Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Papa Can You Hear Me??

Papa, can you help me.....not be so frightened?? 

Another pretty great week, if I do say so myself!! The whole initial giddiness of Burton entering the canvas is tampered down but there's still enough sizzle to keep me interested. 

I did miss a day this week. Everyone said it was filler (Tues) so I won't be covering that. I'm also going to try to cut down my usual super-summaries because writing them is exhausting! (probably exhausting to read as well). 

So--let's start. Lots of Monica !! --that's always a great thing! 

This week started where last week ended---Liason staring at each other between the bars.
"But it was a tumor" seemed to be the defense of the day. I really wish she would have mentioned painting the wind, but that probably is too much to ask. Anyway, Liz also told Burton that he had an identical twin --but that twin is dead (Drew). In the same breath she says that she believes Miller is the "real Jason" because--you know, the DNA matched. :eyeroll: Ok, number one, she's a nurse and should know their DNA is almost identical and two, if a guy shows up with the original Jason's face, wouldn't you assume they are both alive? She would have to think Burton got plastic surgery to look like the First Jason?? She was struggling to be sure, but of all the dialog, her's disappointed me the most.  

Assume The Position!!  Pic on the left was on Monday's show....pic on the right...Friday's show. LOL-- Cracked me up.  Killy are on the couch in the fetal position moaning about the whole situation. What did they do this week to try to find out the truth? 

Looked at the death certificate that Curtis got...

Bitched to Franco....

Went on Dancing with the Stars..oh wait--sorry, different show....

Sat back on the couch after Miller went looking for a MIA Betsy Franco (off camera)

Went to the crypt and ended up talking to a supportive Monica. 

In the end, Burton came to see Sam who let him touch and hold Scout while she got a bottle ready.  Burton and Sam had some nice dialog about love--and the fact that you can love someone but not be able to be with them because of circumstance. Leading me to believe (as a NON-shipper of either couple) that she knows Burton is Jason but loves Miller now and is content to stay where she is. 

Miller comes home, yells at Burton to get his hands off Scout--and of course, these two show up because, well they are CarSon. MUST. BE. In Jason. Scenes.  Jordan arrives a bit later with a DNA test in hand that she ordered because too many St. Jaysus running around Port Charles is a damn danger!  What do the results say?  BLOOP! They are BOTH Jason Morgan!! Ergo, they are twins and they are both alive. 

In other words, we still don't know who's who--- and Sam's probably afraid she'll have to flash back on other body parts and sex moves to compare. heh. 

Ok, it says here: PLAY
Where's the headphone jack?
I don't know, look under that hood thing... 

I thought you played CDs on old computers....
Oh my god.. this is weird. 
SO weird. 

Ok, so JossCar listen to a CD on Sonny's ancient player and find out his Dad gave his Mom a mix-CD with songs about not being able to be together.  That's about it for that story. 

Oh man... NELLE. Ok, so she's in debt up to her ears and decides to push Nina for a raise. Nina says no so Nelle decides to blackmail Valentin with an old photo of him kissing Cassandra. Val basically laughs in her face and tells her to leave. She then goes back to Nina and shows her the photo. Nina figures out what she was up to and fires her on the spot.  Earlier that day, Maxie was ordering her around like Anne Hathaway.  Michael told her to buzz off too. Ut Oh..Nelle's got nothing to lose so here's hoping she goes completely insane and starts being interesting. 

Alexis was desperate enough to go to Ava to try to save Julian from those bully prison gangs. Ava was having nothing to do with it though and told her to go call his lawyer--none other than Nora Buchanan! (She'll be on Monday). Sure looks like Alexis wants her Jules back. Sam told Burton that basically "the heart whats what the heart wants" when it comes to her mama. 

Ava's still worried about her face. I guess we need to think she SO vain that this little scar is ruining her confidence. I think some tattoo cover would be cheaper but hey. The story here is that Klein gave up his notes after Sonny and Burton thugged him up. Burton gave them to Ava, who then looked at them on the computer with Kiki. She was so excited!! Kiki took the zip drive to GH and asked Griffin and Bensch for help. Both said no way-- it's too risky.  I stick by my thinking that David Bensch is really the mastermind behind this (or at least a part of it) and maybe the opioid story as well. 

AND HERE WE GO:  Yep...the other Chris made his debut this week at Chet--Amy's vet brother who is the almost OD'er brought to GH.  I'm happy that this story is being diverted from the whole Man Landers thing to the drug story but boy, it was done backwards.  Way back when, we should have seen Amy working to help her brother so that we got attached and started to care. Would have made more sense than the "hijinks' of the weird blog. BUT--here we are and I did like his performance. It also got Finn involved with Anna again, so?? Kind of a lose-win?? 

Opioids!! ODs!! Shady-Lady Drug dealers! Well, Anna and Valentin are going to team up to get Cassandra put away. I'll take anything that gets Finola back into the undercover game. She's fabulous with both Val and Finn so double yeah.  I keep hoping she lets Jordan in on the game so the PCPD doesn't look like it's usual fail self.  

YIPPEE!! YEAH for Monica being in this story --and not just one or two scenes. I'm anxiously awaiting her seeing Burton but her scenes with Miller were great. Monica doesn't care--she totally bonded with Miller and that's that. She also told Alan what a miracle it was to have two sons. Fun part? She was totally Monica-Mode when she called Susan Moore a gold-digging sleeze. Wish she could discuss this with Tracey. 


What will Liz do when she finds out BOTH twins are alive and Franco is a liar-pants? 
What will Jake do when he realizes that whole Scarecrow thing was probably true? 
When will Nelle start stabbing residents of Port Charles? 
When will Aunt Stella and Jordan team up to finally give the PCPD a win??? 
Who will finally be the genius that decides to call Spinelli about all this? I mean--come on. 
When will Ava's hair grow out enough to get it back to the color I love? 

So, that's the end of this week's surgery! I hope if you still have holes in the stories, you look back at my daily summaries.  I'm pleased I've been able to (mostly) keep up with the show with my work schedule. I just got another kid so here's hoping that it an continue. I start with her in December. We shall see!! It's been good enough lately that I want to get home.  How about you? Still finding it exciting? I know this pace can't keep up forever--but it's fun while it lasted!! 


  1. I love your blog. Whether I agree or disagree with what you post, this is my first stop every day after the show. Thanks for all your time and effort.

  2. GH is so much better now. The combo of new writers and SB's return really is making a difference. The only story that needs help is Joss/Oscar. Too slow. Move along. Nearing the 'who cares' status. I think you are dead on about Dr. Bensch(sp?) being boss man. Yesterday's blog mentioned 'Jason Miller's' low register at the crypt. Agreed. Sam has gotten much better but still there is a bit of mumbling going on. Your blogs are so fun to read. Thanks!

  3. Karen, THANK YOU for another great SS!

    Such a fun read! Loved the 'Papa Can You Hear me' title ... the JasSam couch pics and captions, that awesome screenshot of Nelle and that look ...

    Also, some great 'Points and Questions of Interest.'

    Happy Sunday :-)

  4. I dunno, that last pic of Burton and Scout...she's clearly thinking HE'S the real

  5. I think the picture of Burton and Scout was the photo of the week. That baby was so comfortable with him

  6. Great week for me EXCEPT the Amy storyline stuff. I just don't like the character. PERIOD. Man Landers, Chet, etc. I just don't care about any of her stuff. Maxie deserves a way better storyline than dealing with someone we don't like almost as much as she doesn't. Dull. Love Burton! Want more Liason minus bars between them !!

  7. When he was on before, I never particularly cared for S. Burton's Jason. Now, every time he shows up and someone who knew him before sees him, I swear I tear up. Man, I should read more.

  8. I think Ava is really messed up. Who talks to their children like that. The soap is back in a good pace. Looking forward to more!

  9. Enjoyed your week review I don't usually read but follow you on twitter. Liz knows (so does Sam they are denying it) but like you I was slightly disappointed. Also Miller's character has been annoying. I get he is threatened but seems different. Mean. Whispering. Idk. The writing is definitely better since Van Etten is co-head. Love the flashbacks with Jason/Monica/Sam/Liz. Glad Monica is involved but need Spinelli and Robin (who will probably be the one to figure it all out). Wouldn't miss Nelle or Man Landers but new story w/Amy and bro might be ok. Anna (and SB's Jason) is great w/everyone and need her involved in WSB. I like her with Finn a lot surprisingly. But again she's good with everyone even Valentin. More of her on my screen please! Thx for your review!

  10. AMC GH said...

    Great week for me EXCEPT the Amy storyline stuff. I just don't like the character. PERIOD. Man Landers, Chet, etc. I just don't care about any of her stuff.

    Michelle Latta said...

    Ditto AMC GH

    ** I'm in complete agreement with both of you! She just annoys me more and more, everytime she showes up onscreen. I really can't think of any redeeming qualities for her.


  11. Karen,

    Alexis was trying to get the name/phone # for Olivia'a attorney. (Nora) and not Julian's. Scotty is Julian's attorney. (Hence why he told Alexis about how bad Julian's situation was).


  12. The stuff with Joss and Oscar with the CD player went past just "weird" and was almost surreal, IMO. That being said, somehow I find it FAR harder to believe that Sonny would listen to music on something THAT tiny. That was just laughable.


  13. Great SS! I was also never a Jason fan but now I can't wait to see him onscreen! Loved him with Scout. I can't stand Amy - I don't think the actress is that great and giving her more of a storyline doesn't interest me. I'm all for a vet storyline but not with Amy. Joss and Oscar don't interest me either. So wonderful that we can get flashbacks to the young Jason and Monica.



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