Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Remember: "Understated" is Maxie's middle name

(Wednesday's Blog)

You know I've been looking forward to this all summer!! Question is WILL WE GET A WEDDING??!! You know I hope so. You know I want it to be HUGE and OVER The TOP!! With Ms. Wu right in the front row!! So, I give you some of my ideas for their wedding day: 

FAVORS:  Who wouldn't love a sweet blend of Corinthos' Coffee as a little gift? Jarly can have their names printed on the the other side of the bag as well. 

RECEPTION DECOR:  The happy couple plan on turning Warehouse 12 into a garden of wub, complete with seating for 560 people. 

CAKE:  Coming in from NYC is this marvel--complete with real gold-dust trim 

GROOMS CAKE:  Motorcycle themed. Jake asked Aiden to bake one for Jason.  )Although Carly refuses to ride one as her hair gets messed up from the helmet.) 

FOOD: Italian of course in honor of a dead Sonny... and Olivia has decided to do give her recipes with the caterers to make it more authentic. 

DRESS:  Carly has several looks but this is her man do. Yes, there's a bodyguard under there! 

STAY TUNED FOR MORE!! Including: Flowers, and Gifts from all!! 

ps. If you havent guessed by now, and i know you have, this was all Karen.


  1. Thank you for a new, enjoyable post in the middle
    of my sleepless night. Especially the Astrodome
    size wedding gown.

  2. ROFL.... great post. Thank you.

  3. This is so funny. Don't forget Maxie the Wedding Planner needs to fit under the gown too. Lol. To make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Did anyone ever see the movie The Wedding Planner with JLO and Matthew McConaughey?

  4. lol I particularly love those gift bags. That should be doable. And this being GH, I wonder if the cake will have an accident. lol

    And yes....Mrs. Wu front and center.

  5. Great post! Maxie understated. LOL
    Say yes to Mrs. Wu.
    Just hope it's not your typical GH mob wedding shoot out.

    1. We all know Sonny will return at the wedding. If not I will be very surprised.

    2. Nina will probably be outed at the wedding too.

    3. I don't think so - that is too easy - I think they marry and we STILL have to wait until November sweeps for Nina to be caught!

    4. You are probably right mufasa. This is going to be dragged on until Covid is officially done probably.

    5. "mufasa says, I don't think so - that is too easy - I think they marry and we STILL have to wait until November sweeps for Nina to be caught!"

      And by then Mike and Nina will be married!!!! :)Hahahahahahaha.

  6. Its hard for me to celebrate this and get in the glitzy wedding soap mood. Carly marrying Jason makes me ill no matter what the reason. Bahumbug.

    1. I agree Linda. Just stupidness. They will probably fall in wub with each other now like Michael and Willow. Lame

  7. Ahhh some good news.

    1. YAY!!!! Wait he says he is back on the show? Did he ever leave? I guess the TPTB were mad at him and now they forgive him. Because also says let's all be positive.

    2. I'm just glad he's back. Maybe there'll be aa Holly storyline. I think he went to find her.

  8. TOTALLY have destroyed Nina's character - NOW we are supposed to believe she would help PETER? cause he could tell her secret? If he hangs around, get Phyllis to take a pic or have Phyllis text Valentin or Anna - get them to Nixon Falls - and for the love of all that is good and kind - CONFESS and wrap up this stupid storyline....straight up- I fast forward through most of the show now.
    Nina is now totally unredeemable..............maybe they hate CW?

    1. I ff most of show too. Not sure alot of time why I watch. I like this blog much better

    2. I agree about Nina... The actress is so good and her expressions are spot on. One step towards redemption is to give Peter up to Mac. I don't believe Nina would help Peter with the baby. She is non redeemable.

      As for Carly, I dislike her so much and can see where Jax is coming from even though he is no prize.

    3. maybe the twist will be that Willow will actually be Nina's daughter.........
      I'm hoping Sonny decides he wants to be with Nina and defends her.

    4. "sammy says, maybe the twist will be that Willow will actually be Nina's daughter........."

      I always wanted that!!! :)

      "I'm hoping Sonny decides he wants to be with Nina and defends her."

      I hope so too!!!

  9. Just can't stand watching Peter. Glad they wrapped up the Chase/Willow/Michael story line. That Esme is scary.

    1. Willow has so much more chemistry with Chase than Michael.......I hope they end up together...I haven't seen any scenes with Michael remotely as good as her and Chase with the wine......

  10. "Yes, there's a bodyguard under there!"

    Hahahaha. Yuri? :)

    Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Mike and Phyllis: Phyllis knows that Mike is in wuv with Nina! :) I'm so glad that Mike and Nina are in wuv!!! Soapy goodness. :) When Sonny finds out the truth, he is going to be struggling with his feelings for Nina! :)

    Hiney and Nina: Hiney knows that Nina has a gun and points his gun at her!!! He needs Nina's help to find his daughter, or he will take James as his own and spill Nina's secret to Carly! :) So, Nina agrees with Hiney's deal! :)

    Hiney, Nina, and Mike: Oh look. Hiney is going to stay! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Soapy goodness. :)

    Port Chuckles:

    Q mansion:

    Pawtucket Holtster, Brooky, and Michael: Oh Michael and Brooky don't act all self righteous!!! You both sit down and shut up! Oh Michael gave Pawtucket Holtster the paper that he wants!

    Chase's apartment:

    Chillow: And that is the end of Chillow. :( *Cry*

    Metrocourt rooftop pool:

    Chad, Vampire girl, and Trina: Oh Vampire girl really wants to bite Trina. Vampire girl is acting all sweet toward her.

    Vampire girl and Trina:

    Vampire girl: I know you have a crush on my boyfriend.

    Oh oh! RUN TRINA RUN! Vampire girl wins the line of the day.

    Vampire girl: It's okay Treen. Really.

    Treen?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And what will she call Joss and Cam? Jossy and Cammy? :)

    Chad and Vampire girl:

    Vampire girl: Broken hearts can make people do all sorts of strange things.

    Oh oh foreshadow? RUN CHAD RUN!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. baby Bailey, and Maxie: Oh of course Maxie had to bump into them. Then of course Maxie has to yearn for her baby.

    V.C. and Pawtucket Holtster:

    V.C.: Would it had been luckier to schedule a dinner than a lunch?

    Oh they could have had a dinner date. Pawtuckett Holtster told him about he got the keys to the kingdom!

    Pawtucket Holtster: The kingdom of the ELQ boardroom. And I'll see you there.

    V.C.: Yes you will.

    Ohhhh! They were having a moment. :) Nice little eyes sex. :)

    Carly's table:

    Carly, Jax, and Jam: Carly is trying not to kill Jax in front of Jam. Joss noticed.

    Carly and Jax: Not only is Chillow dead, but so is CarJax!!! I don't know how they are going to ever be close again after he blackmailed her. He keeps saying he didn't.. Jax blow it out your ear!!! You are dead to me!!

  11. Oh no!!!! Michael Nader died!! :(

  12. Now I didn't watch AMC religiously but I knew who Michael Nader was, how sad. Too many deaths. 😭
    On to the the show. Can't stand PLP! But who can?
    Ok back in a bit watching in the dark!

    1. "Michelle L says, Too many deaths. 😭

      I know! :(

      "Ok back in a bit watching in the dark!"

      Oh! I tried getting into that show last month, but I just couldn't! I don't buy her being blind. And that cop thinks she is lying. Is she lying?


  14. I only knew Michael Nader from Dynasty. What a loss.

  15. I don't like that they have changed spunky and smart Spencer into a really disturbed kid with a psycho girlfriend. Peter was just as annoying as ever and the acting is a joke. Loved Val holding that adorable baby!


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