Friday, December 14, 2018

Wacky Brownies

Jordan is so insecure. She needs Curtis to tell her she's doing well in her job. :eyeroll: 

Memory Care: CarSon are there. Mike's flirting with Yvonne. Sonny asks if he needs something and Mike gets all Rager. Rage is a very common stage of Alzheimer's. So good touch. Nice Maurice/Max scene.  At the end of the show, Mike and Yvonne stand under the mistletoe and kiss--and Marcus sees it. 

Laura tells Lulu that Charlotte is bullying Aiden. Lulu goes to Wyndemere. 

Alexis wants to take Krissy to the spa for a belated birthday gift. She can't leave because Julian is gone. Julian comes back all mad about Kim and Drew and ends up 'firing" Kristina... Alexis gets all pissy with him. Anyway, he finally hires her back. (and she got a raise).
Kim found out that Julian gave her $500 credit on her phone and had someone grocery shop and clean her house. She feels badly she didn't thank him. 

Valentin and Nina. Good Gravy--THEY HAVE HAD the same convos since they got together about their relationship!!  UGHhhhhhhhh. Lulu comes in. She tells him it's Aiden she's picking on. They talk to Charlotte. She says Aiden's weird and it's not her fault he's so different. She tries to tell him how to act but he doesn't listen.  Lulu says that's not her job--she has to be respectful.  What if people told her how to act?  They talk and Charlotte cries a bit. Awww, nice scene. Now they say she has to go apologize to Aiden.
Nina wants to stay at Wyndemere because she doesn't like how Lulu talked to Charlotte and that it might 'stunt her growth" LOL...I guess that's all they could come up with to have her stay there? 

Cam goes home to look after the kids. The Pot dealer wants to see him in an hour but Liz said he has to stay home. I think he's going to bake pot brownies too. AHAHHAHA. Laura drops by to talk to Aiden. She's going to HELP him bake the brownies. Giggle. She asks about Aiden. He says he's "different" and "doesn't fit in" but that's about it.   Hows' he gonna get out of the house to get that weed?  Oh, Friz gets home so he can go out.  Anyway, Franco eats a brownie. Laura said Cam was making them for the drama club's bake sale so he says he'll take them there.  Meanwhile, Cam goes to GH where he finds out Oscar is sleeping...and so Cam cancels the pot deal. 


  1. nina is crazy. not needed. ryan you can have her

  2. Nina’s hysterical. I love the actress and love how the character has progressed- i.e. not stealing babies out of wombs anymore, haha. She is going to be absolutely crushed when she finds out about Sasha. Valentin is so stupid and weird. I try and root for him but he makes it so hard. I don’t understand why GH is so lacking in the romance/passion department. Every time they attempt to ramp something up, it fizzles before it goes anywhere.

  3. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Krissy: Krissy believes in reincarnation now? ROFL!

    Alexis, Julian, and Krissy:

    Julian: You're fired!

    DOH! Julian is so hurt by what he saw with CarlyKim and Drew that he is taking it out on Krissy!


    Alexis and Julian Julian wins the line of the day.

    Julian: She isn't really fired. I'm just pissed off.



    Julian and Krissy: Krissy is hired again with a raise! YAY! ROFL! Thanks Alexis. :)

    Lulu and Laura: Great scene! So glad Laura told Lulu about who is bullying Aidan!!

    Friz home:

    Cam and Laura: Great scene!!!! :) Yeah Cam! Stick up for Aidan!!!!! You are his older brother! You should always be there for him!

    Friz and Laura: BROWNIES!!! :) I am so confused. Did Cam put the drugs in the brownies or no? His "friend" keeps texting him. BobTodd loves the brownies, so maybe Cam did put it in the brownies? Hmmmm.

    The hospital:

    Drew and Cam: Awwwwwwwwww! Great hug!!!!! Love it! :) Great scene!

    Drew and CarlyKim: Julian is so sweet helping her get groceries and cleaning her apartment! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Memory care center:

    Mike and Sonny: GAH! Mike don't remember Sonny!!! So sad!!!! This is making me think about someone from the government or whoever it is. But her husband has alztimers and is in love with another alztimers patient and it had to make her move on with her life. :(

    Carson: Sonny is in pain!!!!! There will be a Sargoo scene soon I bet!


    V.C. and Nina: UGH! Stop it V.C.!!!! Stay away from Nina you slime!!!! I don't want her moving in with you!

    V.C., Lulu, Nina, and Charlie: Great scene with Charlie, Nina, and V.C.! Was Charlie's tears real or fake? Hmmmmm. NINA SHUT UP!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHH! Charlie being different is fine! You don't need to change a person! You don't have a right to change a person.

    V.C. and Nina part 2: Oh come on Nina! Lulu did a great job!!! Stunt Charlie's growth? What? Disciplining a child does not stunt their growth. Oh no! Don't move in!!!! UGH! Oh great V.C. you happy now?

  4. If the brownies contained weed, Liz's house would smell of it to high hell. Of course I have no personal experience baking edibles ;-)

  5. I'm with Sonya, shut up Nina, Lulu was great! Cam has been great in every scene lately, he and Laura were excellent.

    Lol, Paul about the edibles! 😊

  6. "Julie H said...I'm with Sonya, shut up Nina, Lulu was great!"

    Nina is making things worse!!! Lulu had a great talk with her daughter! So did V.C.!

    "Cam has been great in every scene lately,"

    He really has!!! :)

    "he and Laura were excellent."

    They were!!!! :)

    "Paul773 said Of course I have no personal experience baking edibles ;-)"


  7. Someone on soap central said that the Christmas eve rerun is December 23, 2005! Is that true Karen?!!?! :)

  8. I have a question. Why is Aidan's last name Weber shouldn't it be Spencer? I get Lucky isn't around but I would still think his kid would have his last name.

  9. Replies
    1. No Cam is from Zander. Jake is from Jason and Aiden is from Lucky. Maybe Lucky disowned his own kid or Liz decided since Lucky left to give Aiden her maiden name?

  10. She slept with with many guys them.who knows

  11. Yes, I know, I felt like I was going crazy last night, suddenly, I was asking myself, who are the fathers of Liz's children? I know they all are different, and one child is Lucky's, and one is Jason's . . . It is all so confusing. Just like Alexis--3 children, 3 fathers. Do ANY of the siblings currently on GH have the same 2 parents?

    Re the brownies, Cam had NOT scored the weed yet, so why did he bake the brownies? Did he think you put the weed in AFTER they are baked LOL? Or was it just that Laura saw the brownie mix and offered to help and he figured he could use the practice? It was confusing . . .

  12. its a soap. no one has the same father. carly and sam also have 3 baby daddys

  13. Yes many of them have multiple baby daddies but only Sam slept with men for money. She called it marriage and a con but the result was the same.

    And it seems that no one in PC ever has safe sex.

  14. Remember the story line about defective condoms? I forget was that ELQ who made the condoms? Something to do with ELQ I thought.

    Can anyone refresh my memory?

  15. Like AntJoan said: confusing about the brownies as he never went to get the 'product' but the brownies are made and Franco is eating one like something is going to happen. Cam goes to see Oscar without the sweets and texts to cancel his order. If Franco gets high it'll be really stupid, not that I wouldn't enjoy seeing him crazier. It's legal where they shoot, but not yet in Port Charles.

  16. "Michelle Latta said...No Cam is from Zander. Jake is from Jason and Aiden is from Lucky."

    Yup!!!! :) I was just going to say that. You beat me to it haha.

    lindie said...

    "Remember the story line about defective condoms? I forget was that ELQ who made the condoms? Something to do with ELQ I thought."

    I forgot all about that!!! Yeah they were from ELQ!!!! :)

  17. defective condom story ,lulu got pregnant by dylan. she had an abortion

  18. "witch said...defective condom story ,lulu got pregnant by dylan. she had an abortion"

    Yeah I remember that.. It was so sad. :(

  19. Yes, I remember JMB getting the abortion, she showed a lot of determination and bravery to go through with it, they NEVER show that on TV, I thought it was a brave choice for the writers.

  20. The abortion storyline with Julie Marie Burman was very well done story. I miss her.

    I was weirdly curious if anyone has noticed: does the chalkboard menu at Charlie's every get changed or look different? Just curious

    1. Doubt they put much effort into the menu board.

  21. Lindie, I have seen the menu, but never focused on it, now I will.


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