Friday, March 15, 2024

NEW HW are on deck today


So I watched yesterday's show and...well. I'm trying folks. Ava's taking Avery to SCHOOL in the middle o the night! LOL. Sam hates Jason all of a sudden or something--whatever. The Molly/Anna talk? Meh. Michael asks Jason about his tattoo and Jason never answers it? 

SUPPOSEDLY today is the FIRST DAY of the "NEW" HW stuff. I beg to differ but who am I to say? 

"Heather's not going anywhere" says Portia to Robert, Diane, Kevin, Laura and Finn. Her hip replacement is poisoning her-- "colbolt poisoning" -- and it can change BEHAVIOR. Will this be her "Franco Tumor"!!????? hahahaa.  She has metalosis. AHAHAHA. I'm dead. Ok, so Laura thinks the poison turned her into a serial killer and THAT'S WHY SHE'S CHANGED. YEP.  Laura also finds out she's Heather's health proxy. 
They go in to talk to Heather. She can't make a decision and asks Laura to help. Laura says she should do it. Heather signs the papers. 

Nina is pissed that Alexis wrote a follow up story on the docks that was a 'smear piece on Sonny'. ALexis tells her to quit. Then Nina yells at Greg-- tells him he made too many mistakes or something and Greg quits. 

Diane goes in to complain to Alexis about the article in the paper that says she's "Shaking up with the DA". Alexis says she doesn't know anything about it. It's the gossip guy. Alexis hates working at the paper and would do the law for FREE ! Diane has an idea. She wants Alexis to come and work with her and she'll try to get Alexis' law degree back. 

They are trying to find Marshall's doctor in Baltimore but can't right now. Curtis goes to PT. Marshall tells him the pills they gave him long ago made things worse. Then they wanted him to do shock treatments. 

We watch Curtis doing PT!  WOW! 

Stella asks Kevin if he knew Dr. Braddock. He says yes, and it's not good. Then she goes down to tell Marshall and Curtis that Dr Braddock died right before Christmas but Kevin has the answers they need. They go talk to him. Kevin says Braddock was infamous and probably misdiagnosed Marshall because he was young, poor, angry and black. 

DEX is packing to leave PC --AGAIN. He and Joss make love. He's still going to leave because he doesn't like what he is becoming around Sonny. They talk and then NINA comes over. ? Okay? She wants Dex to tell Sonny she didn't have anything to do with the article in the Invader. Then she notices he's leaving and she's afraid he's going somewhere because Sonny is leaving too. Nina then tells Joss that she saw Dex going into Cyrus' room as an orderly LOL . 

That's that! No Jason today. 


  1. ---- I have mixed feelings: with Laura telling Heather to have the surgery, I think it might go wrong and Laura is blamed OR Heather will be redeemed for a while and pretend and then be nuts again (and live with kevin and Laura during her recovery)....I don't think Abbey Mills wants a long term contract so I dunno.....
    -----I just cannot stand Nina and I wanna repeat - this is NOT Nina - Nina was a strong woman who did horrible things often---------------she didn't whine and sound like a child and my gosh - TELLING DEX TO TELL SONNY SHE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE ARTICLE AND TELL HIM SORRY? I just believe CW is realizing the writers have destroyed what Nina was....
    -------does Alexis have Cassadine money? Cause today she acted like she didn't need a job (which I thought was true) and why wouldn't she think of free legal things before now? Also straight up cannot remember WHY she was disbarred????? Wasn't it about Neil's case?
    ------I thought Dex and Joss would go see Sonny ------------ how many times can you 'leave town'......and why would Nina bring up about Dex as an orderly? Dex did nothing and Cyrus didn't die.....who cares about ONE time????? again Nina's character is horrible.
    ------at least we now know the purpose of Marshall's misdiagnosis - which at least (although unrealistic) the papers are at GH - and this is about his being young black male....still wish the Marshall storyline was about Stella and Curtis' parentage.....not sure this can go unless there is a huge lawsuit and he wins money?
    -------the beginning, Karen, was bizarre - editing weird - I truly thought it was like the Seinfeld episode where they go backwards to explain a story.
    ----the line of the day for me was Joss: "you know Sonny doesn't read newspapers. His people tell him what he needs to know"....
    -----hopefully Alexis quits - and like someone said on Twitter - the spoiler from GH sounded like Nina did something HORRIBLE to Gregory - she did embarrass him but she doesn't know.......................BUT glimmer of hope cause I STILL think Gregory has been misdiagnosed - so why else would we see Finn call a guy and ask and then hang up quickly?
    -----also the thing about the red-headed lawyer was stupid - but we know Nina hates Diane BUT I guess this is so Alexis will leave.....
    -----meanwhile back at Crimson - no editor - no one knows what to do -------------

    1. "Mufasa says, but we know Nina hates Diane BUT I guess this is so Alexis will leave....."

      OH! So you think Nina did this on purpose so that Alexis will quit?

    2. noo - just I had forgotten Nina's threat to getting even with Diane.......she needs Alexis to be there!!!!!!!!

    3. I'm pretty sure you are right that Neil's case that got her disbarred.

    4. To me, having a better-dressed Maxie become Crimson's editor (she has earned it) with Spinelli being a stay-at-home dad is the best option. Throw in Brad as Maxie's bitchy assistant and I would be super-happy.

    5. I love that idea Kevin. There is no reason for them to dress Maxie the way they do. I'm a plus sized gal and when before I retired the place I where I worked required you to wear either business or business casual. There are plenty of places they can get both great business and trendy clothes for Maxie.

  2. maybe Drew will ask Nina to come back to Crimson and they have angry sex

    1. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great idea!!! Very soapy. :)

    2. I got to thinking last night and if Nina and Drew do hook up it and was imagining both Sonny and Carly's reactions. Don't think Sonny would care but Carly might.

  3. A lot of funny one liners today!!! I think today's show is a lot better than yesterday.

    Alexis's office:

    Nina and Alexis: Nina is acting very strange today!

    Alexis, Gregory, and Nina: WHAT IN THE HELL?! Why is Nina so mean to Gregory? There is no reason for this! Stop it Nina! Stop it!

    Alexis and Diane: YES YES YES! HELP HER DIANE HELP HER! :) *Fingers crossed that Alexis is able to be a lawyer again* Oh so that Dimwitt (Thanks Di for the name ROFL!) guy did get hired. Well, then he was the one who wrote about Sonny, so Nina you should fire Dimwitt!!

    Dex home:

    Jex: Wow! Dex was able to walk to his bedroom really easily without bumping into anything! ROFL! He is magic! Oh no! More of the same talk. I rather just have them have zex again.

    Jex and Nina: What is going on?! Nina is babbling. She is right on one thing. Dex DID dump Sonny! Hahahaha! Nina stop harassing them and just leave.

    The hospital:

    Stella on the phone: I'm thinking oh oh did the doctor die?

    Heather's room:

    Kevlar and Heather: Yes Heather does have a long name! ROFL!

    Heather, New doctor, Kevlar, and Portia: Ooooooo hip poisoning! GREAT! Now hopefully that means she can be redeemed and stay in Port Chuckles!!!! Thank you new writers!!! Well, not really new, but I don't know what to call them. Ah well I'll just call them new writers! ROFL! Hmmm colbolt. Sounds like a car. :) Heather I say, do the surgery and I'm glad she is going to do it!

    Heather and Laura: Heather wins the line of the day.

    Heather: What is Kevin like in bed?


    PT room:

    Stella, Mr. Hat man, and Curtis:

    Stella: You want the good news or the bad news?

    Mr. Hat man and Curtis: Bad news.

    I pick good news first!! :) OH! I knew that doctor died!!! Well, he was 100 years old. ROFL!

    Doc's office:

    Stella, Mr. Hat man, Curtis, and Doc: Yup that doctor was a bad doctor and a bad person!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to a wedding* Bobbie and Jake's wedding!

    1. Oh forgot one thing! Finchy calling his friend about his dad. Will he find out that Gregory was misdiagnosed? Please writers please!!!!

    2. Sonya, I'm waiting for my ride and may have gotten a few looks when I started laughing a the line of the day. Can't wait to see Laura's face.

    3. "Gary says, Sonya, I'm waiting for my ride and may have gotten a few looks when I started laughing a the line of the day. Can't wait to see Laura's face."

      Hahahaha it was perfect! :D

  4. Laura and Kevin quizzing Heather. Not even the next scene and less than 5 seconds later they are in hallway talking to the doctors and Robert Scorpio. The editing on GH is horrendous. That yesterday thing with Ava taking Avery to school and Kristina taking Danny to the all night donut place was really bad.
    Nina is an annoying teenager out of control. Either fix her or send her packing.
    It's about time Alexis went to work with Diane. I've been wanting that forever!
    Can they please just drop the Hatman story. Not like they haven't done that before.

    1. Yes! I did a double-take when I saw Laura in two distinct scenes, one after the other! What was that about?!

  5. The dialogue today was noticeably improved, IMO. It seems like they are moving quickly to change the status quo (Alexis returning to law, Heather having an excuse for being the Hook Killer, etc.)

    Alexis was disbarred for sleeping with Neal, then lying about it in her testimony for the Bar Association.

    Also, I know the actor who plays Marshall has been taken off contract and put on recurring. I think that's an indication he may be off the show soon. I don't think he will be the last one, either.

  6. I’m curious about Alexis’s financial situation. Especially with Spencer gone and Nikolas behind bars. She’s technically the one that should be in charge of the Cassadine finances. Aka if she’s not happy with the way this paper is ran, she can quit and start her own thing.

    1. Besides Ace isn't Alexis the last Cassadine left?

    2. You have Valentin and Charlotte

    3. Many years ago (around 2015, I think), when they first mentioned Valentin but before he appeared, they mentioned that there were lesser Cassadine relations who were shut out of the money and power. This was when Luke showed up after he had been captured and tortured by Valentin. They were originally going to introduce the character then and some actor was even announced as winning the role, but then they got James Franco to appear and they held off for a few years.

    4. Thanks, digdoodah I had forgotten about them.


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