Monday, December 10, 2018

Missing Monday

SO, I'm actually visiting one of my speech kids who's in the hospital today :( He'll be ok but needs a lot of tests.
David and I have done some posts to throw up in case of "emergency" ..but I haven't gotten them finished or photos yet!

Anyway, please put your thoughts on today's show here-- I know I'm missing Kiki's funeral.. ohhhh WELL.

Anyway, Have a good one.


  1. I liked it, but that's just me. Franco was good, got teary. Ephipany had me near bawling, woman can belt out a tune! The best though was when Ava got a surprise visit from Avery. Cute little girl!!

  2. I feel like I need to step up my game for you Karen!

  3. Ava's home:

    Ava: The only person I want to see on the other side of the door is my daughter.

    Well, how about your OTHER daughter? :)

    Avery: Mama!!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet!!!! :) I'm glad she is calling her mama! :)

    Avery: Where's Kiki?


    Carson home:

    Carson and Marcus: Still don't buy it. I like how Carson dealt with this guy.

    The hospital:

    Oscar's room:

    Drew and Oscar: So sad!!! GAH!

    Jason and Oscar: Great scene!! :)

    Outside elevator:

    Drew and Margoo: Oh come on Margoo!!! You are up to something!! What do you want in return? Oh wait what? She actually put the flashdrive in his hand and then left?!?!!? Wait she is going to want something later right?

    Drew and Jason: Great scene! Glad Drew told Jason about the flashdrive and about what she wanted. Yeah she is NOT an upstanding person!!!

    The funeral:

    BobTodd's speech: GREAT SCENE!!!! BRAVO!!!! :) Tell the people you love, that you love them!!!! Then after he said she never once gave up on him, and made a crying sound, I started to cry!!! :( He won the line of the day though.

    BobTodd: Who but Kiki can bring a group of misfits like us all in the same room together.

    ROFL! He did bring up Dr. Benchy.. Hmmm how come he wasn't at the funeral!!! HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE DAMMIT! ROFL!

    Griffin's speech: Awww poor constipated Griffin. His speech made me roll my eyes. Don't worry Griffin. Sasha can comfort you. Maybe give you beano.

    Griffin and Sasha: Ahhh there ya go! Let her comfort you!!!

    The burial: Great scene!!!! Nobody is going to blame you Ava for killing Kiwi! Because you didn't!!! Oh look Carly shows up. I'm sure she will blame you. :)

  4. Michelle Latta said...
    Ephipany had me near bawling, woman can belt out a tune!

    *** Me too. I just love her and she's an amazing singer. I just hope that this isn't the last we see of her.

  5. Surprised that Sam and Lucas weren't there. Aren't they Kiki's cousins! Wished the funeral was a little more attended. Where was Kristina, aren't they stepsisters?

    1. No....I don't think so. I gotta break it down. Kiki is the daughter of Silas Clay and Ava Jerome and Kristina is the daughter of Alexis and Sonny. Carly is her stepmother. Anyone....?

  6. I believe you're right Michelle about Kristina and Kiki not being related. They do share a half sister Avery, but that's it. And I totally agreed with you about Franco and Epiphany. Dang, they were good. I got a little choked up.

    Sonya, your beano remark was most excellent. Thanks for that! BWHAAAAAAA!

    Jason and Drew were good, I enjoyed their scenes.

    Margoo must die. Paging Dr Ryan, Dr. Ryan, Dr. Ryan.....

    1. LOL Julie on Dr Ryan!!! I also agree on Drew and Jason. Yeh their only connection is Avery so.....

  7. "Julie H said...Sonya, your beano remark was most excellent. Thanks for that! BWHAAAAAAA!"

    Hahahaha! You're welcome! :)

  8. Julian's children would be Kiki's cousins so Sam, Lucas and Olivia's kid.

    1. True but Kristina isn't Kiki's step. I do see about Julian's kids.

  9. What was the significance of the small rock Franco laid on the casket?

    1. Perhaps to signify that he was there remembering her & she will never be forgotten.It could be a similar custom as the Jewish people have,leaving a rock/stone on the headstone.

  10. "Lesley said...What was the significance of the small rock Franco laid on the casket?"

    He laid it on the casket? I thought it was already there. I was wondering what that was and who put it it there.

    1. You're right, I think it was already there. Thought Kiki might have given it to him or someone or that it had some special meaning. I haven't been able to watch every show that closely.

  11. I thought that leaving the stone was a Jewish custom and I was surprised that Franco left it as I didn't get the impression that he or Kiki was Jewish.

  12. Yes my had to explain to my friends that Jewih people leave a stone on the stone


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