Monday, November 13, 2017


Nora was talking to Bo on the phone and she wants a ROADIE'S BURGER!! Be still my OLTL heart!! Alexis goes to see her. NLG has a bad cold-- ouch.  Alexis wants Nora to talk to Olivia Jerome regarding Julian. 

Jordan: DNA MATCH!! Everyone in that room has on a black coat but Jordan. lol They figure out it has to be identical twins. Burton says Liz told him about the twins yesterday--and Killy say they knew too. Carly just about LOSES HER SHEEZE because she wasn't told! ahahaa. Anyway Miller calls Burton "Drew"...Burton just stares.  Jordan says Hells erased all of Original Jasons' fingerprints. They need to find Betsy Franco. Sam says "Let's go to the OTHER Franco"!! 


Franco and Liz....guess he's not told her the truth yet!! Scotty comes over. Tries to talk Franco into telling Liz the truth about the twins and who's who.  Franco thinks he'll lose Liz if he tells her the truth.  

OH WOOT!! Jordan, the 2 Jasons and Sam come on into the house!! Scotty is still there. Liz comes out of the kitchen from making cookies.  "SO Franco, is there something you haven't told us"??  Franco says that Dr. Maddox gave him the death certificate that's fake and when he went to look for him, he'd gone. Jordan says she'll put out an APB for Andre.  THEY LEAVE? HUH? 
Anyway, Franco tells Liz he's sorry he didn't tell her but he wanted a good night first. She's ok with that. Franco then BURNS THE PAPER with the evidence on it. 
Sam and the Jasons are on the porch and she tells them to get along because they are brothers and they have to solve this mess. 

Nelle comes in and sneaks around Crimson but Maxie catches her!! Lulu comes in too. After Nelle leaves, Lulu and Maxie talk about Man Landers. UGH. Lulu's jelly because she wants to work. Maxie says: WORK HERE!!  Then Lulu remembers Nina hates her lol. So there goes that plan!  Lulu says she's always wanted to be an 'investigative reporter like Jackie Templeton"-- LOL Maxie is like "GO FOR IT"

Michael is in Floating Rib, drinking. Nelle stomps in and they end up sitting together :EYEROLL: with drinks Nelle tells him she got fired because of Maxie. She lies and lies. Then--leaves. 

Amy and Nathan talking about pain killers and her brother. She wants Nate to try to talk to Chet. Nate goes in. He says he knows about addiction because he's seen it with people he's worked with that served. Chet tells them to get the hell out.  Nate talks to Amy about letting Chet push her away--give him some space. They hug.
Amy doesn't take Nate's advice-- she storms in and tells Chet he's living with HER..or she's going to put him in the psyche ward. 

END: NELLE overhears Maxie and Nate talking about Amy really writing the Man Landers blog. She looks all scheming. 


  1. okay - so I mean - WHAT about the HAUNTED STAR? You know as in Lulu OWNS it -
    but we never mention....

    I am ready for a Nelle whodunit.......

    Was Monica in the room to hear about the twins?
    So Franco really knows? I still think the flash drive is in the disco ball.

    1. Jason/Miller told Monica about the twins on fridays show.

    2. Haha Barbara! I totally forgot about the Haunted Star, I was like huh when she mentioned it and was like oh yeh! Disco ball? My memory really sucks.

  2. Llanview Pennsylvania/Nora's office: Nora wins the line of the day!

    Nora: Bo Buchanan if I didn't love you already, this would seal the deal. I'm starving and I am so craving a Roadie's burger right now.


    Nora and Alexis: Oh dear.. Nancy Lee Grahn!!! She sounds awful. Her poor voice. :(

    Paint and Wall's home: CONGRATS!!! You are twinzies!!!! :)

    Drew: The only thing I can think of, if the tests are right, the DNA matches, we must be identical twins.

    Well duh!

    Drew: Now we know why. Drew.

    Uh no Drew! He isn't Drew! YOU ARE Drew!!

    Liz's home:

    Friz: Awwwwwww. :)

    BobTodd and Scotty: NO BOBTODD NO!!! If you keep the secret and not tell Liz, and she finds out anyway, You could lose her anyway! TELL HER THE TRUTH! I love how Scotty calls them the two Jason's! ROFL!

    The twinzies and the gang: Oh there they are!!!! Sorry guys BobTodd won't tell you anything! Yeah Jordan go find Maddox.. Good luck with that. You might not find him.

    BobTodd: Oh boy! BBQ'ing the truth! I wonder if there is another copy somewhere on Port Chuckles earth.

    The floating rib:

    Melle: Uh Michael! It's one thing to be civil, but don't have a conversation with her and believe the crap she is spewing!!!!!


    Maxie and Lulu: Lulu afraid of adventure?!?!?! SNAP OUT OF IT GIRL! You are a Spencer!!!!! Maxie looks like a school marm.

    Naxie: Maxie still looks like a school marm.

    The hospital:

    Nathan and Amy: Oh stop talking about Man Landers already!!! Okay good talking about her brother. :) That part of the scene was good. Awwww he is there for her. :)

    Chet's room:

    Chet and Amy: Oh nice!!!! GO AMY! You tell him!!!!!! :) WOOT WOOT! You are living with her and that's that! No ifs ands or buts!!!

  3. Michelle Latta said...

    Nelle will never learn...

    ** But, it's worked out so well for her, every other time she's done something, before!


  4. Promo brother vs brother!



  Well, after viewing everyone's posts about yesterday, I decided not to watch yet. LOL I can't take another boring day.  HERE'S...