Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Runnin' On Empty



You sure you want this? I'm not sure I want this!! Tough week for me while watching. So here we go-- 

Gird your loins. 

THE EMPTY OF THE WEEK:   I.D. Channel eat your heart out!! After what seemed to last for days (ok, it DID last for days)  PETER IS GONE!! Jason looked: Empty. Finn and Anna looked: Empty.  Audience: Yep: YOU EMPTY!! As Valentin said: "Either Peter walked away or someone moved him". Speculation runs from Austin to Dr. O to Jerry Jacks (you wish!) to Robert to Valentin himself.  Do we care at this point? I'm not sure.  Maybe Helena took him. All I hope is that he's dead-dead. 

The closest they'll ever get to bondage. 

PARTY OF THE WEEK: Wiley's space themed party was going on at the Q household providing us with many cast members on the same set. The two that weren't were Willow and Michael who were so turned on by Wiley's gift-wrapping that they made out. Carly and Jason interrupted and noticed something going on. The audience however? Meh... I usually like these "deception to save someone else raging hormones for the other guy" stories but lord.  The feelings are like what I got on my chemistry exams: Failing.  On to Chase who's trying to walk upstairs by himself --I guess to surprise his 'bride". He stands and walks 2 steps.  Great. How long this going to go on? Austin saw him so that's something. 

POOL TIME OF THE WEEK: Everyone was at the pool!! Cover-ups! Hawaiian Shirts!! and the highlight of all this? Spencer gets pushed in again by Joss. Oh, yeah, Spencer also agrees to a "rager" at Wyndemere. PLEASE watch UK Skins and let it rip, ok? PLEASE? And pop for some House Music.  Thanks. I think the last time there was a party there Cam started a fire? 

NIXON FALLS SPIN OFF:  Nina and Sonny are all drinking beer in the empty bar (shocker) and getting all re-flirty and I think they kissed.  Meh.  Not much movement on Lenny.  MB was on The SOD podcast saying he loved playing Mike. So. There it is. 

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM OF THE WEEK:  Nope. Nope. And What I will say is that if you didn't see it; now not only does every person forget what happened with Shawn,  there are nice fake-flashbacks to assist you!! Should have left it at Shawn gets out and the judge was a racist. That's it. The few people bitching about "the real shooter" would have shut up and forgotten.  Now there's a whole arc I have to sit through. Nope. Don't expect me to talk about this much. 

NOTE: I have never done this before but I'm linking another blog here because the break-down of who knows what (even SHAWN knew) is perfect. Go read: Serial Drama  for all the details. BTW, if Shawn knew and still took the fall, why go through this? WHY....

DRESS OF THE WEEK: Everyone was happy to see Anna in a shirt-waist summer dress!! yes!! Olivia also had a pretty new number. Carly had on a pretty one for the pool and party.  Poor Brook, still stuck in a black cat-suit and giant blazer.  I mean at LEAST get her a summer linen jacket. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:   If I have to pick one, I'll take Ryan and Alexis. Two great actors. One can't move but he's still fantastic. 


Portia and Curtis: In a relationship or still talking about it months later? 

Stella steals the divorce papers from Jordan's desk

Spencer tries to make up with Ava; pretends he cares

Joss pushes Spencer in the pool again. Carly reminds her about insurance liability

Ryan doesn't move but he hears

Liz tells Jason about Peter, but Peter is gone

Finn tells Anna about Peter, but Peter is gone

Dante thinks Anna's not telling him everything

Wiley has a party, he's not there yet. 

Chase takes a few steps; a hidden Austin watches

Willow and Michael kiss; Carly and Jason give them advice 

Austin might remember what Brook Lynn and Maxie said in the woods

Shawn is going to work at The Savoy for awhile

No one remembers who shot Hayden except some do but it's not the same as it happened so don't ask me what's going on. 

Willow's mother Harmony shows up 

SPOILERS:  Shawn finds Naomi,  Laura talks to Dante about Lulu,  Jordan wants Curtis back and Monica gives support to Carly. Find out all the skivvy on Diagnosis Daytime

And that's that! I've said this before; watching a soap is like reading a great novel. Meaning; you rely on history to enjoy the story in the present. I've lived through a lot of rewrites; minor and major. NOT a fan, especially when they are this recent.  More bitches: We don't need Gladys. We certainly don't need Harmony unless she's the one that took Peter. Nixon Falls...? Whatever. We should be planning Carly's giant-ass'd wedding. Oh, one more thing, give it up for the balloon people--they've been doing it up! 

All photos thx to Twynk!! 


  1. Am I the only one who doesn't give a rats patootie about Hayden and really doesn't need for her to come back? And yeah, are they rewriting story AGAIN in regards to Nic and his hit on Hayden?

    1. I'm right there with you Unknown! Hayden was a nasty piece of work when she got shot and truthfully it served her right, lol! Seriously, the flashbacks made me mad.

  2. Stupid week on the show. Harmony back???????? Ewwww. Thought we got rid of her. Why? Hayden????? I will say it again, they don't even use the characters they have. Where is Robert, Mac, Felicia, Felix, Epiphany, Lucas I guess moved away, and there are many more I can't think of early on a Sunday morning. I am VERY glad to get more of Monica and the Q mansion. Not sure what to make of Austin, but don't like him so far. Don't like NuSpencer. IDK. Guess I'm grumpy. I do like VAnna, and kind of like Liz and Finn, but not sure. Want Kevin and not Ryan.

    I didn't watch. Did they ever show kids at a 3 year olds birthday party? Probably not. If Wiley is 3, why don't they let him talk? I don't see him saying much at all. Maybe that will change.

    That is so funny. Lilly white freezer with not a drop of blood, but Dante found drops of blood all over the place. lol

    1. Oh, and WHY is there some kind of pillow in the freezer? Was that where Helena kept bodies too? Because you know dead bodies need a pillow.........

    2. PSS. Sam's pink "moo moo" at the pool is hideous

    3. that robe thing is THE WORST.

    4. Sam is STILL smaller than I am, but I can tell she has gained weight, thus the MOO MOO she was wearing -------

  3. Great SS and the blog you referred us to had all the facts. I think the cops wanted to make a deal with Shawn at the time to rat on Sonny or go to jail. Maybe they are trying to redeem Nik who never was a real bad guy but this action took him over the top. I miss Tyler.

  4. Thanks for my Sunday morning read. I really look forward to your surgery. And thanks for the link to the Serial Drama page. I can see why you posted it. She even has pictures and dialogue. Wow! Someone should post it on the writers' page. lol

    Wouldn't it be great if we could all erase the last few years like that?

    I know we're not seeing the kiddies but given the state of virus spread in L A now I can understand why the little actors' mommas are keeping them close to home. Also some of our favorites who have kids are staying safe at home with them. I think they're getting around that part well. I just wish they'd left Shawn's story after the racism plot and stopped rewriting the show.

    1. I agree. They should have left it alone with Shawn. Write something else for him. Now they are just messing everything up

  5. the ONLY reason I can think of that NOW Shawn cares who shot Hayden (cause WE DO NOT)
    is (1) they are bringing her back (2) NOW Ava and Nicholas will STILL be torn apart when he is arrested or whatever (3) Alexis will figure it out and something happens with Ryan so Alexis can go free.....
    I literally too am screaming "REWRITE REWRITE" and the writers NOW wrote the ORIGINAL story...Curtis knew/Sam knew/Elizabeth knew.....Shawn didn't care!
    SO happy to have Sean Blakemore back, but let's wrap up this ridiculous fake Hayden story and give him a real storyline/love interest.
    I can't believe I am saying this, but I ALMOST would take Peter over Gladys.....worthless....and Stella is there.....she HATED Jordan and Jordan was OKAY with the divorce since it was her fault and NOW Jordan wants to fight for Curtis? I LIKED Portia and Jordan as friends.......
    Jordan = Shawn and Taggart triangle would be good....
    still think Hayden moved Peter's body to help Finn and her sister - OOOOO - maybe she has been living down there?! LOL
    and finally, Austin is just not doing it for me.....

    1. I don't want Hayden back, but that would be funny if she's been living in Helena's old lab (which the hospital would have done something with before now). I don't like Austin either. Nor, NuSpencer.

    2. I like your idea about Hayden but we all knew Peter is most likely alive. UGH!

      There are so many new stories they could have used Stella for. I love the actress but she seems like a semi retired- senior citizen CARLY!

    3. Yup, I agree. Peter is alive :( HORRIBLE.

      Stella could have been written for so much better. She is a great actress and was SO wonderful to Mike and Sonny.

    4. I like the Hayden idea too! She would have needed help to move PLP, she's and itty bitty thing. But I'm MORE than willing to overlook that minor little detail, lol!

  6. I think Cameron Mathison (as Drew?) took would be a big way of introducing the character/actor

  7. Thanks for another great SS! I don't know how you do it.
    Don't care about much going on right now. Harmony was a useless character so bring her back. Great idea.
    Fake flashbacks are annoying. I don't think many viewers care who shot Hayden way back. Not such a good story then. So bring it back. See the trend? The writers seem to have no new ideas.
    The 'pillow' in the freezer looks like a very large sanitary napkin.

    1. "Zazu says, The 'pillow' in the freezer looks like a very large sanitary napkin."


  8. The pillow in the freezer looks like ice packs. And the tribbles took Peter.

    1. "Moma says, the tribbles took Peter."

      ROFL! The Tribbles have been kidnapped! :) So maybe they were forced to kidnap Hiney. :)

  9. "Gird your loins."


    "The closest they'll ever get to bondage."



    OH! The Nixon falls spin off is catching on. ROFL!

    "DRESS OF THE WEEK: Everyone was happy to see Anna in a shirt-waist summer dress!! yes!!"

    YES!!!!!!! I loved that outfit Anna was wearing!!!

    "We don't need Gladys."

    No we don't!!

    1. Yes. Finola could definitely pull off that pretty dress.

  10. I am Team Gladys. Sorry, not sorry.

  11. I have one positive for the week......The pool lounge chairs got CUSHIONS!!!! They must have been on order and didn't come in time for the initial "pool reveal". It was painful to watch them all sitting there on wooden lounge chairs!

    1. Omgosh! I noticed that too when they initially opened the pool and they were sitting on those slatted lounges and I was thinking "how can a swanky,high end hotel not have cushions!? Was happy to see they sprung for cushions.


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