Tuesday, February 27, 2024

NuWishes for NuGH


So, it's coming. The writing team is going to change. You all know my feelings on that but I also have a wish list of things to come. One of the biggest failures I see of the last regime was not capitalizing on Sprina enough and creating that sense of  a young super-soap couple. I mean at least a YEAR of material and being on as much as the Corinthos Clan.  They were the right couple, the right time--have a huge fanbase and now, NC is off in Ryan Murphy Land.  You can't get that time back. Don't mess up other young adult chances. 

My wishes are more program driven than "I want to see X,Y,Z happen" but there you go. If the STORIES are good, everything else falls into place. 

First up: Longer scenes with better editing. You can cram a bunch of stuff in one show, and edit all over the place. It makes for sloppy flow and is just NOT GOOD. There. "NOT GOOD"

2nd:  Please trim the cast. I'm not going to suggest anything (cough: Cody/Sasha) but there are so many "midline" characters that just don't have enough to do, imo. 

3rd: Stories with beginning middle and endings. Ones that finish in a good time frame. I'm not talking about relationship building or those things but the stories that have meat to them. 

4th: For the love of all that's soapy HIRE MORE POC AND YOUNGER FOLK to write dialog! I'm ancient old and even I don't hear the language, inflection and slang that should be there. 

5th: Watch Neighbours the Aussie soap. OR any British daily. 

MODERNIZE the show without losing the Daytime Heart we love. I do believe that can be done. 


  1. ---Sonny with Nina was so good - I love his snarkiness with her - truly she acts like she is the queen and she keeps forgetting that Sonny IS a mob boss!!! He is NOT Mike!
    ----I couldn't believe Nina actually said "you never have had this kind of love with Carly or anyone else?" ah----------have you HEARD ABOUT BRENDA???
    ----plus I couldn't stop staring at the red apple at the gallery
    ----Wyndemere is sold - does Ava still own the other apartment - will that be where she lives?
    ---Eva L is killing it I think - she is a horrible character but her acting is fantastic! So effortlessly done----is Blaze's father still alive?
    ---I like Maxie and Spinelli still.....so sweet...but I KNEW she was gonna be mad at Spinelli moving in...and she is being childish but it's soapy---course it was FELICIA'S idea
    ----I'm still standing on the theory that Drew's character has become unbearable on purpose------whether it's cause of Jason or cause CM needs time off for movies I don't more but he is a USELESS character they changed - he didn't even promise he would stop revenge -
    ----FINALLY preveiws Scott sees John-Jag!

    1. "Mufasa says, I KNEW she was gonna be mad at Spinelli moving in...and she is being childish"

      No no not childish! :) She has every right to be upset. Spinny lied to her and pretended that his pipes were broke so that he can help her with expenses. She just needs to process it all in her head, and eventually she will forgive him! :) I think she wanted to forgive him after she kicked him out, but he left! So give her time.

    2. I can accept her behavior IF she treats Felicia the same way since it was Felicia's idea!

    3. "mufasa says, I can accept her behavior IF she treats Felicia the same way since it was Felicia's idea!"

      Oh, well, I'm sure she will. Maxie is all fired up! :)

  2. While Nina deserves everything she gets, and than some.... I can hardly stand her and I was a fan of Nina and Sonny. But Sonny calling Nina Petty and that's why he can't stay married to her kind of made me chuckle. The mother of your children is more Petty than any soap character I can think of. I'm not buying the new Carly not wanting revenge. I am sure a love triangle will ensue between Jason/Snarly/Sonny upon Steve's return.

    I enjoyed the scenes with Spixie.

  3. Maxie's home:

    Spixie: Man Maxie is all nervous she is babbling! :) Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: Oh okay well when you are sure, then shoot me an email and let me know.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can see that email.

    My dearest Maxamista,

    I am so deeply in love with you with all my heart and soul. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

    Awwwwwww. :) That would be a beautiful email! OH! They love each other!!! :D Oh they are getting back together? Oh oh Maxie knows the truth about Spinny's pipes! She is angry. Well yeah, I can understand that. She is right she has grown up! She is very wise at some things and wrong on others. Spinny does not see you as a weak person who doesn't know how to do anything!!! Awww she is kicking him out. :( It was a great scene!!! She says they are over before it began. :(

    Blaze's hotel room:

    Kraze and Mami: Great scene!!!! Mami is in denial and wants to keep her head in the sand. I'm glad that Blaze doesn't want to hide anymore! I wouldn't want them together if they were going to hide their relationship.. She called Krissy her girlfriend awwww! :)

    Ava's art gallery:

    Sonny and Nina: Speak up Nina!!! Speak your mind!!! Okay good great scene!

    Sonny: As you can see I'm fine.

    Yeah you are fine Sonny! Now take your shirt off. :) Yeah Sonny won't forgive her.. So does that mean we are getting Valenina (V.C. and Nina) and Sava? (Sonny and Ava) I hope! :)


    Crew: Sorry Carly, but Drew is gone. Sure he shows up now and again, but he is Ryan Lavery now. So maybe you can move on to John! :) Johnly!!! :)

  4. Karen...your "wishes" are all on point. Every one of them. Please submit those thoughts to GH. We all want what you said.
    Writers are going out with a pfzzzz.

  5. First, I agree with all of Karen's wishes.

    Secondly, when Drew said to Carly -- CARLY, for the love of God -- "I don't know how you turn the other cheek and move on with life," I wanted to throw up. Most of Carly's existence in Port Charles has revolved around revenge of one sort or another.

  6. I agree with all of Karen's wishes too, please make it so!
    I would have shoved you out of the way Kevin, to throw up. Whole heartedly agree!
    Eva Larue was awesome.
    Sonny and Nina were good, too. Sorry, for the first time in a long time I was team Sonny, lol!
    Maxie was getting on my nerves, but yes it's a soap and she needs to process what Spinelli said and did.
    FF'd Drew and Carly. I just don't care.


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