Thursday, March 7, 2024

Subbing for 2-3 Year Olds


TODAY I sub for a class of little ones and I can tell you by 2:30 I will be SPENT!! So, you'll have to watch Thursday's show without me. I have a feeling Jason probably doesn't show up until the end of the show today or on Friday so....? 

There's going to be a new soap on CBS!! It's called "The Gates" and is going to be written by Michele Val Jean who's a wonderful writer and used to pen #GH at one time. MORE daytime TV? WOW.

Do like Sonny did yesterday, and say a little something for me to endure the germs and chaos of today!! 


  1. ----will Jason still work for Sonny? Just wondering if whoever found Jason or whoever he works for two questions: SURELY Jason knows the head guy and what if the person has Morgan hostage or something and Jason was doing this to protect Sonny/pretend not and save a recast Morgan? LOTS of Morgan talk lately....

  2. ----day of the party Leo was at the stables - same day/night NOW they say he's in Australia with Ned????
    -----Laura doesn't even MENTION Heather???? Where is she and where is Cyrus? TOTALLY DROPPED THAT WHOLE THING which means editing issues...
    -------course if this was Days, it would be a mask that someone was wearing pretending to be Jason LOL---kinda stupid Ava and Sonny didn't think that Jason may have lost his memory but at least Sonny wants answers and Ava kinda on my nerves insisting Jason is trying to kill him course Jason WOULDN'T have MISSED shooting Sonny if he wanted to kill him! but GREAT Ava and Sonny scenes AGAIN
    -----everyone needs a grandmother like Laura and I liked Carly with Danny cause no one knows Jason better than Carly
    -----Olivia was the annoying character today.....again.
    -----wonder where Joss and Dex went?
    ----so confused that Maxie and Spinelli gave in so easily but not complaining - cause John Jag can now see the footage of Jason, too and the pace keeps moving---- noticed John Jag was NOT surprised that Jason is still alive????? HE KNEW!
    -----and yeah Spinelli and Maxie!!!!

  3. Speaking of one had masks on during the Dante surgery scenes. And it seemed they forgot to turn on the lights.
    What happened to the dead shooter on the roof? No one has mentioned that.
    When was the last time that Rocco was on air?
    Leo was at the stables on party day? I haven't seen him in a long time.

    1. we didn't see him but they kept saying Leo was down at the stables showing Scott and some other kid something....and that Cody was there too - horrible editing...
      and yes WOULD you NOT see a dead body in the river?
      just real obvious too John Jag is not surprised about jason.

  4. "Karen says, There's going to be a new soap on CBS!! It's called "The Gates" and is going to be written by Michele Val Jean who's a wonderful writer and used to pen #GH at one time."

    Yes yes!! So awesome!!!

    "MORE daytime TV? WOW."

    I KNOW!!! It's so surprising and shocking! They said they want to get out of the soap opera business!!

    The hospital/chapel:

    Ava and Sonny: Ava is trying to convince Sonny that Jason is bad now and has turned on him. Hmmm. Ava what are you doing? :) Oooo they are getting closer!

    Sonny: If I didn't know any better, I say you actually care for me.

    Awwwwwww! :)

    Ava: Of course I care about you. You're Avery's father.

    Uh huh. Sure use that to hide your feelings. :)

    Sonny: Remember when I told you that you were the only person I can trust? Wouldn't it be funny if it were true?

    Oooooo looks like they are about to kiss!!! :D

    The nurses station/waiting area:

    Sam and Olivia: Olivia is still very upset and Sam isn't. Olivia wants to know who is holding Sam up. Laura says we all are. Uh huh. If you say so Laura.

    Brase: Chase is giving Brooky an out! You didn't sign up for this. Oh Chase stop it! She loves you and is not going anywhere.

    Sam, Olivia, Jordan, and Laura: Jordan goes to visit them. Dante is out of surgery! YAY!

    Spinny's home: I don't think this is his home. I don't know where he is. Where does he live?


    Spinny, Maxie, John, and another cop: Oh Maxie and John remember each other. Spinny wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: Spinelli and I are a team.

    Spinny: We are? We are!

    ROFL! Oh and I love how he is so protective of Maxie awwww. :) Even his password is her name. :) He is very loyal to Maxie! LOVE THAT!

    Spinny: You are not just the mother of my child, you are the woman I love.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Spinny!!!! :D Oh a Spixie kiss! YAY! :D

    Q mansion:

    Crew: He is explaining to her the personalities of Rocco and Danny aka Cheeto. I love hearing that!

    Rocco and Danny aka Cheeto: Rocco broke Danny Cheeto's game! Poor Rocco is hurting because of his dad. :(

    Laura and Rocco: SUPER MARIO BROS!!!! :D Great scene!

    Carly and Danny aka Cheeto: Jason talk! Danny and Jason are alike!!!! Danny and Rocco look alike!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to Faison's home* Faison and Anna.

  5. Yeah, it appears John has been tracking Jason and was glad he finally had proof it was him. I wonder how this plays out because, even though they competed for Karen in high school, John and Jason *Quartermaine* were friends, pre-brain damage.

    I gotta admit, I loved seeing Maxie and Spinelli reunite. They make a cute couple. And that last little scene between Ava and Sonny -- yowza!

  6. Good grief, today's episode was one big giant trainwreck imo. More Carly being inserted into scenes where she is not needed one bit. The worship writing is so over the top. Cameron Mathison MUST GO. He is just so unwatchable. Terrible actor. Editing is absolutely horrendous as usual. So much repetitive diaglogue. Everything is so disjointed and sloppy. Glad some of you are enjoying this mess. Good for you!! I'm sure tomorrow will the Saint Jason/Saint Carly show because worship writing marches on!

    1. While I think Drew needs to go (or CM as Drew) I have watched him do better before.
      It was a disjointed eppy.

    2. Editing has been poor, I'll give you that. But I didn't see a train wreck??? Can't wait for Carly to see Jason !

  7. I thought Maxie and Spinelli were cute today!

  8. well it looks like Jason DOES go to Carly and not writers changed it I guess.

    1. Of course he does. Blech.

    2. Oh? How do you know he is going to see Carly? I'm glad the writers changed it. That would have been strange for Jason to go see Liz after being shot. He already did that back in the day and she patched him up! We don't need a repeat of that.

    3. Actually I disagree. She's the nurse and they have tons of history, even more than with Carly from decades ago when they were young adults. Carly, carly carly (insert Marsha tone from brady bunch) show gets old for many of us.

    4. "Linda says, Actually I disagree. She's the nurse and they have tons of history, even more than with Carly from decades ago when they were young adults."

      Oh I know, but why does he have to be shot in order for him to go see Liz?

      "Carly, carly carly (insert Marsha tone from brady bunch) show gets old for many of us."

      ROFL! Jason should go see Monica first. :)

  9. I try not to harp on actors, but Adam J Harrington turn as Jag/John has been a bit of a miscast. He is too serious and comes off flat.

    The Nathan reference by Portia was bit surprising. Is Nathan also returning from the grave?

    With the rreappearance of Rocco, it still irritates me that Lulu is still in a coma. With Jason's return potentially toppling Sam X Dante, Lulu's return seems like the right timing. Both Julie Berman and Emme Rylan are not attached to any major projects, so the ball is in GH's corner.

    Will the Twin Curse strike again with Drew and Jason? I swear the two brothers have rarely shared the canvas together. Now that Jason is back, I feel like Drew is cursed to leave again.

    1. I think Drew will leave again and I am fine with that. Cameron Mathison is annoying.

      I love Adam Harrington, he brings an energy to the show that has been missing. However, I think he would have made a better Lucky Spencer than Jagger Cates.

    2. I also love Adam Harrington. I think he's a very good actor.

  10. Agreed Ginny on all points. It dragged on forever and so boring. Stop with Carly already. Enough!

    1. I definitely don't agree with Ginny and I personally think it crosses the line when people start calling for actors to be fired from their jobs because they don't like them. It's just too easy these days to spread hate when you hide behind a mask.

    2. Kind of surprised at the negativity. GH has shown improvement just in the past week or so. Expectations too high? Practice your wait. Be kind.


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