Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Delayed


For one of the first times in forever, I'm not doing a surgery today. I'm not on vacation, I'm not too sick; I just didn't watch most of the shows this week and have no desire to do so! 

The best things I saw this week: 

Nina's New LOOK! 

Carly Quits! 


Boss Anna 

All of This

Ok! That's that!! Thanks to @Txoxoxo166 for the photos (as usual)! Have a good Sunday! 


  1. Honestly, I can't say I blame you for your disinterest. The show is a mess right now. It's going to seem like a long time until the third week of March.

  2. Not holding out much hope since Karen said Elizabeth Korte is a big Carly fan. Enough of her, Drew and her two nasty kids
    Enjoy your day Karen

  3. Completely understandable Karen. I just finished binging on Shetland and have had little interest in GH - 2 episodes behind. Will skim through those I’m sure. Not must see TV unfortunately right now.

    1. LOVE Shetland. Trying to love the newest season. Hard with that guy gone

    2. I started with season 8 - never watched it before. I’m happy Tosh and the others are still there but I do like Jimmy P and was sorry to see him leave.

  4. does this mean I'm out of a job?

  5. Understandable. Seems like the writers are just throwing things out there. Last ditch attempts for what, I don't know.
    I read somewhere that the first new writer show is March 1st.
    Surrogacy story. NO
    Ava and Sonny. YES.

  6. I for one have commented in the past that I am distracted by the multiple times 'Nina' brushes her hair away from her face. I have to compliment the up do and the face free of hair distraction!!!!!!

  7. I read several blogs and it is SOOO interesting that the surrogate storyline is hated by EVERYONE!! EVERYONE!!! No one cares about the people involved and it is just stupid....I can't remember any storyline that everyone hated! Writers, please notice.
    -----still mad that Valentin bought the Invader from Shawn for Nina- UNLESS it leads them back together.......I don't want her with Sonny...
    ----still not sure when this wedding happens, but I don't mind Lois leaving....
    ----I live on Fantasy Island with Tattoo but I just still believe Greg has been misdiagosed OTHERWISE WHY have Tracy falling for him and throw Alexis in the mix?
    -----LOVE Ava and Sonny but no reason for her to be at Sonny's - Nik in jail - Austin dead
    -----I'm gonna be mad if Jason has memory loss BUT I DO wonder if John-Jag had Heather go and interrupt on purpose? Ya'll are right - it's almost TOO obvious about Stone being Jason..
    -----logistically - where will Jason live when he returns? Sam has the penthouse and the money? LOL

    1. Yes! I hate this surrogacy storyline and I'm hearing the same feedback. What a mess!

    2. "I can't remember any storyline that everyone hated! Writers, please notice."

      Honestly, I think the most negative audience reaction was the so called Summer of Sleaze in 2006. Though it was justified, as it was a terrible arc. Ric hooked up with Sam (his then stepdaughter!) while Alexis battled cancer. Lulu and Dillon hooked up (despite being step-siblings!) Jason and Liz had a one night stand, while Maxie was being a homewrecker by fooling around with Lucky (who was married to Liz). ELQ manufactured bad Condoms (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT), leading to the accidental pregnancies for Lulu (who notably had an abortion) and Liz (which led to Jake being born) . Maxie later fake a pregnancy AND a miscarriage to woo back Lucky. It failed.

    3. I'm also watching from 1970 when I was in high school! I am bored to tears with it these days.

  8. Haven't watched in a long time. I get the daily synopsis from this site. Seems like tge show is still unwatchable. But, I have hope for the future because Patrick Mulcahey is a brilliant writer. I hope that he brings back the true spirits of the characters of this show.

    1. I really did like Chris/Dan when they were allowed to just write. I guess I'm hoping for the best too. I hope production also changes with the editing and short scenes and such

  9. Yes!!! I agree they all are the best!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  10. An Experiment: If AI Wrote General Hospital Next Week


    "Wednesday, February 28
    Tracy (Jane Elliot), Lois (Rena Sofer), and Maxie help Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) find a wedding dress, as she prepares to marry Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)."

    Brooky marrying V.C.?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    "Chase (Josh Swickard) needs to clear something up with Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), who is confused about their relationship. Will Chase tell her how he really feels, or will he keep her in the dark?"

    My Chillow!!!! *Heart*


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