Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Pass the Pizza!

Should we tell them the Pilgrims really slaughtered the Native Americans or?? 

We gather together.....

What a nice week for GH! I enjoyed it and really liked seeing the families on our screens Wednesday's show hit all the right notes, that's for sure! 

You know I'm probably eating stuffing and gravy since we have a ton left over and I love it!! Here's hoping your Turkey Day was a good one. 

On the First Day of Thanksgiving week, my true love gave to me.... a Q Turkey Centerpiece...

Oh yes!! Monica was all over Olivia who decked the house out like she was a first grade teacher, even though no one was going to be home!!   Ned and Olivia were going to Lante's, Monica was off to the NM spa and Michael was going to House Corinthos. Before that happened however...

Burton stopped by and he and Moinca embraced again. They had already had 'their talk' at the Metro and I was wondering why he was at the Q's.??

WONDER NO MORE!! It was time to see Michael!! Michael was all guilted out about thinking Miller was really Jason when Burton was really Jason.  He was so upset. One smell of the old leather jacket and those baby blues made him feel better!! 

And look at this! The boys together again, just horsing around like the old days!!  These two think Burton is Jason and, well, isn't that all that matters in their world?? 

Over at the Webber House, WE GOT ALL THE BOYS!! That's Cameron and Aiden right there. I left out Jake because he's been hogging the photos for months!! Very cute scene-- later Miller came over and he and Franco had a powerful scene about who was who--perceptions of self and twinning. In the end though, Miller told Franco he was "the ONLY person he didn't care what his opinion was" and walked out. Liz listened and thought it was Franco being nice; it was really Franco watching out for himself. 

Awwww, Robin always has to see her Sonny, doesn't she? I forget how young Kim was when she joined GH. He has to be like an Uncle IRL to her. Anyway, she and Carly cried about over the fact that they both thought the other Jason was Jason. You know Carly's never getting over that!! 

Burton stops by Sam's place and the two of them stare their stares at each other. I was dying to have one of them grab the other and just start making out. Screw this restraint stuff!! But, alas, that didn't happen. Jason Burton wants to know what Sam wants. He's ready to give up the "Jason Morgan" name if that will make her happy. NO! She wants to find out once and for all who the REAL Jason is!! Will that be an easy step? Burton thinks when his prints come back, it will show he's the First. I have a sneaky feeling that someone has switched those somehow and this will be even trickier than we thought. 

Anna had Mac, Flea and Robin over but she was not happy that they were all talking about her 'boyfriend" Finn.  Now,  I have a bone to pick with this. Anna is a spy--she's basically working a case so being all flustered just isn't flying with me. Robin knew something was up!  Oh, Finn turned up to the house as well. Just a happy British Turkey Bake! 

Alexis' house was a bustling too-- she had over TJ, Stella, Jordan, Cutis and David Bensch.  Molly helped play hostess. The fun thing about this gathering? Aunt Stella just went on and on about seeing a certain Nora Buchanan on her TV talking about Olivia Jerome. Molly didn't know about this. And Stella sure didn't know Alexis' ex was THE Julian Jerome!!  Alexis ended up dropping the turkey. After the dishes were done she decides it's time to kiss Max Hold---I mean Dr. Bensch right on the lips in her living room. 

Are ya? ARE YA? Are ya?? Lulu is dying to know if Maxie is pregnant!! At Lante's house, Kevin, Laura and Naxie all hang out. Olivia and Ned come over too. Just when it's time to eat--Maxie gets sick and the entire table falls over!! Dinner is ruined!! Ned will have to think of another plan. Oh, and yes, Maxie is pregnant and Nathan is thrilled. 

You will all be thrilled to know that it looks like the whole Man Landers thing is over! The publicist was very angry about the whole ruse that Amy and Nathan pulled off. She's making Amy and he apologize via livestream on the net. BUT! Amy's brother, the Vet, comes forward to say his sister did it all for him and his medical bills. Awww... sales are sky rocketing and all looks well. Can we move on to Maxie's being pregnant, please? Thanks. 

So, the BIG news is  back over at Sonny's. By the time Oscar's mama gets there, the turkey is all smoked and ready to be eaten. Dr. Kim (with Carly's old face...giggle) thinks the mobular life has been good to them. She also believes that Oscar and Joss are young and probably not going to last. After a bit of a back and forth, she and Carly decide they are a lot alike and even giggle a bit. THEN THE DOOR OPENS AND THE PAST WALK IN!!  This is a photo of Monday's show but I had to use it. It seems we were right, Oscar's Dad is Drew Moore. Kim recognizes Burton as Drew because well, they both had the same face at the time, right?? Burton stands there, not me. She's sure he's Drew. Awkward. Carly's head is going to explode!!  

The best ending EVER happened!! Everyone went to Monica's and had pizza!! I did get a bit teary-eyed over this. I loved that more of the cast was included and all the kids showed up. Just joyful.  One funny thing? NOTE the Killy position on the couch!! LOL...just like they are at their house!! 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Well, who can blame me for choosing the resplendent Q centerpiece!!?  PINTREST worthy!! 

WHO HAD THE WORST WEEK?  Oh, Miller, Miller, Miller.  Everyone made you feel like crap, didn't they?  He broke my heart when he talked to Robin about people no longer looking at him like someone they knew.  The Monica talk was also a good one; she tried to reassure him he was family and her son, especially since they bonded within the last 2 years. He still was pretty pouty. 

BEST ACCESSORY: Mac's glasses. Yum! 

IN SUMMARY:  Miller is feeling rejected about everyone thinking that Burton is Jason.  Spinelli will show up next week and like I said, I have a feeling a wrinkle may show up with the whole finger print "Proof". I do think Burton is Jason-- but it won't be that easy.  Dr. Kim will be a key because she'll stir memories from whomever is Drew, right? After all, even though Drew had his memory wiped to implant Jason's, they have to be in there somewhere.  The new tension can be that Miller will be all "see I'm Jason"--and everyone else still feeling like Burton is Jason. THEN, the old memories of Kim will creep in and Miller will have to face facts that he is indeed, Drew! Does he tell? Does he not tell? Meanwhile, Spinelli could be obsessed with proving Burton is Jason. (This is all speculation, I have no idea) 

I'm over Ava and Griffin-- I'm sorry but I need my Ava back. GH is lacking in the Tracy, Erica, Dorian area lately.  Ava's trying too damn hard to be good!!  I'm at a loss with Griffin. He's been just miss managed since day one, imo. I wish he was more like Duke. 

Nathan and Maxie were cute and I hope with Maxie back at Crimson and the whole Drug thing heating up, Nathan will be having a different story as well.  Looks like Lulu is going to write for a paper?? Hmmmm... Lante need a story as well. Kevin and Laura's wedding is coming up and I hope it's a good old fashioned blow-out! 

I don't think this blog did the dialog this week justice. I did quote some of it in my daily posts if you want to go back and look. Really good writing and the scenes lasted a bit longer than usual.  Chad was great with Burton, Burton was great with Monaco.... Miller was good with Kim, LC and Roger. I saw what people were telling me about him since he came on the show! I'd like him to become a bit bitter over all of this and really break out and make Drew a kick ass character. Media Mogul Moore! 

I still think Robin's popping in now and again works in the context of family and living on the other coast. I'm glad she can come back like this for little visits. I wish Emma would have been around but I'm sure she's a busy little actress. 

WELP! that's it for me... see you during the week. Starting in December, I have another kid on my caseload!!  Here's hoping my eyes and brain hold out to keep on bloggin'

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  1. Karen, let me be the first to say, you HAVE TO keep on bloggin'!

    It is bothering me that Jason Burton is not interested in getting any of his money. I know he is supposed to be selfless, but what is he living on? He has no official name, social security number, etc., are Carly and Sonny supporting him now that Miller has all of his resources?

  2. Great SS! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Short but sweet week for GH. There is a noticeable improvement in the show and it’s about time. The ending at the Q’s was perfect. Looking forward to this week’s action!

  3. Jason Burton is living at the Metro Court isn't he? I thought Carly told him she'd take care of it. I loved Wednesday's final scene, I was getting worried we wouldn't get the pizza lol

  4. Excellent SS again this week Karen (as usual)!

    I do agree that first and foremost Franco was just trying to cover his ass, when talking to BM , unaware Liz was listening. Though, I don't think it was just entirely self-serving. I do think there was some actual heart-felt honesty there too, though. Jake is a big part of Franco's life. And seeing BM be all torn up inside over the situation, that isn't good at all for Jake.


  5. AntJoan said...

    It is bothering me that Jason Burton is not interested in getting any of his money. I know he is supposed to be selfless, but what is he living on? He has no official name, social security number, etc., are Carly and Sonny supporting him now that Miller has all of his resources?

    ** He's been in a room in the Metro Court, since getting our of jail. Plus Carly also bought him s few pairs of jeans, black shirts, and a new black leather jacket. Which is pretty much ALL he cares about as far as material possessions go, so far. Though, SB is still listed as "Patient 6" only in the credits, CCs, i.e. anything officially related to or from the show, still. It's definitely one of the bigger reasons that still makes me think he isn't Jason.


  6. The writers will have some definite backbone if they make Miller the real Jason. I wish they would would, but I doubt they will follow through.

    1. I hope they don't pull a jelly and keep switching things up (going with what sticks)

  7. Michelle Latta said...

    I hope they don't pull a jelly and keep switching things up (going with what sticks)

    ** Yeah, I do too. Though, with CVE a big part of the writing, I'm a bit more hopeful and optimistic, at least. What does worry me the most though, is having the show turning back into "Sonny and Friends", again. And I don't mean just by a conscious choice by writers. I can easily see it happening slowly over time. A little bit here and there. Before even realizing it, creeping up, really.





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