Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Twinning

But if you're you....why does he have your old face? And if he has your old face.... 
Who's face do I have?
His face, right...?? Mom, right? Who's face do I have?!! 

And the WHO'S JASON hunt continues. Although I'm getting impatient I'm also remembering that it's better to have a mystery like this than Burton just skulking around PC for months (see: Robin's Return). 

Sit back and have some of whatever you like for breakfast. Confession: I hate breakfast. Always have. Even as a kid. I would get sick after.  She was great because after awhile she didn't make me eat. I have a banana around 10. See what you learn from me?? 

Ok-- where to begin? First off, I'm liking the character interactions. Sam and Nina? That's different! Ava, Franco and Kiki? Yes please. It just seems people are moving from set to set. I'm not feeling like 2 people talking about the same ol' same ol' all the time. Yes, some of that still happens, but it's certainly not as bad as it was 6-7 months. 

Congratulations!! You're TWINS!! That's right--Jordan delivers the news to the Penthouse gang: You two have the genes!!  Neither Jason looks happy-- and Burton is trying to figure out if Miller's black V-neck Tshirt is sexier than his regular cut. 

 Sam is still unsure about her Jason love-- and she gets some advice from the peanut gallery:'s been days and I'm still looking at JASON and Other Jason...and wondering: Which Jason will I love? Will it be the one I think is Jason..or the Jason that's changed my life? It's all too much. I must sit here some more.  Yes. Sit. the quiet and... know I'm Jason and I need you to say I'm Jason not just that you love "Jason" but ME Jason. Ok? ME. --Jason--YOU Sam...

Sam....Sam....Sam...Oh SAM!! You can't just sit here and pretend you don't know who JASON is when we BOTH KNOW WHO JASON IS... Sam...You can't Sam...and if you try I'll be here saying YOU CAN"T!!! 

Yeah, Sam...what are you going to do? I mean it's obvious who the real Jason is and you're just sitting here..I mean really. Right? Sam? You going to choose?? Are you? 

This wasn't just an opportunity to show as a shirtless Curtis. Nope ! He's got a job now. Miller wants him to find Andre Maddox. GUESS WHAT?? About 10 min later Jordan comes in and wants Curtis to do the same thing!! See, the PCPD is too slow so she's hiring 'outside help". Pretty hysterical. 

Then there's these 3:  having hang out popcorn night sans Cam and Aiden because--well 'Sleepover" and there's all sorts of TWIN things coming up. Franco doesn't want the kid to know. Liz does and decides to call Jake's father--better known as Jason Miller.  Miller doesn't want to tell him either but Liz rightly says: um... he's going to see him. So, they tell the kid who thinks it's cool Dad has a twin. But, Dad is still Dad. 
Oh, BY the way-- it would seem to me, Cameron might remember what old Jason looked like too. But, you know-- sleep overs.  I personally think they should have a Twinning Party where Jason and Jason sit in chairs and people walk around them, marveling at Susan Moore's creations. They could poke and prod and ask intimate questions. Then, Nina would pass out voting slips. (why Nina? Why not?) 

Robin!! She's here!! She and Burton meet on "the bridge" and she can't believe it's 'him' because she knows that he had a whole new face after the accident. How could it be? Well, I'm a TWIN!!  This is the most complex part of the story because they worked so hard to convince us that Miller was Jason-- it's hard to undo that.  The way that it works is this: two Jasons--both have the same face and given the same memories. One shipped to the lab where Robin works, the other stays in Russia (or wherever). Robin has to 'revive' the clinic Jason (Which is part of the plan, to convince her he's been on ice for awhile), and drives him to PC. He gets in an accident and gets a new face. 
WHICH Jason she brought to PC?  Well, she seems to think it was the fake Jason because the Bridge Jason said "icing on the cake".  (if you don't know, don't ask).  Robin is now Team Burton. 

Meanwhile, this happened: 

After Franco is confronted by Jordan, and The Jasons--he decides to burn the evidence that Maddox gave him.  He still knows but I guess now we don't have to wait for someone to find the paper. It's up in smoke floating over Lake Ontario. 

Oscar and his Mama got asked to the Turkey Day festivities at Casa Corinthos' . Oscar texts her and she says yes! (Enter Tamara Braun).  JossCar also look up an Oliver on Facebook that was in the airforce the same time as his Dad may have been. See, there's a military base in San Diego where his Mom used to live. Keep up, will ya? The FB photo looked like some rando guy. 

Oh yeah... these two are still hangin' around.  Yep, yep, yep.  Nelle had quite the week. She has no job, Michael is being cold and misery is following her everywhere. What is a girl to do??? Ah, she has a secret: She knows that Man Landers is a fraud!! Nelle goes to the local rag and tells the editor her story. we are. Nelle is in the Man Lander's story. 

WELP. The Man Landers story lives on. Right now Maxie's afraid she's pregnant but we won't know yet because the entire contingent of Chet, Amy and Nate come over to discuss the whole situation with the blog. Chet is finally grateful to Amy for paying his bills. Just when things look good, that whole story that Nelle sold breaks and Maxie panics. It's fraud and I guess they are afraid everyone's gonna be in big ol' trouble. :eyeroll: 

Nora Buchanan made a little cameo when Alexis went to her office to ask if Olivia would write a statement to help get Julian out. Yes---*sigh* Julian. Now, I like WDV--but..Julian's character is done, imo.  Anyway, we are going to have to go through this because it is what it is. Nora ordered a burger from Roadies and told Alexis to beat it. 

Someone else that was having none of Alexis' shennigans was Diane. She's done. Just done . Oh, on a side note, Diane believes that Burton is Jason and she dumped Miller as a client to take on Burton!! LOL. Poor Miller, he's down to a doubtful Sam, a not-so-sure Liz and Curtis. 

Franco visits Ava at her new Gallery to sell his "Twin" painting.  She's been busy around town moaning about her tiny cheek scar.  She's had it with no none fixing her face. So?? What do you do?? Why you Google cagey doctors of course!! She's going to get it fixed one way or another. I wonder if she's going to end up with a hole in her face. Probably going to wish she'd have left it alone. 
SIDE NOTE:  Ava and Franco need to team up---ditch their saintly side-kicks and launch a rival media company: Rising Sun.  GET IT?? SUN? From OLTL and Rising Sun is basically "Aurora" . :Giggle:  Then they can be a family with Ava.  

I've tried but I can't find a photo of the epic battle that was waged between Carly and Ava at the Metro.  (thanks @Twynk--now I have one!! ) It was glorious. Carly tore into Ava and spilled to Burton that it was THAT WOMAN that switched Morgan's pills. Oh...boy--he was NOT happy. She's dead to him. Carly's happy because her Jason hates who she hates! 

BEST REACTION: No, not Burton or Mo-- but it was Carly who FREAKED THE HELL OUT when Burton knew about the twin thing and she didn't!! LOL..She was like those cartoon blur-faces "WHAT THE WHAT""?? You could see it was killing her she didn't have info on this! Funny side note: In the scene with Jordan and the DNA results-- ALL the characters had on black jackets (4 leather) except Jordan.  

NO ---BODY IS HAPPIER THAN MAURICE!! Geesh Louise!! He was a beaming dimpled glowing beacon of joy this week! The table scene between Burton, Wright and Benard was really cute. You could tell they were enjoying the scene.  The group scenes have been amazing too.  We got Sonny, Burton, Carly, Ava and Griffin at one point. BOING!  


This Passions alum, Travis Schuldt is coming to GH for a guest role. I'm wondering if he's going to be Ava's scary plastic surgeon?? 

Related image

Yep...Kelly is back as Britta for a little time. I think Sonny talks to Dr. O about The Jasons and maybe she and Faison were in on some of it? She is a doctor after all. She was in hiding, so why not hide in a clinic that was doing mind experiments? 

I'm having this weird feeling that even tho so many people think Burton is "Jason"--and even Miller is having angst and doubts, some tests are going to come back saying it's the opposite. BUT those tests are actually 'planted' and wrong.  Then someone will have to find out the truth-truth. 
The other scenario could be that Miller gets bitter and vows to destroy everything in his path. 
MY idea is that we all realize it doesn't matter who is "THE FIRST JASON" because they are the same up until 2 years ago. 
Then, all fandoms embrace and sing. Ha ha.  

THAT'S IT!! Another long surgery because a lot happened. Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten teased that this next week will be all family and Thanksgiving fun. Can't wait. I did see that Olivia and Monica go at it--which means Ned will be around too!  Oscar is coming over for dinner and bringing Tamara Braun!!! What will that be like? Here's hoping she not an old Carly twin with implanted memories that the NuCarly took over for. NOOOOOO. They wouldn't do that to us, would they!!?? 


  1. OMG, a Carly twin, great idea!! Yay that Britta is coming back, LOVE HER!! Yay that they will do Thanksgiving right this year (we hope). But, how will they do a Quatermaine pizza with master cook Olivia in the house?

  2. Loved Robin and THE JASON MORGAN!! ahhh good memories. Glad Britta is returning! Maybe she can show up to watch the Thanksgiving parade with Brad! And she can cook her specialty-ROAST DOLL and all the trimmings!!

  3. I dont't think it was the Air Force. San Diego is Navy and Marines.

  4. Your thoughts about Sam, Sonny and Jake had me laughing hard! I am really really concerned about Jake though. Did he ever get to watch his movie? Loved the J&R reunion, and somehow I don’t think it’s over for Java. I also have a feeling that they are going to Soras Aiden To Tam’s age or something, and he’ll end up as Oscar’s daddy! ;-D Cam’s going to stay the same age though. Yup, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! LOL!

    1. In case anybody thought I was actually serious about the Aiden thing, no worries. I know he’ll stay up in the attic with Cam! Lol

  5. I am enjoying the tale of two Jasons more than I thought I would, though it is strange that so many are "choosing sides" so quickly. Amy and her brother are boring (sorry), and I am not looking forward to T.Braun's appearance. I hope Britt stirs things up and brings some answers (but hope her mother stays away!). I do like Oscar, though...we can feel his pain of lack of parental involvement in his life. I also like Ava and Franco interacting...and really love Franco's love for Kiki. Julian can stay in prison...hopefully Nelle will join her soon (oh, how weak she makes Michael!). Thanks for a great blog!

    1. I agree with almost everything you said kmg. I wish Britt would stay away as well as Tamara Braun. I do agree about Dr O, hope she stays away as well. Not an Oscar fan. I too love the Ava and Franco interaction, as friends of course. Haha! I hope too that Nelle joins Julian. 😊😊😊

  6. I'm not looking forward to Britt, Tamara B, the guy from Passions, LW's boyfriend or any other new people coming on when we Can't have Hayden.

    1. Exactly Nance. Ticks me off still that they got rid of her.

  7. Does anybody think the writers don't want us to stop thinking about OLTL? Was it necessary to have Nora back for one show? Aurora similar to the Sun of OLTL which Karen mentioned in the Sunday Surgery. Is there a Todd Manning connection coming to GH? Maybe Franco/Todd were memory mapped?

  8. AntJoan said...

    Yay that Britta is coming back, LOVE HER!!

    ** While looking through listings a couple weeks ago, I ran across a horror/action moviecalled "Raze", with KT in it. So I figured I should mention it.


  9. I agree with nance24 - could care less about any of these returns/newbies. I do still like Dr. O but I think the character is played out, although the actress is great. Nik should be coming back in some form. I kind of liked Hayden,too, and would rather have seen her stay. Great SS by the way!

  10. LSV422 said...

    I do still like Dr.O but I think the character is played out, although the actress is great. Nik should be coming back in some form.

    ** I'm not sure Dr. O is totally "played out", though. I'd LOVE to see them flesh out her family life/history more, particularly with Nathan. (We STILL have no idea who is father even is) There are a lot of untapped storyline material out there. With CMT cancelling Nashville (again), I'd LOVE to see JJ come back. (Even if it was only for a brief stint.) But, I know the chances of that happening are about the same as they are with Tony Geary that way, also.


  11. K, I would also love to see JJ back! And you are right - there are other areas to explore with Dr. O. For one thing, where is she?

  12. LSV422 said...

    K, I would also love to see JJ back! And you are right - there are other areas to explore with Dr. O. For one thing, where is she?

    ** I thought I heard someone say she was out of town visiting someone and should be back soon. My guess, since we know KT will be coming back briefly for a few episodes any time now, she's off visiting Britt and Faison, bringing Britt with her for a short (well hidden) stay. I know a lot of people just assumed she was gone for good, after her troubles at GH. Which is pretty understandable considering how there really is about no sense as to when people disappear for months on end. I do know though, she SHOULD be due back anytime. The lack of any real consistency with this sort of stuff, makes it so damn hard to sort everything out. And I'm talking about even AFTER taking into account online and print sources.




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