Monday, December 3, 2018

OMG. I tried!

Today's GH better be good!! I'm about ready to fall asleep... it's so gray here today, I've never really woken up. 
David, the guy who's always thinking points out that Mary Pat was killed on Halloween,  Kiki on Thanksgiving... so.. is he the "Holiday Killer"?? Will our next dead body show up on Christmas?? 

Sam is still sick. 

Alexis goes into the PCPD and demands he be arraigned. 

Curtis tells Jordan about the Sasha/Griffin thing Ava pulled. 

Ava's at the PCPD to shoot Griffin. She's going to chew him up...she needs no gun. She's screaming at him and no one hears?? LMAO--and you'd also think that they'd have a security cam in there. 

Michael finds out about Kiki--over the phone. Carly tells him. He's off camera. :eyeroll: 

Sasha is talking to Valentin and Nina. Nina got Sasha Diane as her attorney... 


  1. I saw most. The last 20 minutes were interrupted for the procession, if that's what they call it. Had to laugh when Ryan was having his do not kill Griffin talk with Ava at the cop shop. Takes one to know one. LOL!!

  2. HOW did Ava, and then Kevin get into the room where Ava was? This is a POLICE PRECINCT, and there is NO security? And she got in there with a GUN??

  3. Sorry, I meant to say the room where Griffin was, just finished working, am VERY tired . . .

  4. Police station:

    Griffin and Ava: I kept telling Ava to shoot him!!! :) SHOOT HIM AVA SHOOT HIM! Stop talking to him!!! Oh boy Julian and Ryan show up! :)

    Julian and Ava: Ava isn't listening to you Julian! She needs advice from Ryan!! And I bet you Ryan WANTS her to shoot Griffin!

    Ryan and Ava: Ryan pretends to not want her to shoot him! :) Well she got him to not shoot Griffin! Rats!

    Jordan's office:

    Alexis, Margoo and Jordan: Oh there is Margoo.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Margoo, Jordan, and Sasha: Hmm Sasha should have gotten another lawyer!!!!!

    Jasam: They were boring until they got all flirty! Talking about Bad thanksgiving dinners at the Q's! Hahahaha. Nah there is no bad Christmas's at the Q's! :) Oh geez! Alexis you should NOT be barging in without knocking!!!! Give her back that key!!!

    Alexis and Sam: Oh goodie! An obituary of Sam's ex husband!!! I forgot how many ex husbands she had and conned.

    Morgan's grave:

    Sonny: Sad!!! :( He was talking about where Morgan is now.. Hmmm Florida? Oh yes Morgan and Kiwi are in heaven together as angels. :)

    Sonny and Margoo: Oh goodie!!! She just had to be there.. Of course to visit her father. What's next? Sargoo sex next to his son's grave?

    Sidenote: I saw John Lindstrom on the original 21 Jump Street episode last night on youtube! :) He was so young!!!!! :)

    At the start of 20:37 and at the start of 24:30.

    1. they need to put 21 Jump Sreeet ep's on Netflix!

  5. "Michelle Latta said...they need to put 21 Jump Sreeet ep's on Netflix!"

    Yeah they should! :) But for people who don't have netflix (Like me) The episodes are on youtube :)

  6. Sweet baby Jesus I too was yelling at Ava....SHOOT HIM!!!! QUIT TALKING AND PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER!! Guess it wasn't meant to be. :( I must say though that Griffin's acting was a little better, especially when he yelled at Ava to shoot him. See...even he wanted her to do it! LOL!

    Margoo needs to run a brush through her hair.

    I like the idea of a holiday killer! We've got Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's Day coming up. :)

    And no Sonya, just no! No sex in the cemetery. Ewwwww! LOL!

    I loved 21 Jump Street, never missed an episode.

  7. I don't understand why anyone would want Ava to shoot Griffin. He didn't kill Kiki and he isn't a bad guy. Just ridiculous that any one with a gun can waltz right into the PD. Bravo to KM and MW for foregoing makeup. Kelly is so short without her five inch heels - Alexis towered over her.

  8. "Julie H And no Sonya, just no! No sex in the cemetery. Ewwwww! LOL!"

    ROFL! I was being sarcastic. :)

    "I loved 21 Jump Street, never missed an episode."

    Yeah I have always loved that show. It first aired on April 1987 and I was 12 and a half years old. It was on a Sunday and my dad was watching the pilot. It just started. I came down to do my homework and asked him what he was watching.. I started watching it. I didn't do my homework until the commercials. :) Fell in love with the show.

  9. LSV422, you are correct Griffin is a good guy and didn't kill Kiki, but for me the character is now kind of useless, and I am currently enjoy the mayhem on the show. :) I also couldn't believe the people that were waltzing in and out of the interrogation room. PCPD is a joke.

    Sonya, I would come home after Sunday dinner at my parents and watch 21 Jump Street. Johnny Depp was toooooo cute! LOL!

  10. I saw Anna and Nickolis on an old charm shoe loved them

  11. "Julie H said...Sonya, I would come home after Sunday dinner at my parents and watch 21 Jump Street. Johnny Depp was toooooo cute! LOL!"

    Yeah I used to have a HUGE crush on Johnny Depp for years. Then went to the theater to watch him in sleepy hollow, then the crush was gone. The crush did eventually come back, but it wasn't as intense as it was. Maybe I shouldn't of watched the movie! ROFL! I did love the movie.


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