Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Not Even A Mouse

A Tradition Updated

I loved having Monica and Bobbie do the Christmas scene this year. I think it was last year or the year before we didn't even get one of these, so I was happy. No, they didn't read the traditional Bible story but used "Twas The Night Before Christmas".  I wasn't too crabby about it. I was just happy they had everyone at GH.

This SS is going to be a bit short because I spent a lot of time on the WUB AWARDS (that's a link right there).  This blog is a bit late this morning because I went to a crazy Festivus Party last night that had a meatball contest!! It was great. So, have a meatball and do some feats of strength! CROTON!
Naw, Dad, that's over...
Well.... then... BODY! 
No, not that either...
Some lady I don't know? 
Getting Warmer...

Sonny's going to do it with that new whore DA person, isn't he? 
Well... it would appear that way. 
We're not going to do it, are we?
Not that I can tell. 
*sigh* its' gonna be a long year.

We have a lotta fruit in this kitchen. 
I know--a giant bowl of apples and pears 
And up there are your 55 lemons.
I'm trying to prevent scurvy! 

Well, you know, you are rather dorky but I'm really sorry for pointing that out. 
Um. ok, so I said I WAS SORRY.
MOM!!! He's being so mean!! I SAID I WAS SORRY!! You are ruining my day here.

Cam starts his own Go Fund Me page to get some spending money

BUSTED! Cam's pot bust was--a little underwhelming to say the least. I have a feeling that GH 'didn't go there' (meaning no one ate pot brownies and Oscar didn't get a taste) because ABC is so skittish about everything. Hell, people can't smoke anymore--even FAISON can't light up! Cam should be vaping anyway, but NO. 
Cam can go home but has to face a judge. Hey, he's young, white and first offence. I'm thinking a drug class and community service. Where--he'll meet the Cult Members? 

Stick with me, kid, I tell you--I AM this show
Really? Come on, you can't be in Every story. 
Oh, but I am... I'm even that new baby's godfather and we ain't even related...

Anything else?
Let's see, there's you-- my Dad...I'm helping Laura with the Kevin thing...

Go on..
Ava's gonna have another custody battle with me...
You're not in the Oscar story, right?
Oh, you didn't see me this week? Totally in there. 
Huh.. what about--- 
YEP! I even got to bring the Santa outfit and save the day at GH...

FACE OF THE WEEK:   Baby Wiley is just the cutest ever. Even PS tweeted that he was the happiest baby he'd seen

ADORABLE COUPLE: Awww, I'm liking them more and MORE. 

ADORABLE KID AND MOM:  GAH! Aiden is so great, and I've loved the dialog 

I'm telling you, this book is great!! Available on Amazon...just use that link up there! 

**Willow is the dead baby's mama, and Julian knows it. She thinks her son is alive with Wiley
**Oscar got a car for Christmas
**The pot never made it into the brownies, but Franco ate a bunch anyway
**Cam got arrested for trying to buy weed, told everyone why
**Charlotte "apologized" to Aiden and Lulu and Gram took her out for ice cream. 
**Mike's got a girlfriend but she's someone's wife. 
**Apparently, there's a Jazz Club in PC named "Gemini"-- we never saw the inside
**Krissy wants to live with the Daisy-Gang
**Still no JaSam Sex
**Nina and Valentin had Sex
**Krissy and Val kissed, Wubs was happy as heck! 

That's it!! It was a pretty bland yet frothy week. Good family fun. I liked all the people at Anna's and truth be told not even Peter could ruin it for me! Glad she cooked a British meal. My hubby said that would usually be a Christmas Turkey.  No new GH Monday or Tuesday. Monday is a 2005 episode I believe and Tuesday is sports. 

Have a wonderful holiday-- Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! Happy SANTA  to ALL!! Because--well, SANTA!! 


  1. Karen, your blog wasn't short today, you did a full blog, yay!!

    Loved all of your comments, but the Sonny "Stick with me" thing was REALLY funny! Only I think that Michael is the baby's Godfather, not Sonny, right?

  2. And are you saying that Julian DOES know that Willow's baby is dead? Someone asked that yesterday, and now I am confused.

    1. I remember Brad telling Julian about the homeless woman begging him to take her baby,&that the real Wiley had died.So he is aware that Willow's baby is dead.I wonder if Julian is in denial or just disregarded the coincidence that Michael &Nelle's baby was stillborn.

  3. That link doesn't take me anywhere 🙁

  4. Julian DOES know the baby is dead - but NOT that Nelle is the mother.

    I am sorry but it DOES bother me that the Christmas story wasn't read - it IS the reason for CHRISTMAS - and to read Twas the Night made no sense-----it made me sad that GH powers that be chose not to continue with the tradition - have we gotten SO afraid of everything???????

    now on to other things - is Sasha GONE/GONE? anyone?????I KNEW Willow was the mother and I predicted weeks ago - Nina HAD NO child and Madeleine lied --------I think the writers WERE going with Kiki as the child but scratched way Willow is her child.....let's move on.....

  5. Barbara, I have read that Sasha will be coming back . . .

    If Julian knows that Willow's baby had died (and I DID think that that was the case), then why did he show her the picture of the baby? All I can think of is that he had it open and didn't mean to show it to her.

  6. AntJoan - I think he is protecting them - that he won't say the baby died because then Lucas and Brad would lose the baby? So he can't really say the baby died....

    Just so weird Sasha left ---- and no big it makes sense she will come back....

  7. I thought for SURE Brad told him the baby died--that's one reason Julian told the Mom to back off--to also keep that secret. If she had sued for custody, that would have come out too!?

  8. Karen, yes, that makes sense.

    It was abrupt that Sasha left, as she also had her "job" with Nina. Who is doing that job now? The only magazine in the world run with a 2-person office.

  9. I was so happy to see Anna hosting a whole gang at her house--and she and Finn are absolutely adorable together--I LOVE them. Have all along. Like you, Karen, Peter showing up wasn't the best moment--I just cannot warm to him. Not sure if it's the actor or the way they write the role.

    How is Julian involved in Willow's surrogate story? Because Brad told him about the surrogate baby dying and Nell's baby substituted? I haven't been able to follow this well...

    I really don't care if Sasha comes back--I'd rather she didn't as this is a sad and nervous-making story. Valetin has to stop the lying--he and Nina are a great couple.

    It was a low key but good week, warm and fuzzy. Good grief, Carly can make stuff up out of thin air to worry about. Although--I wouldn't trust Sonny for a nano second.

    I am liking the show so much right now. Has anyone else noticed how all the sets have been upgraded? Nice. Even the Q's living room is richer looking. And more people have their own sets. Does Julian live above Charlie's? He needs to get back to that nice home he built for Alexis!

  10. Julian lives in the back room of Charlie's.

    Read Karen's blog today, should explain the Julian/Brad connection.

  11. Whatever happened to the new building being done at Charlie's Pub? Either forgotten since the "body" story has been completed, or we will be surprised with a sudden "grand reopening" of the new Charlie's Pub.

    1. It was probably only being used for sl purposes Pat, I've learned long ago to not care haha!! I'm sure it'll show up one day.

  12. Yes, when someone asked where Julian lived, and I said "in the back of Charlie's," I realized that supposedly the place is being renovated, so maybe he moved, but I think they dropped the renovation after the sl ended, as Michelle said.


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