Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Caution


Karen asked me to do a Sunday Surgery, but I really didn't watch much this week. She then said to me "Just post a some kind of photo and the Wubsketeers will fill in the comments based on the photo. You can trust them."


Could it really be that simple?

Here you go Wubsketeers. Here are a few pictures to look over and comment on. I trust you will all have a few things to say.

From "Latter Days" where he really gave a very good performance. No, seriously.

I LIED!! LOL.. I'm going to say some things after binging the show. A LOT Of it will be about Peter! If you'd like to hear what I have to say, take it at the jump!! 

Oh I did miss a week! The whole Chase thing, Peter back-- and the almost Jarly kiss. I'm glad the Chase thing is over. I still think Michael is a wet noodle and Willow is just bland. I'm a bit peeved that Chase was so forgiving. Damn. I wanted scorched earth.  Photo thx to @soapjenn

On to Peter. Now I DON'T WANT HIM BACK. BUT-- the umbrella story about Drew, possibly Hayden and the whole Peter mind thing is getting the characters together. Dr. O is going to be involved. I think Victor Cassadine is coming.  Peter needs not to EMOTE so much that's for sure. Geesh. I am hoping he's murdered for SURE this time. His contract is up in November. Maybe they had to bring him back to settle up?  One good thing; I'm loving CW's Nina right now. She's carrying the scenes and really made Nina her own.  

Leo--wow, autism or what. YEP.  I'm glad Dr. Austin is getting involved because I need a reason to root for him. I like the Jimmy Lee connection but having Roger play him so fast, well... hard to get excited.  That NuLeo is Easton Rocket Sweda btw..and he's doing a great job. 

I'm hoping Burton didn't have The COVID here! 

Jarly. YASSSS. I've been one who's said they needed to just get it on for YEARS now. I see the smoldering chemistry. Others see them as brother and sister. Well, that too--but think Game of Thrones...heh. Anyhoo, I'm digging the whole wedding thing and now that Maxie is involved? HELLO!! DO IT UP!!  Photo thx to: @GeneralHFans

LOVING: Valentin of course, he's just divine.  How they sent Marty and Laura off was genius. (Genie's on vacation and MEK is just in and out)... Cynthia Waitrose is JUST carrying this story. She and the lady that plays Phyllis are the ones keeping me from FF all the time. Maxie's doing a lot-- with her baby and Deception. Glad she's back. The dialog remains good and complex. I'm hoping the Teens are getting going. Ryan's lurking (always a plus for me)-- and THE WEDDING? Oh the wedding. :clapping: 

I'm thinking maybe a week off and watching quick on Hulu sweetened my mood? Not sure but there it is!! 

Thanks for reading. See ya around this week for sure! I think the SPAGHETTI dinner happens this week, they eat the SAUCE an Jax remembers seeing Sonny??!! 


  1. "Here you go Wubsketeers."

    Wubsketeers?!?!! I LOVE IT! :) Oh and the pictures of Wes and Laura, they are adorable together. A lot of people want them to break up. I don't! Just because I don't like Hiney and want him gone, doesn't mean I want them to break up! That's crazy.

    "I LIED!! LOL.."

    ROFL! Oh Karen you trickster! :)

    "still think Michael is a wet noodle and Willow is just bland."

    Yes a wet noodle and bland with each other..

    "I'm a bit peeved that Chase was so forgiving. Damn. I wanted scorched earth."

    Yeah I wanted scorched earth too.

    "That NuLeo is Easton Rocket Sweda btw..and he's doing a great job."

    Yes he is!!!! Someone on soap central said that he has autism in real life. *Shrug*

    "I'm hoping Burton didn't have The COVID here!"


    1. Sorry Hiney and the couple IRL make me want to barf.

    2. "lindie says, Sorry Hiney and the couple IRL make me want to barf."

      Well yes of course Hiney makes you want to barf. :) But you don't even see them together in real life. :)

    3. lol Lindie. I stopped reading after seeing him. I have seen him in other shows and he's been an ok bit player but he had no screen presence. There was no "I'd like to see him again" vibe.

      Glad they're happy as I don't wish misery on any actor, or their family. Liesl can decimate his character though, and I'll be happy.

    4. sonya said...""I'm hoping Burton didn't have The COVID here!""

      *** lol Me too. It looks like she's inhaling the breath of doom in that picture.

    5. "Di says, lol Me too. It looks like she's inhaling the breath of doom in that picture."

      Inhaling the breath of doom! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stop it just stop it! HAHAHAHAHHA! *DEAD*

    6. I don’t care about them being together irl. That is crazy. However, just because they’re together irl doesn’t mean she should have the power to keep him on the show because the vast majority can’t stand the character and don’t really like the actor.

    7. I agree. I even find those photos sickening. TPTB are so intimidated by their lead actress that they don’t have the balls to get rid of him.

  2. I do LOVE Valentin with the snugglie. Oh he is going to be SO heartbroken. He loves that baby

  3. Here's an out of the box thought! Maybe Maxie will let Valentin continue to be Louise's dad after the whole baby switching is revealed. His name is on the birth certificate. Hopefully, Peter will be permanently gone then.

    1. It probably will get ugly, but they could "share" custody. Probably been done before. Valentin is a great Dad to that baby. Would be a miracle if Peter was gone. At the very least he should go away to prison, but we know the GH characters rarely ever do. Except Sean.

    2. PS. I hope that little baby is safe on the set. That makes me nervous. JPS is SO close to her mouth and face

    3. Great suggestion Jenny so they probably won't use that.

    4. Lindie...Michael went to jail. Brad Cooper went to jail. Alexis went to jail. At one point Maxie even went to jail. In fact if you check lots of characters have gone to jail.

    5. Isn’t Steven Lars still in jail?

  4. First of all - it's about to be here, people! Not kidding - Mike/Sonny is discovered - I still think November but possibly October? but the spoilers are real and people confirm - it's about to over (not that Mike gets his memory back necessarily - just that people find out about him.) Which I still want Phyllis to come back - be Stella's sister or Portia's mom - still think VW who plays Stella has to leave to go film Bob Hearts Abishola ----
    I just don't think Peter is killed - Jail? YES - but they wouldn't bring him back just to kill him............and being LW's boyfriend.....
    I am TRYING to like Austin, but he is quite annoying......
    Drew been gone 4-5 years? Hayden a long time and Chloe person not long, so IF they all tie to Peter, there had better be a great explanation --------- and Holly? WHERE is she?
    Am I wrong to think if Maxie's baby WAS missing, would she EVER want to plan a wedding? Why don't people think that weird?

    1. Some people deal with their grief by keeping their mind busy with other things. it gives them no time to think about it.

      I'd like to see Stella related to the Quartemaines, not Stella or Portia. They have family there.

    2. you mean Phyllis? Me too but they have said multiple times that Stella has a DNA match somewhere and then Phyllis said she was estranged from her family.....

    3. Exactly. Why don't they think it's weird with Maxie not even trying to find her baby. She'd be on TV, at the police station every day etc etc

    4. Yes, I meant Phyllis but once it went up I could't edit it. I know Stella had a dna match to people in England and maybe P.C but that's not where Phyllis is from. I just think they should try for a different connection.

    5. Drew has been gone maybe 2 yrs at the most

    6. My bad - I thought Sam said 4 years.......

    7. Drew first appeared in 2014 but he thought he was Jason for 3 years.I assume he fathered Scout at that time. He was still on the show as Drew till he left in 2019.So technically you're both right. Same body different names. lol Same Sam. (before she changed her face too. ) I guess they'll use the confusion to age Scout.

    8. What ever happened to that other child of hers. Danny...right? Jason's spawn. Not even a mention of him for weeks, maybe months.

  5. OK, KD, I went back and read the whole thing after reading the comments. I should have known that you wouldn't just be force feeding us the gruel. lol

    Totally agree about the wet noodle too. lol

    I also think that CW is doing a great job as Nina now. But I agree Peter has to stop over enunciating, Chase has to get some direction in showing emotion without the eye popping, and Michael has to stop with the huff and puff method of acting that he picked up by being around MB so much. They need to give him scenes with people other than Willow and the blocks; actors like Laura who can show him how to slow down and emphasize the important parts; Valentine who can show him how to relax and have a little fun with his words and facial expressions; and Elizabeth who can emote so well, and always stay in any scene regardless of who she's with.

  6. Another great SS! Thank you both. Love "Wubsketeers". Big fan of "Mouseketeers" way back.
    Hiney seems to grit his teeth while hiss talking. Anyone else he can threaten? They will never kill him off.
    Vampire girl will make a fine female serial killer. I have some suggestions in mind.
    One fail of a story line is over. Yay.
    Enjoy Sunday. Be safe.

  7. Personally I think Jarly are gonna find themselves in love for real then boom! Sonny comes back!
    Is that Wes with the weird hair? Up top, 3rd photo? 🤣
    I could see Valentin as a stand in adoptive dad to Lousie. Leo is Ned's son by adoption. ❤ here for it. 🥰
    Kill Peter...had to be a reason to bring him back..🤣



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