Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thank You

To Sonya for her recaps..
and Dave for all his ideas! 

I may be out again today-- very busy week from please use this to comment in. I heard Dr. O was good yesterday-!! 

I'm really hoping they don't find out it's Ryan anytime soon. I think he may try to kill Carly-- but come on, it won't really happen because ITS' CARLY! Maybe he'll just shave her head and make her eat broccoli 

THIS PHOTO cracks me up!! LOL.. Griffin :eyeroll 

PLEASE USE THIS AS TODAY'S BLOG in case I don't get back!! Thanks


  1. "Thank You
    To Sonya for her recaps.."

    You're welcome Captain!! :)

    "and Dave for all his ideas!"

    Yeah he is awesome!!! :)

    "THIS PHOTO cracks me up!! LOL.. Griffin :eyeroll"

    ROFL! I know right?!!?! :) Griffin just needs some beano and some lovin from Sasha and he will be alright. :)

    1. Awwww come on he just lost his girl and was wrongly accused. 😓

  2. LOL!!!About making Carly eat broccoli and shaving her head!!! After yesterday's show I really think it's #teamcarlau, I bet they figure it out and bust him, hopefully before one ends up dead!

  3. Laura is definitely the heart and soul of of this show as opposed to the "mouth" Carly. Spencer and Sonny were great. I am glad Spencer confided in someone. Looks like Sasha is actually quite fond of Nina and regrets her actions. Can't wait to see what Valentina and Liesl concoct.

  4. That is some picture of Griffin!

    I would be ok with Carly (as much as I want her to QUIT TALKING) and Laura figuring out about Ryan. And throw a little Felicia and Ava in there, too. Let it be the women! Leave Sonny, Jason, Sam and Curtis out of it.

    I would pay money to see Ryan shave Carly's head, just sayin'!!


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