Monday, March 25, 2024

Jason in Blue


Jason is at the PCPD and will talk to Jagger without Diane. Chase isn't happy. Jagger asks Jason why he turned himself in. Jason says he has to set the record straight that he didn't shoot Dante. He tells Jagger he did "like instructed" and then Dante found them and his partner shot him. The extraction team must have taken the dead body out. Jagger wonders why Jason didn't call him or "come in" (I assume to the FBI). Jagger says he didn't follow protocol. Asks where he's been. Jason doesn't answer.  Jagger then says they placed Jason in "the organization 2 years ago" and if his cover is blown, the FBI will have to use the evidence against him they have. 
It's just a confusing mess.

Elizabeth is stressed out about Jason's return. Willow comes along and they talk. Michael texts and says the boathouse is empty. Liz talks about Jake being moody and angry and is reading all sorts of things online about Jason. 

Liz goes home. Jake and Aidan are arguing. Jake calls Jason "his psycho dad".  Liz explains he turned himself in. Jake thinks that means he's guilty and hopes he gets life in prison and he can pretend he's still dead. 

Chase has to leave the PCPD, he's had it. Wants to visit Dante. They go to GH and talk in the hall. Willow and Liz overhear that Jason turned himself in. 
Liz and Willow talk about whether they think Jason is guilty. Liz has to get home to talk to Jake before he sees it online. 

Chase is worried about Dante. 

Trina goes to Kelly's and is meeting someone. Doesn't want to talk to Joss (who's working). Trina is pissed because Joss and Jason's relationship and she thinks he could have shot Curtis.  She's not happy. Joss says No way because Jason wouldn't shoot at Sonny who was really the target. Michael comes in. Trina leaves to meet Stella. 

Stella and Trina talk about grief and how hard it is to process. Trina feels like she's walking through a fog. She lashes out at Stella... this is so different from what we've seen. Stella tells her maybe Trina needs to have a funeral for Spencer that's more meaningful than the memorial they had. Trina goes to Spencer's grave and gives a speech about water and hoping he made it to shore ok. It's a couple of good scenes. ABOUT TIME, btw

Stella talks to Joss about being a friend to Trina and to hang in there. Trina will come around but needs time to walk through her grief at her pace. 


  1. ----Trina mad at Joss cause Jason shot her dad.....sigh.....but her acting was great today/not her I think Spence is coming back soon --- that she senses something or does something and finds him ----------especially with Stella saying 'do something for you and Spence'.
    -----Has Rocco SEEN his dad at all?
    -----getting closer to answers ---today we found out (although totally unrealistic) that Jason left the body and whoever the extractors are TOOK the body ------now there was no time cause Joss and Dex showed up as Jason ran away ------ but at least we know where the body is
    ------also JohnJag told Jason he should have left Dante WHICH I took to mean let Dante die - and funny 'why didn't you call me?" HOW was he gonna call him timewise?
    ------ I think JohnJag is afraid that people know HE is involved - why would he care that Jason spent one hour with Carly unless he was wondering if Jason talked (LOL)---very funny he thought maybe Diane got him medical help?
    -----last thing - since people know Jason turned himself in, why aren't people lined up to see him? I thought Carly would be there and Sonny.....In previews Carly, Joss and Michael are in the courtroom - and STUPID NINA is there -
    ------can we now confirm JohnJag IS a good guy? Thoughts?

    1. I'd like to think JohnJag is a good guy but he did say to hope Dante doesn't recover. Don't know why.

    2. I think JohnJag is a good guy but, because it's an undercover operation, he's playing his cards close to the vest. And I think JohnJag believes if Jason spends too much time around family and friends, he will lose control over him.

  2. When Trina showed anger at Joss for being Jason's friend as he could have shot her dad, I said "WHAT?". That was inane. But Trina went on to be the best part of today's show. Her dealing with grief is right on and whoever wrote her lines by Spencer's grave did a fantastic job. And I thought the same thing about him showing up soon.
    Chase needs a chill pill.
    Jason should just tell the truth, the whole truth. It might be a first in GH history. What's it all about Alfie? Lawyers, guns and money? There's that music inside my head.

    1. Totally agree about Trina - she made me mad with Joss and then she killed it!!

    2. Zazu - Love love that song!!

  3. I don't think the "Notify Me" feature is working here. Not getting the emails. So this is a test as well.

  4. I want to hug people today!!!! :(


    Joss and Trina: Poor Trina!!! I just want to give her a hug!

    Joss and Michael: 3 people in the Saint Jason club. :) I'm sure it will grow.

    Trina and Stella: Awww great scene!!! Stella is so wise!

    Joss and Stella: Great scene!!!

    Spencer's grave: How sad. :( I want to hug Trina again. :( Oh look Spencer was 23 years old!

    Police station:

    Jason and John: So Jason was an FBI informant? Mmmm two sexy men with blue eyes! :)

    Brase: I love that Brooky is there for Chase awwww! :) I want to hug him!!!

    The hospital:

    Liz and Willow: Liz hasn't gone shopping in awhile!!! Time to go shopping for food Liz! Then buy some Tribbles for the boys!

    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Brase: Poor Chase is struggling. :( I want to hug him again!

    Liz's home:

    Jake and Aidan: Great scene! Poor Jake. :(

    Liz, Jake, and Aidan: Great scene! Poor Jake is struggling! I want to give Jake a hug!

    1. Oh forgot to mention, Jason and John a new bromance!!! :D

  5. So Last week Joss was horrified about the mob work but today St Jasus is back to being a saint? Which is it writers?

    1. I thought the same thing. Plus it's ok Jason is a killer but not Dex who she says she was so in love with

  6. Trina knocked it out of the park today with the graveside scene. I know I could be wrong but I'm begging to think Nicholas Chavez *won't* be returning after all and they will have to recast Spencer. (The actor deleted all of his follows from hix X account including producer Frank Valentini, but he restored that one after fans noticed it.)

    I also loved the scenes between Liz and her boys. Please, producers, bring back Cameron and put the Webber family front and center, including grandpa Scott.

    I know some on here don't like how Joss is acting but it is possible that she is conflicted in her feelings. I think her fairytale, picture perfect image of Dex was destroyed in her mind and she is trying to wrap her head around it.

    I read where Josh Kelly is going off to do an action movie, so thankfully we will have reprieve from Cody. Yay!

    1. Oops, meant "beginning," not "begging" in that first sentence. Sorry.


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