Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

I want DA lady with Peter..then they can move to NYC together. YEP.

Sonny and MARGOT: In the cemetery. I think they might do it in the graveyard like Ava and he did it in the crypt.  Aw he tells her "people may be ruthless but still have a soul".. and he gives her his scarf.
LOL you know Carly's gonna see that want to strangle her with it!! after Sonny leaves she decides to let her dad's death "go". 

Peter laid in the hallway to "protect" Maxie. Gross. KICK HIM HARD, MAC!! blah blah.. Maxie cries to Felicia about being alive when everyone else is dead.  Peter forgot his stupid cufflinks and Maxie asks him out to dinner. GROSS

Ryan and Ava: He tells Ava that she feels guilty because she told him her darkest secrets including "I wish Kiki was dead".  He tells her it's not her fault. Jordan and Chase come in. Question Ava..she yells at them. Ryan says to calm down and anwser their questions THEN HE GIVES AVA AND ALIBI AND therefore, GIVES HIMSELF AN ALIBI!! He's SO SMART!!

Griffin doesn't think Ava killed Kiki. 
Sonny goes to see Griffin. Why? Who knows. I mean he IS Mike's doctor but.. huh? Griffin--well, he tried..but it was VERY uncomfortable. EESH. Griffin wants Sonny to go to church and light a candle for Kiki. 

Epiphany is on when Finn and Anna are talking about Going to CUBA and ROME. Aw, Robert wants Epiphany to keep an eye on Anna. Piph says she likes them together and to be smart and take him to Havana--not let him see his exgirlfriend!! Anna leaves and says goodbye to Finn. 
Later: Anna's on the plane and FINN GETS ON! WHOOT! He says he's over Hayden and is HEAD OVER HEELS in love with Anna!! aww..she says she loves him too and can't stop smiling.
**IF you can catch the Epiphany/Anna scenes..very fun

ALSO: Jordan and Chase Ford... realize that Kiki's license is gone just like Mary Pat's!! they think there's a serial killer. 


  1. It was so nice to see Epiphany back.

    The thought of Peter and Maxie makes me nauseous. I'd say sick but that seems to be a positive term these days, as is dope.

  2. i agree with you about margo and peter. if maxie needs a boyfriend than michael.

  3. so... both in the medical profession. but licenses taken away. I kinda hope ryan dresses up in drag and uses mary pat's identity.

    wait... Karen... wasnt there a twin sister?

    ha ha ha

    anyway, if it is a serial killer, is Ryan targeting the medical profession? what woman do we know in the medical profession that might be expendable? amy? epihpany?

    will the next victim be on Christmas? and if so...who?

  4. Cemetery:

    Sonny and Margoo: Awww Margoo sees Sonny's soft heart. And now sex in 3 2 1. No? Not yet? Baby steps. :) He gave her his scarf so they are getting closer to sex. :)

    Maxie's home: MAC AND FELICIA YAY! :)

    Maxie and Hiney: UGH! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Maxie and Felicia: Yeah Nathan has been dead for 9 months. Hiney should go be with Lulu and kiss her!

    Mac and Hiney: Love the scene!!! Love Mac!!!!

    The hospital:

    Piffy, Anna, and Doc Finch: Anna you thought you could outbeat and outsmart Piffy? HAHAHHA NOPE! :)

    Piffy: My hospital.

    Doc Finch: Her hospital.

    Piffy: My rules.

    Doc Finch: Her rules.

    BAHAHAHAHHAHAH! I love when they said that at the same time! :)

    Piffy wins the lines of the day.

    Piffy: Then what the hell is Rome? See? You two are so cute together it's disgusting.


    The plane:

    Doc Finch and Anna:

    Doc Finch: I love you.


    Anna: I love you too.

    UGH! Man they are wayyyyy to happy so that means their relationship will go crashing down!!!I can't wait! I mean since he won't go see RayRay then RayRay might show up with baybay in tow!!!

    Ava's home:

    Rava, Jordan, and Chase:

    Ryan: Well, I always have eyes on Ava.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) SQUEEEEEEEEEE! :)

    Jordan: And what exactly is the nature of your relationship?

    Jordan that is none of your damn business!!!!!

    Rava: Awwwwwwwwww! Always there for her.. Does he wuv her? :)

    Police station: Oh seriously??!?!?! Griffin is still there?!?!!? This is getting boring! Especially in the scene with Sonny! Since Ava didn't shoot him just let him go. And then Sasha can comfort him. ;)

    Jordan and Chase: Oh wow! They are smart after all! :) Yes 1 killer not 2. :)

  5. "delcodave said... will the next victim be on Christmas? and if so...who?"

    Hopefully it's Amy. :)

  6. I'm kinda feeling very VERY disappointed with the internet today.


    It's been a little over 24 hours and NO ONE has written the song "Ava's Got a Gun" sung to the tune of Aerosmith's "Jamie's Got a Gun".

  7. I know no one agrees with me ,but I think Maxie and Peter are cute together. He's no worse than Franco was.

  8. I thought the Anna/Finn/Epiphany scene was ridiculous. 7th grade stuff. Joss/Cam/Oscar act more mature.

  9. I for one was just happy to see Epiphany again, she needs to be on more. And, is it just me, it looks like she lost a lot of weight, she looked great. When they showed her in the promo the day before I hardly recognized her, and thought they had gotten another actress to play the part.

    1. Yes AntJoan, I noticed the weightloss too! I liked the blue scrubs also and not the usual she wears. She's looking good!

  10. I was thrilled to see Epiphany and yes AntJoan, I thought she had dropped a few pounds, too. She looked great and I thought she was a hoot!

    Thanks for that Ava's Got Gun post DelcoDave, I now have it running thru my head. BAH! :)

    I'm glad Chase/Jordan bought a clue and noticed the missing driver's license connection. There is (slight) hope for the PCPD yet.

    Margoo/Sonny, Maxie/ParkingLotPete, nope, nope nope!

    Sonya, I'm with you on Amy, or Sasha, or Margoo, or Kim, or.....well you get the idea. :)

  11. I am always happy to see Epiphany! Her scenes with Finn and Anna were a bit immature but so are they. At least we have one romantic pairing to root for. The Griffin actor did a great job yesterday. Maura continues to excel as Ava. Is Sonny now the grief counselor for PC? Loved seeing Mac and Felicia - too bad Peter was there. If it wasn't for Laura W. he would probably have been long gone by now.

    1. Griffin did great yesterday. His comment about "forgetting" Kiki is dead or something to that effect, is so true to life. 😓 Loved Mac and Flea. Peter isn't annoying me AS bad... knowing how the actor got there ticks me off but whatever. He's not going anywhere so I'm not going to pout about it....

  12. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, NO to Sonny and Margaux! She is TOO YOUNG for him, she could be his daughter!! I think that the writers are using her to show, once again, how noble Sonny is, I don't think they will have sex.

  13. I think the actress who plays margoo is in her forties. just looks young.

  14. Have any of you read the interview with Elizabeth Hendrickson (Margeaux) in the latest SID? It read like they really didn't have much of a plan with what her character was going to be doing on canvas, and she's hoping that Margeaux will break up/come between Sonny and Carly.

  15. I STILL say Sonny is old enough to be her father.

  16. "Billikers said...Have any of you read the interview with Elizabeth Hendrickson (Margeaux) in the latest SID? It read like they really didn't have much of a plan with what her character was going to be doing on canvas,"

    I haven't read it, but I am not surprised.. That is Frank Valentini for you. He doesn't make any plans about anything, because it will give him the flexibility to change something if he wants to.

    "and she's hoping that Margeaux will break up/come between Sonny and Carly."

    ROFL! In 3 2 1.


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