Thursday, February 29, 2024

Today is Hair DAY! But I MADE IT!


Anyone catch Lois' hair yesterday? AHAHAHAHA. Lordy. Anyway, I'm having my hair cut and I'm not sure when I'll be back. I'm hoping to catch a bit of the show. 

The dress up there was the TALK of twitter. I mean-- WHY. It's just-- WHY. There are so many flattering ones to choose from, even if you DO want sleeves. That neckline--just a yolk. We know she's not wearing it. BUT-- I hope they pick a better one or recreate Lois' . 


Today's SHOW: 

Sonny is mad at Michael. MAD MAD. Jagger walks into the gym. Sonny berates him about not being there for Stone when he was dying and calls Karen "Carrie"...Jagger goes to punch him, misses and then Dante and Michael break it up. 

Brook and Chase talk about the prenup. He ends up signing it because he thinks it's a good thing. He signs, she tears it up. 

Tracey and Lois argue about the prenup. Then Greg and Maxie walk in. Tracey apologizes to Greg for calling Chase an "interloper".

Maxie tells Lois she thinks Brook wants to wear Lois/Lila's ' dress. Lois says it's Tracey's call. 

Anyway, in the end, Chase hugs Tracey and yada yada. 

Joss and Dex argue about whether or not he should come back to PC. Joss says Sonny wouldn't dare kill him because everyone would know. 

Liz and Finn. Violet sent out "wedding invitations". Finn freaks out. Liz tells him it's normal behavior. Then asks about their 'Future". Finn wonders if Liz thinks about marriage.


Finn and Liz decide they like their relationship the way it is without getting married. 

Tracey offers Brook Lila's wedding dress

Michael wants Joss to bring Dex home because Sonny's in trouble

PS. I did NOT need to rush home today. 


  1. Some funny one liners today.

    A hotel away from Port Chuckles:


    Joss: Come home!

    Dex: No!

    Joss: No come home. Sonny won't hurt you!

    Dex: No!

    Joss: Please!!!

    Dex: No!

    Michael calling Joss: Bring Dex home! For Sonny. Don't take no for an answer!

    Joss: Dex!!! Michael says to come home! And that don't take no for an answer. Sonny needs you!

    Dex: OO

    Well this was fun. ROFL! :)

    Port Chuckles:

    The gym:

    Dante and Sonny: Michael the Judas. Is that going to be his new nickname? ROFL!

    Sonny and John: Geez Sonny! Bating John! What's wrong with you? Are you upset that you and Dex broke up? Poor Sonny! :( You should distract yourself and help Curtis find his clothes. :)

    The Q home:

    Brase: Chase freaking out and angry yesterday, now he is calm and rational and thinking it's a good idea for a prenup and signs it without reading it! Geez Chase are you suffering from PTSD or something? You went from 100 to 0 in a blink of an eye. Hmmm he doesn't remember of the days with Willow, Michael, and Sasha? Well yeah of course you don't remember. You were dying! I'm glad Brooky ripped the prenup so they can start over and he could read it next time.

    Gregory and Tracy: Boy Tracy looked hopeful when Gregory said Alexis was his friend! She looked hopeful too when he wanted her to save a dance for him at the wedding. Hehehe. Awwwwwww! :) YAY! :D

    Tracy and Lois: Okay Lois calm down and breath! There was a misunderstanding with the lawyers! So Lois go help Sonny find Curtis's clothes. :)

    Tracy, Brooky, and Lois: Ooooo Lila's dress!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Finchy's home:


    Finchy: Violet's getting married? She's 7!

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but Liz wins it.

    Liz: He did have a crush on a cartoon character once. That was weird.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Which one Liz? *Dead*

    Fiz, Gregory, Liz, and Chase: Geez Chase my love why are you so insecure?! Fiz wants to be your best man!!! :) Okay now that everything is settled, Chase take your shirt off. :)

    *Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to February 9th 1990* Colton and Olivia!!! I loved them together back then. They got chemistry! Back then I was so glad that he got over Felicia and was with Olivia!

    1. I guess all the men on GH need to permanently take off their shirts. Then and only then will Sonya be happy. HAHAHAHAH! You kill me Sonya, thanks! :)

    2. "Julie H says, I guess all the men on GH need to permanently take off their shirts. Then and only then will Sonya be happy. HAHAHAHAH!"

      Hahahahahaha! Hey that's a great idea! :)

      "You kill me Sonya, thanks! :)"

      ROFL! You're welcome. :)

  2. usually I would say 'I can tell February sweeps is over by today's episode" but let's be honest - this was the worst February sweeps ever!
    ----Jane E is the only reason to watch today's show.
    -----I keep changing my mind but today AGAIN with Sonny declaring 'Cates is after me - you'll see Dante" several times, I think again John-Jag IS somehow involved and he knows who is behind it?-----i.e. HE shows up at SONNY'S gym?
    -----Joss' stupidity is just sigh...........but at least NOW we know Dex IS returning cause the great Michael ordered it...
    ------Brook Lynn cannot fit into Lila's dress NOT cause of her size but cause Lila was like 4 11 and teeny tiny - NOW I say the same about Lois years ago - different bodies but Tracy was so sweet it makes it fine-----------still NO mention of the DATE or CHASE'S MOM at all.
    -----wonder where Olivia and Ned are?
    ----Jason on screen Monday -----------I know I'm gonna be mad ----so I have prepared myself for some stupid mind games....

  3. I think I noticed the new writers names in credits today.
    Sonny is acting like a 12 year old. Not like a mob boss.
    Poor Amanda. Having to lug that dress around that was wearing her for so many scenes.
    Do not care about Jason.

    1. I would rather see her in that dress than that awful blouse she was wearing. She is a beautiful woman I just wish they dressed her more hip.

  4. The wedding dress topic reminds me of the 2011 Vera Wang/GH feud. GH tried to rent a dresses allegedly from a Vera Wang store, and they were turned down, because the company didn't want their dresses to appear on Daytime TV. Nancy Lee Grahn was quite peeved over the whole thing


  5. Sonny = petty little man. I was so upset that John missed him with that punch. And if I was Michael, I would embrace the name Judas. Don't know how Dante can put up with his daddy.
    Tracy and BLQ were the ones to watch today.


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