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Throwback Thursday--GH MEN 

I'm not sure I'll be here today --I did make it yesterday so let's hope! If not, here's a spot to dish about the show!!! 

The catacomb thing was so--well, DUH and I'm thinking it was done just to get Sam and Jason to have sex. Because...they needed a reason???? Jason would have hypothermia so bad with the water right now. Which is frozen. 

Anyway, Have a GOOD DAY!!! It's National Compliment Day so THANK you for being such awesome readers! 


Oh boy, I made it! My last person cancelled so here I am!

Sam rescues St. Jaysus from the icy river!! Shocker. And she had time to get her scuba gear, and suit on and get there and didn't call 911 the location? LOL!! BTW, that river would be frozen, man.  SO, they sit there, talk..and call Carly. ALL SITTING on the pier. Good lord. I guess they'll go home and have Scuba Sex. Jason has some jammies on--who's JAMMIES are those Jammies? LOL ??? So, they eat grilled cheese in front of the fire and kiss. 

Oscar is back in the hospital. Looking as healthy as a damn horse LOL 

Mike and Stella are at Sonny's and Mike is going into his past. He thinks he has to go home. She convinces him to stay in the 'guest room'. When CarSon comes home, he thinks Joss is "mary" and they are going to play stick ball. Sonny realizes it's time to put Mike into care. Mo does really well with this--very sad. 

Curtis is talking to Marcus-- he says that Stella feels badly about ruining their friendship. Marcus says it was his fault. He talks about their past. 

Aiden, Jake and Franco are baking-- "Russian Tip Cupcake Bouquet' which is apparently a thing. I found them on Google!!  So, Franco tells Aiden he should bring them into school, and Jake is like UM, NO... um...they don't want us to have a lot of sugar!! Then, when Liz comes home, Jake comes down stairs and tells him not to. Then shows them the "Gayden" message on his iPad game. Liz thinks he should still take them in. Jake isn't sure and neither is Franco. Jake goes upstairs. Franco asks Liz if she thinks Jake is gay? would it surprise her? She says no, and it has nothing to do with baking. VERY good scenes. "We'll just love him through this". 


  1. THANK YOU, Karen, you do such a great job!!

  2. Thanks Karen, you're a great blogger and I love the Wub Tub Blog!

  3. Kudos to you Karen and thank you for choosing Delco Dave when you are not available.Now on to Lulu- where are the armed guards?? Will Laura call out to Lucky to let him know? Nikolas is still alive? He must know his sister is in danger!! Is Dante imprisoned somewhere? Doesn't anyone care? Where is Luke in all of this?

  4. Thank you Karen - you are an awesome blogger! By the way, I am going to the GH fan event here in VA March. Laura W. had to bail but FINOLA is taking her place. I get to meet her and Maura!!! And of course some of the guys.

  5. Thank YOU for doing such a great job and giving us such a great platform for our GH discussions.

  6. None of the actors will come back for Lulu but they could show Laura calling them

  7. and thank you for this blog every day. Big , strong Sam is going to rescue Jason , not the firemen

  8. Just an FYI Duff Goldman's store Charm City Cakes is in Baltimore. I loved his show Ace of Cakes. But he is from Baltimore, not Detroit. But the geography queen (me) is not criticizing. The show ended in 2006; a lapse is understandable. But I used to live in Baltimore, and I have a local memory of his shop.

    Love the blog, always. : )

  9. remind me never to get hurt in Port Charles ----- cause the police would never solve the case....
    i said this yesterday - but - yes -
    I guess it took the writers two YEARS to decide to recreate Sam trying to find Jason when he 'died' and now she SAVES him and NOW they can have sex.
    two years people..........two years.........
    and sidebar - I thought Willow was a horrible actress but now I realize maybe it's supposed to be her personality??????

  10. Thank you Karen for doing such a great job with the blog when I am not around!!!

    wait a minute...


    there needs to be emoticons here.

    did anyone else read "scuba sex" as "scooby sex"?

    It sounds like mike is starting to regress a little. When we had to put my dad in a home (only for a month, then he went to be with my mom on Valentines day) he was talking in Italian to all the nurses. They said to me "we didnt know your dad spoke italian". kinda fluent too. And I asked my dad about it and he denied it. But I asked my extended family and sure enough, he spoke italian as a kid and teen. He was also talking to nurses and refer to people he would pal around with in high school and, apparently, some of the things his family did that Italians are stereotyped for. But when I was with him, he talked to me like the present day.

    Strange. I really think the writers are nailing the Mike storyline. very realistic. and max... well. maura shouldnt be the only person on GH getting an emmy this year.

  11. The pier:

    Jasam: Sam put on her cape and flew into the water to save St Jason!!!! St Jason wins the line of the day!

    Jason: Carly I'm not dying.


    The hospital:

    Oscar's room:

    "Karen says Oscar is back in the hospital. Looking as healthy as a damn horse LOL"

    Hahaha yes he is!!! I guess he isn't sick anymore! YAY! ROFL!

    Friz home:

    Jake, Aidan, and BobTodd: Love the scene!!!! YAY! It was great!! Especially when BobTodd told the boys to not forget to brush their teeth! :)

    Jake, and Friz: WOW WOW WOW! Great scene!!! Damn it, the scene made me cry!! :(

    Liz: But if we discourage him from being proud, then we are discouraging him from being himself.

    YES! You tell them Liz!!!! WOOT WOOT!

    Friz: Wait it's been in the back of Liz's mind that Aidan could be gay? When did that happen Liz? Huh? How long has it been in the back of your mind?

    Carson home:

    Carson: GAHH! Sonny made me cry! :( Damn writers what are you doing to me?! :(

    Kelly's diner:

    Marcus and Curtis: Great scene! We get to know how Marcus felt back in the day when he was with Stella. Oh just get back together already!

    Stella and Curtis: Awwww! Great scene! :)

    Sam's home:

    Jasam: Sam is eating grilled cheese sandwiches!! I want one!!! Oh my Jason doesn't need to take any cold showers anymore!! Oh look! They are making the wuv, and his pain is gone! The wuv making is magical! :) OH OH OH! Steve Burton took off his shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 A very rare sight!!!!!

    Jason: I love you. And I missed you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Sam: I love you and missed you too.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Now are they going to get back together or what?!?!!? I wonder if they are going to tell Carson, Spinny, and Krissy that they slept together. :)

    Sidenote: Jason David (Aidan) was on Grey's Anatomy tonight. :) When I saw him, I'm thinking is that Aidan? I wasn't sure until I went on soap central and someone mentioned it. :)

    1. Sonya, I had read that Aidan would be on, then forgot, so was pleasantly surprised to see him on Grey's. And also pleasantly surprised to see Jason without his shirt--WHAT A HUNK!! Can't even imagine how much he works out! And he looks even larger next to tiny little Sam . . . I am not all that invested in them as a couple, but I DID get chills when they reunited, it was a nice touch to have her rescue him from the harbor, like she wanted to all those years ago.

  12. Watching gh now....very boring. But I do love the Friz parts. Also, Jason looks sexy out of his usual clothes. I liked the blue tshirt and sweat pants. Haha!

    1. Yes, his blue eyes with that t-shirt! I usually go for brown-eyed men, like Sonny, but everyone here speaks of Jason's blue eyes, and he really is gorgeous . . .

  13. I fast forwarded most of Jasam, I just can't with her or anyone she's with. Jason did look good, though! Sonny and Carly made me weepy, I really felt for them. The Jake, Franco, Liz conversations were just wonderful. Looking forward to Robert today!

    1. I agree, I loved Friz scene with the 2 kids. I'm watching Greys now, I'll look for "Aiden".
      On another note, I shouldn't watch gh before bed, Jasam sex and Alzheimer's...LOL!!

    2. Michelle...that's just a nightmare waiting to happen! LOL!!

  14. Love any scenes with Liz's sons. great little actors. all I can say about jasam,boring. sonny and carly really good


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