Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dave's Magic 8-ball for 2019

Please note: This is both a Prediction list and Wish list for 2019. I kept it very realistic this year. It is all meant in good clean fun and not meant to ruffle anyone's feathers. Take it with a grain of salt, as you should with anything I write for Karen. Have fun!

Diane and Alexis have to defend Sonny in court and we get a really good week-long court drama. Scotty and Margot will be the prosecution. When they lose, Scotty shrugs it off but Margot takes it really personal resulting in Margot leaving town. Sometime in the spring she will tie up her storyline.

Morgan will return, as a recast. He has been in hiding from Ava and it will be known that Sonny was aware of this and has been helping him. When Carly finds out that Sonny knew and assisted in displacing Morgan, there will be a huge fight resulting in their separation.

Drew will have memories implanted from the flash drive into his brain. It turns out that the memories on the flash drive are NOT Drews after all. Instead, they are the memories of Jason Quartermaine, pre-car accident. Billy Miller will act like Jason Q and pretend that it is 1995. (hilarity ensues)

Jason and Sam are a no-go. They will try, but it just isn't there. No new love interest for Jason. Sam will try to get to know Drew once he has his memories, but that wont work either. All 3 will spend 2019 looking for love in all the wrong places. 

Oscar will succumb to his cancer. Kim will be devastated and realize she cannot stay in Port Charles any longer and returns to San Francisco. She will work at the hospital in Berkeley that Patrick and Robin work at. Robin will be heard saying "You know, you look familiar..."

The return of one of Sam’s marks from back in her con-artist days days will turn out to be a bust storyline. Although it should be noted that this person will recognize Drew. 

The Ryan storyline will end on Valentine’s Day (yes, a Holiday). Ava will kill him in self defense. (however, she will question if her violent actions were more intentional due to feelings over Kiki and Griffin) Laura and Carly will be led to Kevin at Ferncliff. Laura will bring Kevin to Windermere and nurse him back to health and they will renew their vows (Again!) in June. The two of them will go on a Honeymoon, which will coincide with a lengthy vacation for Genie

Julian and Alexis will reconcile. (And fight most of the time like an episode of Moonlighting.)

The Crimson offices will get featured more this year, just like ELQ got featured in the 70s.

The Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin nuptials will take place. As a homage to the Luke and Laura wedding of yesteryear, Elizabeth will throw the bouquet and it will be caught - by Lucky. Unlike the reaction Scotty received, Liz will be happy to see Lucky. Lucky will be in town for a few weeks to see his son and catch up with his mom and sister. This will be a brief guest star stint for JJ. Still NO relatives of Liz at her wedding. 
Don't get me started with that one...

THIS IS THE WUBS FAVE PREDICTION! I love love loved that ER episode!!! Griffin gets killed by a patient in GH ala when Carter got stabbed on ER. This time Griffin gets stabbed along with Liz, who survives. 

There was rumors of a cult forming and that Rick Springfield was being brought back to be the leader of the pack. Ok, while this would have been so very funny to see, there is no way that would have worked. HOWEVER - Nikolas? shaved head? white robe? Holding a calla lily? Hell yeah. Bring THAT on. 

Finn and Anna stay together. His father will come to GH as a patient. As his health gets worse, Anna will be there to support Finn. 

Lulu receives a Dear John letter from Dante. He met someone and their marriage is over. This will free her up to pursue other interests. (other police interests if you know what I mean, hint hint)

The Haunted Star catches on fire during an event and a very large portion burns down. (Will there be enough lifeboats, Jack? You jump, I jump...) Afterward, Laura and Lulu will sit in the ruins and talk about all the good times they had at the Haunted Star and also about Luke and the 80s.  This will turn into a fantasy episode and it will take place on the Haunted Star back in the 80s with the current cast members playing the characters from that time period, just as they once did for an anniversary show. Question remains: Will she rebuild?   

The baby swap storyline is concluded in the spring. When Lucas finds out, he divorces Brad. Will Nelle be released from prison? 

Ava gets more and more erratic because of the trauma she is going through. She talks to Scotty casually and mentions she would like to talk to someone “professionally”. He says he will call his mother to see if she can recommend someone. Before he gets around to making that call, Serena calls with the news that Gail has passed away. Serena spends a few days in PC visiting. 

Georgie Spinelli gets SORAS to 5-7  yrs old and visits Maxie 

Monica is worried that her cancer has returned. 

Peter and Maxie. Peter becomes such an endearing character that Karen sings his praises and awards him with the Wubaward for actor and storyline of 2019

These are the ones that the tabloid psychics use 
so that they are a right 50% of the time. 

 The show will continue to try to make 2 couples (who are not fan favorites) stick together. At the end of the year, 1 couple survives, the other won't.

An off camera pregnancy will be written into the show. 

2 or 3 contracted actors will be either dropped to recurring or let go to make way for a really big (re?)signing. (Big names require big bucks)

Citing health problems, an actor/actress will take a temporary leave of absence. It will turn out to be a permanent departure and health problems were a cover for backstage drama, which will be revealed on social media.

The Nurse's Ball is not what it used to be and that will be proven again this year. If it stays past this year, expect a big overhaul / different approach / rebooting.

All of you know the drill by now. This blogspot is the blog for WEDNESDAY. 
Please comment as you see fit on today's show 
and anything else that strikes your fancy. 


  1. Nikolas leading the cult with a shaved head, white robe and a calla lily....sign me up! Hahaa!!

    And that picture of Parking Lot Peter....PRICELESS!!!

    Loved your Magic 8-ball Dave, thanks, that was a lot of fun!!

    Today's ep was pretty decent even though Snarly was on for the 100th time this month. Great stuff with Dr. O and Nelle and Kevin/Ryan....and Ava. Anything Ava as she brings her A game every single time. #TeamAva

  2. I watch daily but still am confused - so we talked about Hayden for like 4 days and then nothing??????? was that a 'writer's thought about it and changed their minds' or was it supposed to 'define' Finn and Anna...

    I swear some of this writing is so awkward: Hayden, Sasha gone, is Stella not getting back with Marcus,

    and don't EVEN get me started with JaSam.........and Franco/Liz wedding but no Sarah coming even though we SAW her silhouette........and what about Cassandra?

  3. "Griffin gets killed by a patient in GH"

    Love it! :)

    "Lulu receives a Dear John letter from Dante. He met someone and their marriage is over."

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I want that to happen soon! :)

    "This will free her up to pursue other interests. (other police interests if you know what I mean, hint hint)"

    I wouldn't mind that. :) WHOA! Sexy picture of Hiney! :)

    Today's GH:

    Kiwi's home:

    Griffin, Anna, and Ava: Oh this is so sad!!!! :( Poor Ava packing up boxes. :( Griffin wants something to keep that Kiwi owns? Griffin how dare you ask Ava for something of Kiwi's!!! YOU HAVE NO FREAKIN RIGHT YOU POND SCUM!!!!!! So glad you showed up Ryan!

    Griffin and Anna: I am really getting sick of hearing Griffin say he is in love with Kiwi!!! So easy to say that right Griffin? But when you were with Ava, it was hard for you to say it! SHUT THE HELL UP POND SCUM!


    Doc and Ryan: Great scene!!!!! Doc wins the line of the day.

    Doc: You want to divorce my wife?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! What a strange line to say! BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Julian and little uncle Leo: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Oh hi Olivia! :)

    Julian and Carly Jr: Holy crap! You are just like your mother Joss!!! Shut the hell up! You have no right to tell Julian to break up with CarlyKim so that she and Drew can get back together! UGH!

    The hospital:

    JossCar: Oh look! A 5 year planner! ROFL!

    Michael and Willow: So sad!!!! :( Oh oh the footprint!!! She recognizes it!!!!

    Jail meeting area:

    Dr. O and Nelle: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NELLE!!!! :) Great scene!!!! :) Oh I am sure Dr. O will tell the truth eventually. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lulu, Laura, Ned, and Olivia: LULU!!! You have no learned your lesson have you?!!?!?!?!!? UGH!

    Carly and Ryan: I wonder if Carly really believes Ryan and she is going to let the mystery of the next door neighbor go!!!


  5. Love, love, love your predictions! IF only those GH writers would read this. Would it be plagiarism if they took your ideas? Peter, at the end, made me really laugh out loud! The Haunted Star fantasy sounds so perfect. Like something OLTL might have done. Thank you Dave...and Karen too!


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