Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Medicinal Mary Jane


Is it THAT TIME ALREADY? Cripes, I just did a Sunday Blog, didn't I? These weeks are whipping by. I'm also working on the year's end Wub Awards so that's also on my mind. I had a very busy week and was distracted from the show a lot so nothing really sticks out as being "must see" this week. Maybe a photo will jog my memory?

I had some pot brownies for breakfast. HA! HA! I kid, I kid.. at this point I'd take just  the brownies anyway. Forget the weed. 

When you're at the funeral of the girl you strangled just so you could keep sleeping with her mother...

KIKI'S FUNERAL: Well, the sunflowers were a good touch, I did like those. Epiphany singing was nice and Franco's eulogy was emotional. Other than that? Eh... I really wish they'd have some hospital people or classmates there -- and the bigger question is Where was Deliah? Did they even say? Could they not get IK to come on the show?? I would have loved to have seen her with Maura again.  Griffin had one expression the entire time. Very annoying. 

KIKI'S GRAVESIDE BRAWL: More interesting was Ava mourning at her daughter's freshly dug grave and picking a fight with Carly.  Of course Carly couldn't skip one damn day of visiting MORGAN, so she's there right when Ava doesn't need her to be. They tussle but no major damage done.  Sonny and Carly are going to 'fight for Avery' because Ava's such a bad mother, so we get to live through that again. 

BULLY CHARLOTTE: Gram Laura finally realized it was Aiden that Charlotte was picking on and that kicked  Lulu into high gear. She marched over to Wyndemere and made Char cry with her speech about kindness and respect.  I thought Nina was coming around until she said she had to stay at Wyndemere because Lulu was going to ruin the kid's self-esteem. I'm double angry that the whole Sasha thing wasn't real-- because I'm sick of Valentin being "bad-good-bad-good-bad".  If they hadn't had him dupe her, they could have worked it out. We need Wyndemere to get back to it's former glory. Nina with a butler would be pretty fun. PLUS, think of the parties!! 

MY PAST: So, here's the memories all put into a little digital bundle..what to do, what to do. All could focus on was Billy's boo boo on his fingernail and wondered how it happened. 

DR. OH NO!  So the brought her in because she wanted to save her daughter--sobbing. Well, Lesil was at least happy that Britt got out of jail free and is living her life. Of course, she had another ace up her sleeve--she knows that Sasha isn't Nina's daughter so Valentin can work some magic to get her sprung. yeah! 

What are we doing again?
Ordering Pizza? 
Um.., Oscar's in there, fighting for his life.
Oh yeah. Ok. 
At least they gave us a couch and we don't have to sit on the window ledge...

CARLY IT WAS A SCARF.. Just a scarf... It's nothing else and you're just bat-shit crazy. SO, settle down, ok? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Mike's meltdown. I couldn't find a pic of the exact moment but it's when the rage of Alzheimer's hits. MG played it perfectly and Sonny's reaction was also really good. I'm glad they are showing the Memory Care Facility too. 

WUBS FAVE OF THE WEEK: Ok, so..yes, Sonny's in there but I really like Laura and his rapport together and shared history.  Both actors were on point talking about "Kevin" and marriages failing. Unfortunately this doved tailed on the possibility of CarSon helping with the Ryan-Case but I'm not counting that. 

GIVE THIS KID MORE TO DO:  He's good and there's a hole in the intern position at GH. Get going, writers. 

WARDROBE FUN:  SO, I had said on Twitter that I wanted to sharpie clown faces in Sam's shoulder holes on her sweater and @TheWSB did this for me! LOL.. 

FACES OF THE WEEK:  Ava, sans make-up, hugging the precious Avery. Awwww. 

Pics thx to @SummerAWinter on twitter 

So, that's about it.  Not a huge drama week in the scheme of things. Franco will find out those delicious brownies Cam baked with Grandma weren't for the Drama Club so he'll get in trouble. Maybe Ryan will kill someone else in time for Christmas? You know who's on MY list. 
Should be holiday filled 2 weeks for the show anyway. Here's hoping I can get myself home to blog!! 
PS. I missed Spencer and Sonny this week, that's why there's no mention...


  1. Is everyone in Port Charles buried in the same 20 square feet of that cemetery?

  2. okay peeps I am going back to my ORIGINAL thought -= Madeleine LIED and there IS no child!!!!!!!!!! She just wanted outta jail.....Dr. O knows it ------

    so I am not speculating anymore about WHO is Nina's child - cause she doesn't have one!


  3. Thanks for another entertaining SS. Those thoughts for the Drew/Kim conversation were hilarious. The sweater clown face was hilarious. Sam is so lethargic most of the time she can't even manage to get a whole sweater on. lol

  4. Still confused about the brownies. Maybe Nina doesn't have a child....yet. How long will they make references to the mystery cult? All sounds so innocent but surely it is not. There were some really good scenes this week. Especially for Franco. And young Cam. Always enjoy this blog too. Thanks!

  5. Same here about a great blog, and it being a good week. And seriously, the sweater clown was hysterical.

    Di, great word "lethargic" to describe Sam. God, she is such a drag and drags everyone else down with her.

    "Unknown" said is everyone buried in the same 20 square feet of the cemetery? HAHAHAH! That was great and very true.

  6. Di,perfect word for sam, lethargic

  7. So tired of the way that Nina is undermining Lulu. Lulu was great talking to Charlotte. Wouldn't mind Nina leaving the show if they continue to write her like this.

  8. I'm confused about the brownies too...

  9. About the brownies....Cam bought a mix and was going to get the weed and make brownies. Laura came in and asked him what he was doing with a brownie mix. He quickly made up the excuse that he was making some brownies for a bake sale at school. She, of course, offered to help him and she made the brownies with him. Then his mom came home and he quickly left to meet the guy with the weed. (He left the brownies because they were no use to him all made. He'd have to make more later if he had gotten the weed,)

  10. Excellent SS as always! I guess Cam was going to bake the brownies with the pot but got sidelined when Laura offered to help. He is an incredibly good friend to Oscar. Just love this actor - what a gem! To me the high point of the week was Lulu's extremely well written speech to Charlotte and Charlotte's reaction. And anything Laura!

  11. Di, yes, that is what I said was the deal with the brownies, but some are speculating that Franco and others will get high from them, but Cam hadn't scored the weed yet.

  12. If Franco gets high I'll really be confused. As are the writers it seems. Or the editing staff. I need a brownie.

  13. zazu - too funny lol! We'll probably all need a brownie after today's episode. Maybe it's supposed to be audience participation? :)


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