Friday, March 1, 2024

Pink Party


For the JASON FANS--this photo is in the new People Online. 
He's back MONDAY

MARCH FIRST! in like a LAMB here in Rochester . Very nice and sunny. 

Drew and Carly doing it up for Scout's birthday at the Qs. In the kitchen. Dang, totally forgot her lived there. Sam brings in Scout. Alexis shows up too. Jake is there and Danny too. Not sure why Jake is there? But whatever.  Blaze and Krissy come and Kristina introduces her as her girlfriend. Millow come over. oh joy.

Then Alexis asks Drew about Nina talking over the paper and why he fired her. He says she's reckless and unpredictable and basically, she turned them into the SEC. Then Same finds him and asks him to talk to Danny because he's going through some things. 

Danny went outside and then Jake found him with a VAPE ahahaahaha. He's all mad and says Danny will get :popcorn lungs: AHAHA. They fight, Willow comes by and Jake puts the vape in his pocket. 

Maxie and Felicia and Maxie tells her she knows about Spinelli and her plan. She's mad at Spinelli but not Felicia. She's in love with Spinelli and they meddled with her heart. Felicia and Maxie talk about Maxie's life and losses--good scenes. 

Dante and Chase are at GH and there's a guy there beat up. That's Selina Wu's bodyguard, says Dante. They question him. 

Ava and Sonny.  Ava asks about his talk with Nina. Then Spinelli comes over and says everything is set up for tonight. Sonny tells Ava he's bringing his enemies to their knees.  Li got beat up to lure the bad guy out of the shadows. So Spinelli is going to watch from the sidelines and Ava is going to help Sonny as a rep for the Jerome family! :clapping: 

Anna is in her office and Jagger tells her she's going to help him get Sonny Corinthos out o his life for good. Anna takes him down a peg and I think they are trying to banter. They talk more about Sonny and she says you have to not do it wrong so you can bring him down later. Dante and Chase come in and say that Sonny and Wu are making a move. 

Sonny, Wu and Ava are all on the docks. Wu freaks out because Ava is there. Sonny says they can trust her. 


  1. It was a nice scene between Felicia and Maxie.
    Kristina bringing Blaze was cute.
    I guess the preview of Dante saying "what the hell" must be "dead" Jason.

  2. Great scene between Felicia and Maxie. I also loved the intense scene between Ava and Sonny.

    I don't usually mention clothes but Maxie's sweater drove me crazy today. Nothing irritates me more than my bra strap sliding down my arm, so deliberately wearing a sweater that sits there all day would drive me crazy. Also what's with the holes. If that's in fashion it's beyond ridiculous. I wouldn't donate something in that condition to the woman's shelter or a homeless shelter.

    Beautiful sunny day here today too, but -11 .

    1. yep - FASHION ICON Maxie never dresses like that anymore

    2. Terrible misshapen sweater. Goodwill would probably throw it out. I've noticed that wardrobe is improving a bit. Too bad they don't include Maxie.

    3. I WAS trying to understand the sweater in a "distressed" sort of mode. Like, was it from Freepeople and $900 for that look?

  3. windy windy and rain rain here today-
    -----Ava and Sonny are just solid gold - that LOOK - and her whisper 'you can trust me Sonny we are in this together'....(totally unrealistic though that they would both put themselves in danger and leave Avery without parents but I love it)
    -------Loved Felicia and Maxie convo - course I want Spinelli and Maxie together but Felicia was so wise.
    ----ARE they testing Anna and John Jag? hope not...
    -----on the previews Dante says "what the hell" and we are supposed to think it's Jason BUT it's gonna be Dex, right? saving Sonny again and then Sonny takes hiim back
    cause if DEAD JASON was there it'd be more than what the hell? LOL
    -----I don't mind in trouble Danny but it's just cause Jason is coming back - shoulda been a long time

  4. Some funny one liners today.

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Felicia: Great scene! I loved it! Maxie is just scared! Yeah love is scary! Beautiful, but scary. Felicia wins the line of the day.

    Felicia: Yes so we did set out to deceive you.


    Sonny's home:

    Sonny, Ava and Spinny: Oh everything is all set! Okay great! :) Glad Ava is going to join Sonny! YAY! :D

    Sonny and Ava: Ooooo look how close she is when she is talking to him. :) Kiss already! Come on!!!!! :D

    The hospital:

    Dante, Chase, and Ms. Wu's bodyguard: Oh good chit chatting. Let's have all three guys take off their shirts. :D

    Anna and John: I wonder when they will have hate sex.

    Anna, John, Chase, and Dante: Okay! Time to go!!!! Let's see who gets shot first!

    The Q home: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOUT! :) Oh good everyone meets Blaze! Krissy's girlfriend! :) I'm glad they aren't hiding anymore. Jake is so adorable with his little crush on Blaze! :)

    Alexis and Drew aka Ryan Lavery: Blah blah blah Nina. Blah blah blah Nina.

    The Q boathouse:

    Danny aka Cheeto and Jake: Oh I thought Cheeto was getting high! I love how Jake is protecting him! Even when Willow showed up. :) But uh putting it in his pocket? Your mom is going to find it I bet! Then Jake you are going to get in trouble! Just don't forget to throw it out which I bet you will forget.

    The warehouse:

    Ms. Wu and her associate: Or is her associate her bodyguard? That's hysterical! Spinny is weird! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Ms. Wu, her associate, Sonny, Sonny's bodyguard, and Ava: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this!

    The previews:

    Dante: The hell?

    Oh! Is it Jason? Or does he have amnesia and goes by another name? Jacob? Jerry? Frank? Larry? Moe? Curly?

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1984-1995* Watching the Jones brothers! Awwwwwwwww. :) Oh when Tony asks Frisco if he would turn him in, it looks like Tony is wearing a wig! :) Frisco likes watching soap operas! Hahahaha!

  5. by the way LOVED Selina's bodyguard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. OMG I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW he was so TALL too lol

  6. It is interesting to see Ava and Sonny as a team, which will also piss off Nina and Carly no doubt. I hope Selina survives this mob meeting.



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