Friday, January 11, 2019


Nina and Valentin. Sparkling...and damn it, he's gotta be all lying about the damn daughter thing.  

Sonny and Griffin. "Faith is an illusion" says Griffin. Sonny is looking SO GODFATHER in this LOL.  I'm so not here for this talk. ugh. 

Dr. O is going to try to get her job back at GH!! Nope, Finn says Monica won't do it so she goes to Mercy. Damn it.  Oh, wait..she actually asks Valentin for a job at Cassadine Medical Group. 

Anna is blind!  Finola sells it very well. She goes to GH and finds Finn.  Griffin comes in and they are going to run some tests.  He's not sure what it is-- could be temporary.  They find out it was a hemorrhage. Not sure if it can be cured. 

Ava and Franco are on the pier. Franco wants to know why she's there. Ava's trying to lure the killer to her so she can stomp him lol.  Then Ryan comes around the corner.  They talk and Ryan basically tells Franco he's done with him being his patient and to get lost. LOL Franco's upset and leaves. 

Kim and Drew are having coffee in the hallway on that register bench thing. Talking about babies...and bringing in life to the world.  Sonny talks to them later and offers his plane. Kim says there's no hope. 

Peter tells Valentin about Anna? Huh? Weird. 

Franco breaks into "Kevin's" office to get his medical records!! Oh, then the editors ruin it by showing us Monday's promo with Carly interrupting him!! GOD!! 

Ryan asks Ava to leave PC with him forever. 


  1. I was wondering if the new writers had been following the news about the CNN anchor woman and Anna was struck by an ocular migraine.

    And Griffin's faith obviously wasn't very strong if he gives it up the first time life doesn't go his way.

    I was miffed that Carly interrupted in that preview too. How did she get in?

  2. Carly is freaking everywhere. Fans need Carly to go on a vacation or have an Ocular Migraine. I thought Roger killed it in the scene with Ryan with the one night stand reference. Would be great if he takes the box with the driver licenses.

  3. I definitely want him to take the box but freaking carly is there.

  4. Why are you being so mean about Carly??

  5. Oscar is dying, Anna is struck down, there is a serial killer, are they TRYING to depress us? The only bright spot is Laura's coming back and becoming the mayor.

  6. Why was it weird that Peter would tell Valentin about Anna. I didn't see the scene but it would make sense.

  7. If the ladies can't super sleuth and find out about Ryan then I hope Franco does! One killer to another, it could be good!

  8. Well, half of Port Charles knows about those licenses now and so does Ryan. The police would not share this with outside people. And, Mac would know better than to share this information with anyone he was Police Commissioner at one point too. I know back in the day Robert did have a select group of people he worked with such as Felicia and Frisco, but I don't recall that any of them had "loose lips". I could be wrong.

    Genie is so beautiful, but that black and grey outfit was not flattering on her. She should wear outfits more like the one Carly had on IMO. A more fitting top that brings out the color in her eyes or something.

  9. Also, I do love the "sleuthing" of Sam, Carly and Laura. We can't forget that Carly is sort of Laura's niece as Laura was married to Luke and Carly is Luke's niece. They are pretty much still family. I wish they would show Felicia. Was she supposed to be BEHIND Mac when Mac and Felicia were thanked? Sam, Carly, Laura, Felicia and Lucy should all get together to solve these murders. It would be SO great to see those 5 powerhouses get together to solve this. Woman power!!!!!!

    1. Yeh so they are still fam as Carly is Luke's niece.

  10. That scene with Peter and Anna was kind of weird. Part of me was thinking that he did drug her. Probably not, but we are probably supposed to think that he did ??????

  11. Doubtful. Peter is just coming around to accepting Anna as his mom. Just as Sam did with Alexis.

  12. I just find it so difficult to "read" the actor who plays Peter in his scenes.

  13. I am sorry but! I thought it was beautiful that we was talking so nice and asking about his family. So happy for Anna. Stupid writers make her blind . Poor Anna she was so happy???

  14. Inside Central Perk:

    Hiney and Anna: Oh oh! Anna can't see!!! Where is Robert?! Get Robert!!!!!

    The hospital:


    Sonny and Griffin: Griffin boo hooing and whining about dead Kiwi. I don't care that you are in pain you sanctimonious jerk!

    Nurses station:

    Griffin and Finchy: Wow!!! Griffin is so damn rude!!! Awww Griffin lost his faith and only believes in facts. Still don't care..

    Dr. O and Finchy: HAHAHAHA! LOVE IT! :) Great scene! :)

    Drew and CarlyKim: Someone on soap central talked about that maybe they are going to get CarlyKim preggers so that the baby can help with Oscar. Hmmmm. Interesting idea. :)


    V.C. and Nina: Nina all happy that V.C. got her daughter back! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO NINA! That scum sucking jerk didn't help you get your daughter back!!! It's all a scam!!!

    "Karen says Nina and Valentin. Sparkling..."

    YES!!! They all are sparkly!!!!

    "and damn it, he's gotta be all lying about the damn daughter thing."

    Damn it all the hell!!!! The writers had to ruin him!! V.C. the scum sucking jerk!!!

    V.C., Nina, and Dr. O: Love it!!! Dr. O has V.C. by the nose! Squeeze his nose Dr. O! Squeeze it!!!!

    The pier:

    Ava and BobTodd: Great scene!!!! If anybody can take down the killer, it's Ava! :) And I can't believe she is wearing high heels and there is snow on the ground! ROFL! Love that BobTodd is worried about her. :)

    Ryan and BobTodd: Oh oh! "Doc" is breaking up with BobTodd!! BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: You are just going to cast me aside like some bothersome one night stand?


    Rava: Oh boy! Going to leave the Chuckles? Wait Ryan! You have to kill Amy and Margoo first.

    The hospital part 2/Doc's office: BobTodd wants his stuff back, now that the relationship is over. :( Poor BobTodd. :(

  15. Oops forgot one thing..

    Anna's private room:

    Anna, Griffin, and Finchy: WHERE IS ROBERT!!!?!?!?!?! Robert needs to be there to support Anna!!! Also where is Roxie? She should be with Anna to support her too!!


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