Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Memory Maker

I know you are, but what am I?
Another fast-paced week for our soap! Breakneck speed can only keep up so long, right? Friday's show was actually a little bit of a nice break because I could sit and process some things!

I hope you read the Saturday Pre-Surgery WUB down there. You know it has to be a bitch for the writers with all this. Seriously. They also have to remember all the history, and try to honor all the fanbases that jump on things as soon as they are out.  I sure did enjoy the show though, no complaints from me! 

GH has become a bit of a mystery-philosophical exercise for me this week. I love it. I'm not only trying to figure out who's who, but I'm also beginning to ask some pointed questions: How much are we our memories? Do our memories count if we haven't made new ones with the people we love in a long time? How much does a person's desire for someone to be alive influence their belief system when it comes to appearances?  If our memories are replaced, are they now "ours" no matter where they came from? 

Monday's show started off with the Water-Rescue. Burton dives into the river to save Sam, who's passed out and caught on seaweed or a rope. Finally, he gets her off and drags her onto the pier. They look at each other--in JaSam fashion: "It's you"! "'s me".  At that moment, he is Jason to her, right? At least the "you look like Jason-Jason" part is real.  It's not until he comes to the hospital that Sam's confronted with the fact that her husband is the person that's taken care of her for 2 years and she's also had a baby with him. Since Miller has their old memories too, isn't he "Jason Now" no matter if "Jason Past" shows up? Hmmm....

One person that solved that puzzle seems to be Monica. Monica is totally on board with Jason Miller because she's built the relationship she's always wanted with her son through him. So, even if someone comes along who looks like Old Jason, unless he acts like New Jason, she doesn't care. She's watching her grandkids 24-7. Don't mess with this parade.

Cut to Carly. Her reaction is the opposite.  She realizes Burton is  "Her Jason" and is angst-filled that she ever thought the other guy could have been the real thing. Burton's Jason is acting like CarSon's Jason and that's all she needs. Carly even convinces Burton to go see Sam, which ends up being  a mess because Miller gets way pissed that the "other" is even in the room. Burton finds out Danny is his son-- and again....does it really matter? Danny's only known Jason Miller as his father. Will DNA matter? 

This brings us to Sam. Sam's still stunned and very wary of everything happening around her. Sure, Burton has those genuine baby-blues but Miller's been quite the good guy. They are getting ready to build a new life together. If the "other" guy is really Jason, what does that mean about her "soul mate" feelings?  Has she moved on to loving this Jason because of shared experiences?  What about the phoenix? Who gets to keep Jason's box of pain?

Another great thing the writers gave us this week was a nice Curtis and Miller scene. Curtis only knows Miller as Jason so he's on his side. He doesn't care...nope. He'll help find out the truth if it kills him. Curtis goes into Franco's office to get the dirt. He does find the fake death certificate for Drew and we are hoping he also finds the slip of paper that Maddox gave Franco with "the answer" on it. But--that would be pretty fast if it happens next week.

Oh, Franco. Keeper of Drew memories but easily manipulated by his mother who can't seem to keep any story straight. We know one of the identical twins lived with Franco and Betsy until he was about 3. Did he get pushed down the stairs by Franco who was already an early psychopath? Franco's not sure and he doesn't want anyone to find out. If there's a weak link in this chain, it's the fact that Franco won't tell Liz who's who. Scotty says he could tell, but he won't because Franco begged him. I guess we should look at this as a classic "Someone has to have a secret on a soap, may as well be Franco".  

Franco has every right to be scared of Jason Burton. When Burton sees him in GH walking with Liz, he jumps him and beats him hard. Keeps going. Even being pulled off--he goes back. Is he programmed to 'attack' when he sees Franco (Franco: Bad...beat up/kill) ?? I had that discussion with someone on twitter last week! Is Burton too programmed to really "BE" Jason or are his responses automatic? Hmmmm... 

Isn't Dr. Maddox some damn mind-mapping genius!!?? Who knew? Too bad the writers didn't so some snazzy stuff with him before all this.  I have to say I loved he and Anna's goodbye. Really nice dialog in there. He was explaining his research to someone that lived her life in the past for her work. I'm not sure if he's gone for good or if we'll see him again. I hope so. Someone has to put Drew's memories back so we can find out about his life all these years! 

Dr. Klein has Port Charles connections with Valentin who, for now, seems to wash his hands of the whole deal. Val even called the PCPD on Klein who is now in the clink with Burton. Hopefully, 'Patient 6  can get some answers. Or! Maybe not. Diane went in to see him with her very own eyes and advised against that plan. She is however, convinced he's the "real" Jason and told Sonny.  

Last but not least we have Elizabeth. Elizabeth got shot at the Metro and recovered rather quickly only to find out Old Faced Jason was walking around and gunning for her boyfriend.  Liz has big stakes in this too--Jake is after all, a son to one of them. Jake, who was dead when Jason-Jason went into the river but who's alive now.  Liz goes to the PCPD seeking out answers. That will be Monday's show. If you're a Becky Steve fan, that day is probably a good one to watch! 

MY TAKE:  Billy Miller's Jason made the new memories these last few years. He has a baby with Sam and has gone through the whole "mob or family" question. Burton's Jason (whether it be Drew or Jason) lost 5 years of memories and never evolved a minute from falling into that water. The answer will lie in who remembers being Drew--if that memory is even possible anymore. In the meantime, what to do about the names?? LOL, until this is straightened out, there's two Jason Morgan's running around. Hey, any of you watch The Last Man On Earth? We could just call one Tandy! 
The purists out there are no doubt riding on the Who's Who question more than I am. I really don't care who ends up being Old or Drew. The story is going well, and that's the main thing! 

CONFESSION: I almost don't want to ever know who's really who. It's going to be like the election in some camps: I Won, You Lost.  I just want us ALL to win. (awww...such a hippie girl)


Kevin proposed to Laura, she said yes. 

Griffin and Ava are dating. One funny thing that happened was when Sonny asked Griffin: You gave up the Priesthood...for THAT??!  then he said he'd pray for him. Giggle. 


Andre gave Franco the key to who the real Jason is... Franco locked it away, and Curtis may have found it. 

Epiphany had a great scene where she first saw Burton and it was a hoot. She didn't care though, she only cared about her patient, Sam. 

Alexis and Sam shared some nice scenes. Also...Scotty told Alexis at the end of Friday's show that Julian was 'Beaten within an inch of his life".  Yep, time for WDV to come back. 

Tamara Braun said her first day back to GH is Nov 22nd. No word on who she's officially playing yet. Conventional wisdom still holds with Oscars' mama. 

Oscar and Joss found a note to his mother in her "Man Landers" book. It appears to have come from his father, but it wasn't signed. 


Where's Heather in all of this? Is RM too busy or doesn't want to film? I know Franco went to see her awhile ago and she refused so I have to think something's up. Crazy Heather could probably smell the two Jasons and tell them apart! 

Will Robin be back? I heard she will be. Now, Robin thought the Jason in the CC Clinic was the one and only Jason. (at this point BOTH Jasons would have had the same face so...??) Did she have any tingles that this was or wasn't the real one? It's Miller's Jason that was riding with her to Port Charles before Ava ran him over. 

Spinelli was just in Port Charles--now he's MIA? Huh? Sonny should call him asap! 

Will we ever care about the Man Landers story? Here's hoping the real life Van Etten actor/vet guy brings some life into the whole mess. 

If Jason Burton turns out to be Drew, then Carly is gonna need to go stay at Shadybrook because she will LOSE.HER.DAMN.MIND! 

What we know so far: 

Team Burton:  Sonny, Carly, Diane 
Team Miller:  Monica, Curtis
Undecided: Sam, Epiphany
Unknown: Liz, Michael, Dante 
Knows but won't tell: Scotty, Franco 

If you lasted until the end of deserve a mimosa!! See you next week. Oh, and the ratings were out and GH had a nice boost. Burton + Good Writing? You betcha. 


  1. LOL! Shadybrook!!
    I still day do a DNA test

    1. I remember Dante telling Michael that they ran a Dna test. But identical twins have identical Dna so the tests could both come out a match for Jason

    2. Sorry Anne I meant finger prints.

  2. it doesn't matter who is who.they r too much alike right now. I think sam will pick miller.after jason left she was in love with silas than patrick. she seems to move on quickly.

  3. OK, Jason Burton is in the clink, didn't they fingerprint him? As he has been there many times before, they should be a match. WHY ISN'T ANYONE ASKING FOR THIS?

    1. I think Helena erased his prints from the system a few years ago when they were running Jake does before he was Jason.

    2. Because they ran Jake Does and he came back as Jason Morgan though I don't believe identical twins have identical fingerprints Helena was involved so

  4. Oh, yes, I think that I remember that Helena erased them.

  5. They would have had the same finger prints & DNA because they are identical twins. Also, I think Miller will become Jason Quartermain & Burton will be Jason Morgan.

  6. I know u didn't address the 'switch' theory but in order for that to work Helena had to wipe out all of Drew's own memories for him to take JasonQ's place who's memory was lost from the AJ accident..Surely she would have so it's not impossible for me to believe SBJason is really Drew..Is so, I don't have a problem with it cos SB's 'StoneCold' will always be the real Jason to me..IOW! It's only a name change is it not?

    It's also not hard for me to believe all of this cos of how diff Jason was after the accident & how BM's Jason is more like the Q that was going to be a doctor.

    The bottom line is it doesn't really matter or make a diff which twin was born as JasonQ vs Drew Moore.

  7. One thing that bothered me was when Burton’s Jason questioned Carly about not being related to Franco, and Carly said no. Wasn’t Susan, Jason and Drew’s biological mother, and Heather, Franco’s biological mother, 1ST COUSINS???!!! That would make Franco 3rd cousin to Jason and Drew! So yes, they ARE. STILL. RELATED! Sorry, this drives me crazy.

  8. Your 'pre-Sunday writers wub' was fantastic! So funny and true. GH is really moving along and keeping us entertained but your blog adds something special to the mix. It is confusing but fun keeping up right now. Love the way they are drawing so many characters into the 'Jason' story. Maybe trivial but I so do not like 'Ava's hair color. She is perfect as a blonde. Thank you for adding to our viewing pleasure, or displeasure. Have a great Sunday.

  9. Griffin should have said to Sonny at least Ava is trying to be a better person than you. I would have punched Sonny when he touched Ava like that. I hope the two Jason storyline is over soon because really don't care who's who.

  10. I agree about Sonny touching Ava like that. This is the most excited I've been about GH in ages, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to fall and hoping it doesn't.

  11. That was a great read. You broke down the scenarios very well. How good would this be if Tracy was around?

  12. On another note it was great having no Nell all week.

  13. AntJoan said...

    Oh, yes, I think that I remember that Helena erased them.

    ** Yeah, she did. There's one thing though that I'm surprised that nobody has pointed out yet, though: When Patrick did a CT scan of Jake Doe's brain after he very first showed up at GH after coming in to get an idea of the situation, we were told it came back with the exact same brain trauma that Jason M, had at that point. If he had been Drew then, and not Jason, he would have had a VERY different outcome with the CT, since Drew did not have the same issues.


  14. K, I agree, I mentioned this in a post a few days ago. I said that, since no one has referred to the scan, likely the writers have "forgotten" about this (in other words, it never happened in the never-ending re-write of GH history).

  15. Great SS! It seems the PCPD would have automatically fingerprinted Jason B to get his identity or previous record, but they are totally inept. I just wish Franco wasn't involved in all this - he is selfish and is still a wacko. I would love to see Liz back with either Jason instead of him. Really can't wait to watch this storyline progress. I didn't like the way Sonny touched Ava either. Griffin should have manned up and said something.

  16. I think they've gone through the whole Jason thing pretty well, I'm sure the scans will come up at some point? Van Etten answered me on twitter about Robin driving Jason back to Port Charles before his accident with Ava (they never showed his face)--so she must have thought he was "Jason".

    Good stuff though, much better than the old doppleganger type story or back from the dead!

    AND YES, FRANCO is related to The Q twins, Twitter reminded them of that a lot :)

  17. Blogger AntJoan said...

    K, I agree, I mentioned this in a post a few days ago. I said that, since no one has referred to the scan, likely the writers have "forgotten" about this (in other words, it never happened in the never-ending re-write of GH history)

    ** Somehow I must've passed over that. Mu mind has been a bit elsewhere over the last few days. My dad had a pretty bad fall a few days ago, and was in the hospital. (FINALLY being released today. Looking like no major permanent damage, thankfully)

    I do hope though it does get brought up.


  18. kdmask said...

    I think they've gone through the whole Jason thing pretty well, I'm sure the scans will come up at some point? Van Etten answered me on twitter about Robin driving Jason back to Port Charles before his accident with Ava (they never showed his face)--so she must have thought he was "Jason".

    ** IIRC, didn't Robin actually call him Jason when they got out of CC? If not, I'm pretty sure Helena used his name when telling her flunky to do the fingerprint change in the records. She definitely called him that when sending him to free Faison, among other things.



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