Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Silver Alert.

Mike and Yvonne..ON THE RUN!! Marcus calls the cops.  Daisy says she saw them get on the bus.  THE BUS!! Macus wants to press kidnapping charges. Sonny calls Jason to find Mike before the cops do. 

Lulu trying to get info out of Chase Ford with Olivia's Chicken Parm . He realizes what she's doing and tells her to bug off.  They eat the pasta together.  Later, she takes photos of the files with her phone. 

Liz talking to Franco about what Charlotte said. She's sad because kids think he's weird.  She said he was ok when he was younger. He loved to play house and not do outside stuff-- now in 3rd grade everyone is bullying him. 

Valerie and Krissy. Valerie is telling Krissy that she doesn't like self-help books. Val wants to see MORE of her!! WHOOT I think Valerie is going to save our GIRL FROM THE CULT!  They talk and Valerie said she hardly went out as a kid because she was taking care of her mom-- and she only had one good friend, a girl and "it got weird"-- (YESSSS!!) and they are going out tonight. Krissy thinks as friends but Val looks a bit smitten. (I HOPE) Krissy lays hands on her, and gives her a "meditation"
OMG!!!! THEY KISSED!!!!!!! VISSY is REAL PEOPLE!! Valerie gets all freaked out and she ran.. Kristina tells her "Sexuality is a spectrum"!! Yep it is. 
Daisy then talks to Kristina about it and Krissy says she identifies as Bi!! About time we had a Bisexual around. 

THEN --OMG She busts Cam and the Dealer kid!! WHOOOT!! And LULU sees him!! ahahahaa!! She calls Liz. BLOOP! Liz goes to the PCPD. 

JaSam were on--boring.  And Sam got a text from "linda' about her past. Yawn. 



  1. Okay, I've had enough of Marcus. Mike has Alzheimer's, just like his wife. It could have been her idea to leave, who knows? How would he feel if Sonny pressed charges against Yvonne? Not that I agree with what Sonny does most of the time, but I almost wish he would let Marcus know exactly who he's dealing with (a known mob boss who will have you 'taken care of') if he doesn't lay off Mike. I can only imagine what it would be like if your spouse had Alzheimer's, and didn't remember you, and liked someone else, but jeez. Mike is as much at fault as Yvonne, and it's not her fault either.

  2. There was a movie a few years back about a woman with Alzheimer's in a facility who forgot her husband--I don't remember who starred in it, though, but someone famous.

    I just started watching, so maybe they'll explain it later, but memory-care units or wings are locked because Alzheimer's patients tend to wander off, I don't think Mike and Yvonne could have gotten out.

  3. Ok, so I'm sans cable as I cute the cord and have the fire stick. Love Hulu but have to wait til 7p to watch, so what is Lulu doing with Chase and Olivia's parm?

  4. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Val and Krissy:

    Val: There was this one girl,but then things got weird.

    Oh? How weird? Did she hit on you and you got confused? :)

    OH A KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! I TOLD YOU DI! :)

    Val: I'm not gay!

    Okay Val if you say so, but then why didn't you push her away or stop the kiss before it happened? :) Doth protest too much? :)

    "Karen says, VISSY is REAL PEOPLE!!"

    WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! You are calling them Vissy? I like it!!! :)

    Krissy and Daisy:

    Daisy: Are you crying?

    No she's happy can't you tell? This chick is dumb.

    Daisy: You shouldn't feel forced to label yourself. Screw labels. I'm sorry about you and your friend, and that she didn't accept you. I hope you know that would never happen. We want our family to be their truest self.

    Yeah okay. Are you one of Charlie Manson's girls? Damn!

    Outside the pub and restaurant:

    Cam and drug dealer: Oh come on! ROFL! This scene was not believable!!! You buy the drugs or your life is ruined? ROFL! Sorry this was a strange scene. What if Cam didn't have the money? Would the drug dealer give him the drugs for free?

    Cam, the drug dealer, and Val: The drug dealer wins the line of the day.

    Drug dealer: CRAP CRAP CRAP!

    HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA! You see? He is NOT a believable drug dealer!!!! ROFL!

    Friz's home:

    Friz: Come on BobTodd!!! Tell her about Cam and the drugs! Show her the text!!!

    Police station: Oh look! Val is thinking about the kiss!!!!!! :)

    Lulu and Chase: Lulu stop using your feminine whiles on Chase just to get a story! And of course you won't be hearing from Dante! DUH! Lulu taking a picture of the file!!! Shame shame Lulu!!!

    Friz and Cam: Cam!!! Just tell them the truth!!! Don't say a friend!!!! Tell them it was for Oscar!!! And Cam asked a good question about pot being legal!!! I was wondering the same thing! Wait Liz not in New York? Huh?!!?!

    The center: Hmmmm. So Yike took a bus? Oh thanks Daisy, but I doubt your sincerity! You are up to something. So where did Yike go? Maybe to a hotel to have all the sex. :)

    Sam's home:

    Jasam: Poor Jason needs that damn cold shower! An almost kiss will make him crazy!!

  5. "Michelle Latta said... Ok, so I'm sans cable as I cute the cord and have the fire stick."

    ROFL! Say what? :) Cut the cord and have the fire stick? :)

    "Love Hulu but have to wait til 7p to watch, so what is Lulu doing with Chase and Olivia's parm?"

    Using her feminine whiles with food to get Chase to give her some info for her story. She was all like WHAT?! Nooooo!!!! What are you talking about? ROFL! Then she took a picture of the file. Stop using hulu!!! Go here.


    Then click on watch it now! :)

    1. Is that an app? Like watching on tv instead of phone calls

    2. Oops...instead of phone, calls was not supposed to be a part of that LOL!!

  6. So I just watched. Of course no previews, what happens to Mike??? Margeaux sounded like he was injured....

  7. "Michelle Latta said...So I just watched. Of course no previews, what happens to Mike??? Margeaux sounded like he was injured...."

    She was at a building. Near the window. Maybe she was at a church? I was thinking was Yike getting married? ROFL!

    "Oops...instead of phone, calls was not supposed to be a part of that LOL!!"

    ROFL! No it's a website. :)

    1. Oh ok. Well I'm still learning fs and found the ABC app, so we'll see. I like it ok, but kinda miss cable... only a little haha!!Guess I'll see how soon after it airs that I get to watch.

  8. Good show yesterday! I thought the scenes were weird between Vissy at the beginning before the kiss. There were some really awkward pauses in their conversations. Maybe it was supposed to be that way? I'm not sure, but it didn't seem to flow.

    I agree that Cam has to tell Liz his little purchase was for Oscar. Besides, he's a good boy, lol!

    I don't trust cult girl either in any of her scenes. She's just way too nice. However, if she gets to Sam I'm all for it. As you can tell I'm not a fan of the mumbler/whisperer.

    Jason needs an ice bath. Poor man!

  9. Im not a fan of sam either. as u can tell.

  10. "Julie H said... Jason needs an ice bath. Poor man!"

    ROFL!! Good one!! Yes he does!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

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