryan and then she can't quite get past trying to live with Kevin again.....cause she keeps seeing herself kill that face.
    and it's 2019 and we have been doing this stupid baby swap for 6 months!!!!!!!!URG!!!!!!!!!

    and I am in the minority I guess but I LIKE Carly and Sonny HAPPY - and just interfering in other lives...there are NO happily married couples except Felicia and Mac and Olivia and Ned and we never see them...

    speaking of Ned -------- it's odd to me - but great - that Wally Kurth is STILL doing double duty with Justin on DOOL and Ned on GH and no one cares (in a good way).....that is PRETTY classy.

  7. I would love to have JJ's Lucky back.
    Don't think that will ever happen.
    Would love to have Robert back full time and be with Anna. Don't think that that will happen either.

  8. kd said... Well, lets just say Julian has a special on meat pies at Charlie's.

    OMG! That must go shepherd's pie I had today almost revisited my mouth after reading that one. You are so bad. lol

    Thanks for another great read.

  9. "She also realizes that Laura and Felicia are going to turn him into the FEDS. Guess what she does? Well, lets just say Julian has a special on meat pies at Charlie's."

    Wait. Meat pies? I don't get it. Do you mean Ava kills Laura and Felicia?

    "All I know, Nelle must come back."

    Yes she does!!!!!

    "Anna gets a Corgi that Roxy loves and rides around the house."

    BAHAHAHAHHAHA! So the Corgi lets Roxy ride her eh? :)

    Brenda's home: I think it's Brenda's home. I forgot!

    Brenda and Jax: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Man Jax was so young! Love them together!!! They had a fun scene with the new years even stuff that he bought! :)

    Brenda and Robin on the phone: Awwwwwwwwwwww! :) Love when Brenda called Robin her sister. :) Ohhh Robin was in Paris!! Oh the break up with Jason was fresh!

    Stephan's home:

    Stephan and Katherine: Hey!!!! Stephan kissed Katherine without his hands in his pockets!!! He had his hands on her face! Now that is how you kiss someone Jason and Drew! ROFL! So happy seeing Stephan! I WANT HIM BACK DAMMIT!

    Sarah and Nik: Oh yes! This is when he got shot in the throat and he couldn't talk. Nik's message to Sarah on a piece of paper. LEAVE! RUDE!!!!!

    The outback: I MISS THE OUTBACK!!!! Why oh why did it have to go. :(

    Liz and Sarah: Young Liz! Oh look she had a bottle of champagne!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Cam is that you? :) Liz should remember how it was being young and not be so hard on Cam!! I feel bad for him. :( Love how Felicia took the bottle away from Liz! ROFL!

    Mac and Felicia: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

    The hospital: Baby Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel bad for Tony!!! Damn writers ruined Tony! :( Sorry Tony but Michael's father is AJ. :( Ah yes Jason couldn't lie to his family about Michael being his, so he kept his mouth shut whenever he was asked. :) ALAN!!! Yes you are a grandpa!! :) Awwww! :) OH AJ!!! Hi Keesha!!! Love that Keesha felt bad for AJ. Hi young Emily. LUKE AND ORIGINAL MIKE YAY! EDWARD YAY!

    Luke wins the line of the day.

    Luke: Edward happy new year. To you and your whole blood sucking clan.


  10. Oh and happy new year everyone!!!!! :)

  11. "Matthew said...I rather have Finn/Hayden and Robert/Anna)."

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    "Also, why has Finn conviently forgotten about his kid with Hayden?"

    He doesn't know that his baby is alive and well!!!

  12. Stupid DVR record it. Tried to get on my firestick ABC app but nope, and even tried hulu like the time before and zilch....ugh!

  13. "Michelle Latta said... *didn't record it. 😡"

    Awww that sucks. :( But it's okay. Go on that website I told ya about. :)

    1. Yeh but I have to watch from ph and I'd rather watch from tv. LOL!

  14. "Michelle Latta said...Yeh but I have to watch from ph and I'd rather watch from tv. LOL!"

    ROFL! Yeah I know how you feel. :) What is PH?

  15. Can certainly agree with some, but not all. I couldn't wait to get rid of Nelle and her manipulations, so don't want to see her again. But I am quite ready to see the last of Peter. Disliked him from day one. Trying to redeem him hasn't worked for me at all.

    Love the brownstone idea--should have been done long ago. I like Felix and would love to see more of him and TJ and Molly.

    Love Anna and Finn--by far my favorite couple--and would love to see them adopt a Corgie. Somebody here ought to have an animal pet--it's just natural. Always enjoy Roxie.

    Really wouldn't mind if Kim and Drew left. I like Drew OK, but Kim is too jittery, too mannered. Sad if Oscar died, but wouldn't miss him.

    I agree with whoever said they liked Sonny and Carly as a happy couple on the sidelines giving others support. I have long been tired of Sonny and his big stories. Seen them all and I can tolerate him if he isn't front and center all the time. His current family stories are interesting enough. He needs to get outa the biznuz.

    I long to see Laura back happy with the real Kevan, but I like her teaming with Carly to get to the bottom of this. Keep Genie front and center and let her win mayor. She is your Lila, if only you would see it. The center of reason, of tolerance and love.

    Don't care about Jason and Sam, never did. Love Liz and Toddy--he gives Liz some fun and a life. Still enjoy Alexis, so want to see her back with Julius. And Valentin is destined to always lie to Nina, but they are good together.

  16. Happy New Year to all! Thank you Karen for another year of the best blog. Yesterday’s show was such a treat! What an amazing cast at that time! What a difference 21 years makes-they were all so young. And Sonya was right about the Srefan/Katherine kiss-they knew how to do it. I am so ready to see Peter, Oscar, Kim and Drew gone. Drew was ok with Liz and Sam but since then really sleepwalking.

  17. I wish the writers and Frank would watch these real classic episodes to see how it should be done!!!

  18. I totally agree with you about Sonny and Carly and Laura, soaplover.I wish TPTB could see it too.

  19. My wishes for 2019...
    - Finn leaves and comes back as McBain. He and Anna pick up their professional friendship and it develops into a romance. It would be great to see Tristan more, but the guy is 72 years old now and they need to write to reflect his age (remember Roger Moore in A View to A Kill? It was awful). Maybe they could write a storyline for him where he retires from the field and works as a WSB or FBI admin. consultant in NYC. He could team up with Anna and McBain some on cases.
    - Change Franco back into Todd Manning and have Scotty as his lawyer so they still have lots of screen time. These two have great chemistry and could bond over their past bad choices/evils. They could be great scheming up some stuff together! Better yet, bring in Ava with them and let them all work together/against each other.
    - Kill off more of the characters that aren't working and that we don't care about. Let Ryan have a field day with this!
    - More of Genie Francis' Laura! With Kevin is fine. I like the two of them together.
    - Continue less mafia storylines. Sonny actually didn't annoy me as much this year because of the Alzhimer's storyline.

    A Happy New Year to you All from OldSchoolGhfan

  20. Michelle, I have Comcast and set the DVR to “new episodes only”. To get the reruns, setting is “record this episode only”. So check your options. Haven’t watched Monday yet, saving for this evening as TV is crap today.
    Happy NY to all

    1. I normally do that Ruthie but it wouldn't allow me to record Christmas like it did Thanksgiving. So whatever. Oh well.

  21. Anon: Love all your OLTL wishes! McBain and Anna would run a great PCPD. And Todd...RH can really do no wrong with any character he plays.

    2019 will be a better year for all! Happy New Year.

  22. Ok so.. can someone give me the link. I thought I had it but it was a different episode of gh.

  23. If you're in the states can't you just go to

  24. Wasn't Dec. 1997 the date of the one they showed on Monday?

    1. Not sure, all I know is that the show (we) were told was from Christmas of 81. Unless I'm totally batshit confused. Haha!!

  25. No Michelle - it was from Dec. 1997.:)

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  27. Long before BJ and Carly came into Bobbie's life, she had a step-daughter, Terry Brock. I'd like for Bobbie to at least make mention of her. The two became quite close after D.L.'s abusive behavior and his murder at the hands of Ginny Blake.

  28. I wish for Peter and Maxie to marry and have a child of their own. Peter and Anna find out that Peter's real father is either Robert, Duke, or Valentin somehow. Peter gets to be an uncle to Emma like Mac is to Robin. Robin and Peter become close siblings.

    I also wish for Oscar to live. Then Drew, Kim, and Oscar can become a happy family.

    I wish for Ryan to be killed and Ava to be with Scotty. Laura and Kevin get back together.

    I have other wishes for 2019 and General Hospital.


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