Friday, December 28, 2018


Metro: Ned and Olivia...Michael went with Krissy. Willow and Julian act like they don't know each other. Valerie gives Krissy the cold shoulder. 

Ava alone. I think Kiki's ashes are in a box. No it's a "Growing Up" box of Kiki's and has some items in it and a list of NYs resolutions from 2001. Ava reads them. 

Curtis and Jordan in bed. Curtis is due to talk to that producer.  He gets a text message from the guy's phone saying "meet me tonight, not tomorrow". He leaves. 

Producer Guy.. Ryan walks back into the production room and puts on his rubber gloves..Texts Curtis. Then he goes to Ava's. She doesn't want Avery to "get to close" to her, she always hurts people. 

JaSam at home, should we go to the party or?? Have sex?? They talk about her emails and his meeting that Hank guy.  Then go to the Metro. They kiss at the end but I did notice Burton's hands went back into his pockets--didn't embrace Sam LOL 

Drew and Kim..Jules says happy new year to her, she tells him to go. Drew tells her someone from his past is looking for him.  I'm telling you, if you can watch Miller in these scenes and tell me he gives a damn about his job, then I'll be stunned. 

MURDER: PRODUCER GUY's Blood is all over the place, Curtis puts his hand in some. Splattered across the monitor with Felicia's face. 

Julian sees Kim and Drew kiss at GH at midnight, gets huffy, leaves. 

Body was at the Metro on the balcony...behind the snowman, Jason finds it. 

GREAT DRESSES on Sam...Krissy..Valerie, and Willow. Loved them all. Laura looked too frumpy, I mean she looks great in about 2 of her outfits from wardrobe --then they just miss the mark. 


  1. Thanks. I noticed Sam didn't embrace Jason either. One hand was on his chest, that was it. Why do the writers keep pushing this. It's embarrassing.

  2. Ava's home: The box that says growing up, hahahaha so funny. Who wrote that? It should say childhood things. :)

    Rava: Rava kiss! YAY! Great scene with them.

    Jurtis's home:

    Jurtis: When Curtis was talking about going to see the producer, I'm thinking out loud to myself, oh that guy is dead. I thought at first that the reason Ryan texted on the producers phone to text Curtis, was to kill him.

    The producer's room: WOW! So much blood!!! Blood on the couch! Someone had their period. :) The blood on the monitor was still dripping!!! Curtis is so dumb. Why didn't he turn on the light?!!?!

    Sam's home:

    Jasam: Damn Steve Burton and his blue eyes.. :) I am in love with his blue eyes. When she was talking about shutting down or something she was talking about her laptop. I thought she was talking about herself! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Drew and CarlyKim: I was thinking so will they kiss and will Julian and Alexis kiss at midnight? Well I was half right. Although Drew and CarlyKim kissed and it wasn't midnight. :) Oh boy she is cheating on Julian! And Julian sees!!!! Break up with her man!!!! She said it was nostalgia, but come on!!! It really wasn't!!! :) It's time for Krew to be together. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Chillow: Hmmm their third date? :) Does this mean they are dating? Awwww a Chillow kiss. :) Michael no likey! He likes her!

    Jasam: A Jasam kiss!! :)

    Michael and Willow: Awww he wants her to stay. :) You going to ask her out Michael?

    Julian and Chillow: Oh boy!!! Stay cool Willow! Have a poker face!

    Scotty and Laura: Scotty you don't like Ava and "Doc" together? Are you jelly? :) Are you interested in Ava? :) You could have a chance once Ava finds out Doc is really Ryan and he killed Kiwi!

    Valarie: What is with Val's outfit! She time warped to 1970's! :) Oh she is uncomfortable seeing Krissy!!!!! Val you still thinking about the kiss? :)

    Outside the Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jasam: OH BOY! Jason found the producer!!!! New year murder!

  3. I agree about Laura looking frumpy, Karen. She's always dressed very matronly. And I can't figure out why they do that. She is an attractive woman, and is only 56 in real life. Are they deliberately trying to make her look older?

    1. I don't know why they do that to Laura either. When I have seen pictures of her IRL she doesn't dress that way

  4. Well, they missed having a Christmas murder, but it's 3 for 4 holidays. I have been saying for months that, as Kevin morphed into Ryan before, why aren't folks considering that? Kevin has been acting totally out of character, everyone sees it, and now there have been 3 murders, the third one being the person doing Ryan's documentary. OK, I don't expect the characters to think that Ryan came back from the dead, but they should have suspected sooner that Kevin is having some sort of "break-down."

    1. (AntJoan)They are beginning to think that. At least Laura has made mention of it. Unless I heard incorrectly.

  5. The other thing that makes no sense is, how is Ryan able to move all of the bodies to very public venues in the middle of very crowded events? We can see the timeline of the murders, that they take place during the events, then he somehow places them there?

    Also, no Sonny, Carly or Monica on New Year's Eve, they seemed to focus a lot on Chase and Willow, trying the showcase the newbies . . .

  6. that should say, "Trying TO showcase the newbies . . ."

  7. I was just listening to Kim talking to Drew about how they conceived Oscar. She's an obstetrician, she wouldn't be so stupid as to not use birth control and condom. Stupid show

  8. OMG: Laura's outfit really is horrible. So is Ava's.

  9. Ryan is going to turn Ava into a cold blooded serial killer. She definitely is a killer.

  10. Willow would not be able to afford that dress

  11. If Ava kills anyone, I hope it is Ryan! Ava is NOT a serial killer, she doesn't kill for the thrill of it, she just kills when she feels that she has to, and she is always conflicted.

  12. AntJoan said...
    The other thing that makes no sense is, how is Ryan able to move all of the bodies to very public venues in the middle of very crowded events?

    *** I was definitely wondering about that. The producer's body was on a balcony on a top floor. And he was killed close to midnight. Ryan would have had to carry him through a crowded room.(unless he dropped him from the roof)

  13. Stevie B and Kelly definitely don’t look like they are into their pairing, as well as Billy M looks with TB, who is definitely not the looker that KM is. She is always making faces, too, which makes Billy’s expression look even more droll. But this is their job regardless. Willow may be a teacher but she could come from a wealthy family therefore the fancy dress. We don’t know much about her background. Genie and Finola are around the same age but Finola gets flattering, trendier clothing. Ryan is quite proficient at placing his victims.

  14. They seem to have difficulty on this show dressing women with some curves. Laura looks frumpy, Robin has awful clothes, as well as Maxie sometimes. Sam needs a make over. She mostly looks like she is stuck in the 1990s. Perhaps a new costumer is in order.

    After watching the old episode last week it is apparent that GH needs some new male leads. Patrick, Jax, and Nicholas were great. Wish GH could get them back. Drew is stuck in so many "downer," story lines. Jason still lacks dimension and Sonny is becoming the patriarch. They lost Nathan and Dante. Peter is unappealing. Bring Nic back please!!!!
    If they need money for his salary, let some newbies go.

  15. I don't remember: why did Ava kill Connie? That was a pretty horrible and senseless thing to do.

  16. yes, sometimes I get so ditred by the faces Kim makes I don't even hear what she's saying. t
    The same with Nina and her over exaggerated arm movements.

  17. Why was Olivia raising money for pediatric cancer? Because she is mayor's wife?

  18. Ryan has no problem moving these bodies around all by himself. Into and through heavily populated areas with no blood anywhere except at the crime scene. The miracle serial killer.

    When a new character comes on, which is too often lately, sometimes they are hard to get used to but may grow on you. And then there's Kim. More annoying, to me, every day. BM doesn't help any.

    Ava and Ryan together are so perfect. Will miss them when it's over, if it's over. Maura West looks fantastic without heavy make up.

    Happy New Year everyone! Thank you Karen and Dave for the fun here.

  19. "Di says Ryan would have had to carry him through a crowded room.(unless he dropped him from the roof)"

    That is probably what Ryan did!!! Drop him from the roof!!!

  20. "zazu said... Ava and Ryan together are so perfect."

    Yeah they are! :)

    "Will miss them when it's over, if it's over."

    Yeah me too.

  21. I think the Ryan-Ava storyline is the best thing that has happened in years. I am HOPING it doesn't end on Valentines day or anytime soon. I want him to have some time to really get in to her head. I also would enjoy a plot twist where when it all catches up, Ryan escapes town, leaving Kevin in his place to defend "his" crimes.
    ALSO- I agree with those who said we should stop thinking about how Ryan get's the bodies in place and just enjoy it.
    Lastly... Franco would definitely be the primary suspect in this thing. Not sure how everyone in town is ignoring this.

  22. I think that, with the first murder, Franco was considered, but he had an alibi. Again, folks know that Kevin had a breakdown before and thought he was Ryan, and since he is acting nothing like Kevin, and the documentary guy was killed, shouldn't they all at least suspect Kevin?


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