Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Cookies and A Bully

Oscar in bed..laying there. Joss tries to get him to study. He feels sick. Lays there. Kim's all "Maybe it's not working, Drew"!! (She's on my last damn nerve). 

Laura and Aiden. She asks about his friend Bianca. He said he can't play girl games, it's the rules. The teacher doesn't make the rules in his classroom, btw. Laura wants him to tell her the name of the kid. He says "No thank you, Grandma"... 

Teacher sees Lulu in Kelly's..asks if they talked to Char yet. Lulu's like Naw, we have busy schedules.  She says: UM, you'd better talk to her because we think this might not be a great placement for her.  AHAHAHA! that woke Lulu up! She goes over to Wyndemere. Nina's there because she and Sasha are staying while Kiki's killer is at large. 
Nina gets out milk and cookies for Charlotte...Lulu's like COME ON! They try to talk to her and there's no real recognition on her part about anything (true sociopath) Valentin tells her about when he was young and ugly and she's like: Well, no one looks like you used to. They let her leave. Nina says SEE! Nothing wrong!! 

Franco's painting his pain. Liz comes in. She kisses him. Then Cam comes in and says he's sorry and how sad he is because he found out Franco was like a Dad to Kiki. 'But you still have us: Jake and Aiden and Mom"..Franco says: "Cam I know you don't like me".... Cam says "You're ok"...they awkward hug. Nice scene.

Oscar and Joss both apologize to Cameron. He feels bad because he likes Joss. 
Oscar calls Alexis because he wants to make up his will. 

Michael talks to Chase about Kiki. NEVER mentions they were lovers once.. LOL that was weird. Anyway, he sees Mary Pat's folder on the desk and asks if there's a connection. Chase says he can't say. 

Liz tells Drew and Kim Kiki was murdered.  Not a lotta reaction there. Drew goes to see Franco and says he can't manage a few comforting words because 'he's fresh out". Drew..ugh

Franco wants to postpone the wedding..again. 

Chase figures out the killer must have been really good with a knife because Kiki didn't leak much blood. 

Lulu sees Laura in Kelly's..says Charlotte is acting like she doesn't even care. Laura figures out it's probably her that's bullying Aiden. 


  1. Re Margaux, they did that chem test with her and Drew and the mustard, that was supposed to be their "thing"--and that fell flat. I really think that Drew doesn't have much chem with anyone. And Margaux continuing to have the flash drive with his memories is both stupid and annoying.

  2. Cam going to see Franco is yet another reason to like that kid. He has his mother's heart.

    And I really wanted to punch Nina today.

  3. My list of people that can be killed by the Holiday Serial Killer and in alphabetical order:

    Kristina - cause she is so whiny and it's like they are TRYING to find a story for her.

    and I can't believe I am saying this - but Elizabeth is getting close....she is mumbling her lines, too! Take charge and be a parent.

  4. The hospital:

    Oscar's room:

    Drew, CarlyKim, and Oscar: Oscar is awake!!!! :) YAY!

    JossCar: Man Joss is so wise and smart!!! Listen to her Oscar!!!! :) Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: Your in bed anyway, might as well make the most of it. Not like that.


    BobTodd's room:

    Friz: Poor BobTodd. :( So much hurt. :( Wait what? Postponing the wedding AGAIN?! GAH! I thought they were going to get married in November! I don't want them to postpone!!! Damn.

    Drew and BobTodd: Great scene! :) Love how Drew understands those dark places.

    Cam and BobTodd: Awwwwwwwww! They made me get emotional!!!!


    Chase and Willow:

    Chase: I'm sorry. I've been meaning to call you.

    Ouch!!! That's not good that he hasn't called her yet. Maybe he isn't that into her. Maybe she should be with Michael. He made a plan for a date with her but I don't know.. Hmmmm.

    Bereavement class: Oh! Michael and Willow are going there again!!!! More bonding from them? :)


    Jam: Awww you can tell Cam is hurting. :(

    Chase and ??? Hmmmm no blood came out. Very interesting.. Yes Ryan is a professional after all!! :)

    Police station:

    Chase and Michael: Uh Michael? You and Kiwi were a couple at one time!!! Did you forget?


    Willow and Lulu: Oh oh! Charlotte is getting worse!!!!!!! Nip it in the bud people!!!!

    Laura and Aidan: WHAT?!?!!?! Aidan can't tell anybody that little Charlie is bulling him because she made a rule not to!?!?! THAT IS PISSING ME OFF!!! Poor Aidan. :(

    Lulu and Laura: Ohhhhhhhh Laura is figuring out who is bullying Aidan! Love it! :)


    V.C. Lulu, Nina, and Charlie: NINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so done with Nina!!!!! V.C. and Lulu need to be with Charlie alone!!!!!!

    V.C. and Nina: Oh shut up V.C. Stop being all lovey dovey! YOU SLIME!!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Julian:

    Julian: He may not have killed my niece, but I still want him to suffer.


    CarlyKim and Charlie: Oh dammit!!! They are having a sweet scene and I am warming up to them as a couple again.. Crap!

  5. I really don't understand what happened with Liz and Franco's wedding. Did they invite people or not? If they did, they can't just "postpone" it. Of course, I haven't seen the show yet today, so I'm not sure what happened.

  6. I'm guessing perhaps Liz and Franco will have their wedding in December, and that Ryan's next victim will die there ... or will end up there. The timing would work for his monthly killing schedule ;-)

    Nina annoyed me again today, just as she did at the parent/teacher conference. Let 'the bad seed's' parents handle it and shut up, Nina!

    Loved the Cam/Franco scenes, as well as the Laura/Aidan ones. Glad Laura figured it out.

  7. I thought for some reason Friz had scheduled their wedding on New Years? Or did I dream that???
    I think there may be one or two more people killed. Not sure tho..I hope there's a big one on Christmas!!
    I'M SO MEAN!! lol

  8. "kdmask said...I think there may be one or two more people killed. Not sure tho..I hope there's a big one on Christmas!!
    I'M SO MEAN!! lol"

    ROFL! Well if you are mean, then so am I!!!! :) For Christmas it could be Amy and Margoo! :)

  9. I’m sure Ryan will attempt to kill Laura and Carly when they discover the truth.

  10. That actor that plays Cam is just wonderful. Kind of hope Oscar doesn’t make it. Laura and Aidan scenes were just so realistic. The kid was great and Genie just exudes such warmth and compassion. Nina is such an expert on child behavior now that she is a “mother”. I agree with Barbara’s list of potential victims except for Kristina-always like seeing all the Davis girls. .

    1. I'm beginning to like Nina less again! She, for one shouldn't have been in that room when Val and Lulu were talking about Char and 2 she should have kept her mouth shut. Val and Nina are divorced so she has no say. I wanted to slap her!

  11. Man, I agreed with every single post from everyone! :)

    Nina is a pain in the ass, Kim is a pain in the ass, Drew is a pain in the ass, Lulu is just stupid, Cam is superb, Aiden is adorable, and Laura is a goddess who thank goodness is figuring out the bully problem.

    And yep, I want more bloodshed for the holidays, and yep, that makes me awful! Hahaha!

    1. Kim is starting to annoy me too! Whine whine....she wanted Oscar to do this so shut up....

  12. OK, I want Laura and Felicia to kill Ryan, that is the murder that I want to see! As I said before, he is not even officially alive, so there will be no crime!

    ITA w/everyone that Cam is amazing, also looks like Liz, great casting! Joss also is great--the next generation is comin'!

    And, Karen, I think you WERE dreaming, I don't remember any plans for Friz New Year's Eve wedding!

  13. OK, so in my fantasy, even AVA will help to kill Ryan, after all he has done to her, he has made a fool of her. Laura might be broken-hearted now, but at least she didn't have to live with Ryan. Let ALL THE WOMEN get together and get their revenge!!

    As I have said here before, sociopaths are basically NOT redeemable. Kevin obviously made a GIANT mistake trying to redeem his brother, he is complicit in all the havoc that Ryan has caused. And Griffin trying to redeem Ava did not go much better. . .

  14. "Julie H said...Nina is a pain in the ass, Kim is a pain in the ass, Drew is a pain in the ass, Lulu is just stupid,"

    ROFL! Anybody else a pain in the ass? :)

    "And yep, I want more bloodshed for the holidays, and yep, that makes me awful! Hahaha!"


  15. Lol Sonya! I was just talking about yesterday's show! :)
    Others include Carly, ParkingLot Pete, the Krissie Whisperer and our Ryan kill list. HAHAHA!

    I'm sure I will think of some more.....

  16. I want Laura and Felicia to kill Ryan too. Wouldn't be the first for Laura. Not sure but don't think Felicia ever killed anyone. They used to be so badass.

  17. I agree with pretty much everything....I was impressed that Valentin actually recognized that he's been creating a monster.


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