Thursday, January 17, 2019


Alexis is going to read Gail's Will at #GHs. Scotty, Laura and Monica are there. Lucy and Serena couldn't attend and Laura's representing Leslie.  There's some stuff but the biggest thing is a trust set up for mental health at #GH 

Anna's wandering around trying to see the sunset.  She's trying to figure out who gave her the virus. 

Book Launch Day on GH !!! Nina is setting it up with Valentin. Willow walks in, Nina doesn't like her because of Charlotte. Lulu talks to Willow. Willow has an impromptu parent conf?? In the Metro?? Accuses Char of cheating on her history test. 
OMG--that would SO never happen.

Cameron is cleaning up. Laura and Lulu walk by-- they talk to him and encourage him to keep on a good path. If only he knew how they were as kids! LOL 
Joss and Oscar show Cam their bucket list. Mine would be sex, champagne--cake. He wants to see the Catacombs. Cameron says Jrs and Seniors know a way in, they should go. Oh, I am getting Huck and Tom Sawyer vibes off this.

Sam goes to the seminar at Hank's "unburdening your past" it's called. Oh wow, so Krissy talks about her night with KEIFER~!!! Oh wow, you should watch's really good. Daisy kinda says it's because Krissy wanted attention, etc.  Sam stops them.  She says they are trying to blame her for the abuse. Kristina says they are helping her heal.  Sam apologizes. I think Sam was worried about blowing her cover. 

Drew wants a favor from Drew. Drew wants to find a way to help him at the end of his life. It's a REALLY stupid convo about Drew wanting Jason to talk to Carly about Joss and Joss not taking too much away from 'the end of his life' because she might be searching for miracle cures?  This was a strange strange thing... I swear it was supposed to be earlier???? 


  1. The hospital:

    Fanna: Anna and her miracle on 24th street eyes. Where is Robert?!?!!?!?!?!?

    Gail's will meeting:

    Scotty, Laura, Monica, and Alexis: Um well this is confusing. Anyway, Scotty is trying to figure things out, and Monica is giving him looks! ROFL!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Jason and Drew: ???????????

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    ValeNina: DAMN IT! They are so sparkly!!!!! Scum sucking jerk!!! So very sparkly!!! JERKWAD!!! Writers cut this out you are confusing me!!!! No don't marry him Nina! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THEY ARE SO FREAKIN SPARKLY!

    ValeNina, Lulu, and Willow: Charlie is a cheater cheater pumpkin eater!!!!!

    The park:

    Cam, Joss, and Oscar: Great scene!! Jam talking about their off screen childhood, but their off screen childhood sounds like so much fun and adorable!!! Joss talking about football games. Or baseball? The catacombs!!!!!! I haven't seen the catacombes in years!!!

    The cult house: Oh so they are having the meeting at the cult house. Not another place? Oh that guy with long hair and glasses, is handsome. :) I want to learn more about him! Hey so this is how they help people? Yeah oooooooooooookayyyyyyyyyy. When Krissy talked about how she is home alone, I had a feeling she was going to talk about Keefer.

  2. Seriously....these writers have no concept of privacy and obviously have never been at a teacher's conference. You would never discuss such private things at a public event. What's next? Is someone going to walk up, say hi to one of the doctors, and ask him or her to examine a sketchy mole?

    They should have had this catacombs storyline in the summer. I can't wait to see where they go with it, if they even remember it again before Oscar dies.

  3. I loved seeing Laura, Scotty and Monica in scenes together!!!

  4. I thought yesterday was a little boring. Plus there were 2 characters on that I don't care for at all. Sam and Nina.

    Krissie's scenes were very good, and of course everything Laura. I too am looking forward to the catacombs. Hopefully the writers will follow thru with that conversation.

    Did anyone believe Valentin when he said he was helping Charlotte study history? To quote Sonya he is a lying scum sucking jerk, and I wasn't sure what to believe. Lol! Seriously, the entire Willow thing was stupid.

  5. I agree julie, i also dislike sam and nina.2 characters that wouldn't be missed.

  6. Speaking of non-professional behavior, Shiloh is NOT any kind of therapist that I can see, what qualifies him to do what he is doing, and who in their right mind would let him do it? This reminds me of one of those cults where they extract your secrets and then use them against you as blackmail or whatever. . .

  7. As an educator, it is so ridiculous that Nina would say she is going to be on the board of education but not run for the board. They just don't let people work with a board that aren't elected or appointed to fill a vacancy. I agree that the Drew and Jason scene seemed so off. It seems like Jocelyn and Oscar are fulfilling his bucket list not searching for a cure.

  8. I totally agree AntJoan! But I am liking the story. I remember the Krissie/Keifer year, which also reminded me how of much I miss Ethan. If only he had been Robert's son and not Luke's he would have been perfect in my eyes. :)

    witch - Glad I'm not the only one! I'll say it again, Ryan has got to get busy. HA!


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