Sunday, March 3, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Popcorn


So, what do you think? Most people saw Friday as a "NEW" Day Dawning, even though DandC's credits were still there. I've been getting vibes all week-- especially in the mob/FBI story. I have to say, Mon-Thursday dragged for me for sure. Just having hope things work out.

POPCORN You say?? Well, vaping and watching the show have that in common. Get some and have a seat! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  One thing I KNOW was written by the past regime was the history and lore of Lois' wedding dress. LOVED It. Didn't love the whole Brook tries on the most hideous dress on earth but the discussion and everything else was perfect. Jane Elliot is a treasure. The whole Chase/Prenup part wasn't really needed but I'll allow it because everything else was great. 

CRYING OF THE WEEK: Get Nina off the begging for Sonny Train. I've seen so many women do it in the past, I don't care if she ever gets back with him. Nixon Falls and Sonny as Mike is over and done. Everyone's made that clear. Boring. Stop. Thank you. 

WATER LEAK OF THE WEEK: I Like Spixie. They fit and have a history. Maxie's been doing nothing for awhile now and this at least gets her some comic relief now and then. I did love when she and Felicia talked about all her mess-ups. Only problem is, St. Jaysus will be back and well, there goes Spinelli! Worshiping and fawning and mobbin' it up. 

LOOK of THE WEEK: GOODNESS-- Oh my my my. AVA. :THUD: BE still my heart. Maura's been wasted for so lone it was a joy to see her pop back to life Friday. She's a JEROME of the JEROME CRIME FAMILY and she basically tells Sonny she's going to the meeting. BOOM. PERIOD. She also looked at Sonny like she was in lust for real. Then again, it's Ava--maybe she's behind all this. Then she and Wu can take over PC and put some Studio 54 type clubs around town. So many possibilities. 

KAREN OF THE WEEK:  SO, who did this? It was earlier in the week, used great history and actually made some sense.  I personally don't think we need Jagger as a character but it does bring up some good points about just HOW MUCH of a dick Sonny used to be. Anna even said to look at Sonny differently to "take him down later" so at least her fawning all over him might stop at some point. 

EVA LaRUE OF THE WEEK: Ah, nice to see her face and doesn't she look fantastic? Blaze came out to her all in one tiny scene so...?? I guess that's that? It was done like they had to make some deadline LOL.  Good acting all around. I don't see a lot of chem with Blaze and Kristina but, whatever. 

PARTY AT THE Q'S OF THE WEEK: For some reason, Carly has taken over the Q kitchen and was setting up for Scout's party. None of the Q were actually there and I totally forgot Drew lived there. LOL.  Pink was the theme. Cake looked fabulous. 

PSA OF THE WEEK:  I have been asking FOR MONTHS about vaping (as a semi-joke) and HERE IT IS!! Danny, the now 'black sheep' for sneaking out and drinking and now vaping. Older bro Jake takes it and puts it in his back pocket. You know Liz is going to find that thing and fast. Then we can get a whole lecture about the dangers of vaping!! I still say they need a young dialog writer. It's just SO cringe. 

JULIAN JEROME PLAID OF THE WEEK:  Joss finds Dex in 2.2 seconds in some shanty town and they make ze wub. She wants him to come back to PC so badly she doesn't even care he might be 'offed'. Dex refuses until Michael calls him and tells him 'SONNY NEEDS YOU' .. ahaha. 

I NEED YOU GONE OF THE WEEK: Whatever "This" Is.. it's just ... not working. BYE

SO, things have shifted for sure and part of me was so bored this week, I could have cared less about the show. Friday perked up but the dialog was a confusing mess, especially when either Sonny or Anna were discussing the 'mob plans'. Trying to figure out how Li being in the hospital was going to lure out the head assassin was baffling. Then the whole convo about how to trap the guy from the FBI end was too. DEX is gone for about a day, we know Jason's lurking around, Ava's back in and all of this will lead to??? 
One more detail: WHY are Michael and Carly acting like Sonny's a dottering old fool? If we had seen Sonny slip up on some things or even being a bit confused, it might make sense. Now? It's like they are just looking for stuff to 'keep tabs on' and to 'help him out'.  

SO, Monday will start the Jason-Transition and I will be interested to see how the show progresses. I'm sure there will be things I Love and things I Hate. (as usual). Hope springs eternal when there are new writers. 



  1. I think we are in a period of transition now and the material from the new head writers won't fully hit the screen until the second week of March, but we shall see.

    I really, truly hope they get rid of Drew. The character isn't working and Cameron Mathison is annoying.

    Ava looked incredible and I like how she interacts with Sonny.

    The scene between Scott and Jagger/John was good and long overdue. Truthfully, more citizens of Port Charles should harbor bad feelings toward the local godfather. My number one hope for the new regime is to lessen the focus on Carly and Sonny and stop trying to make them out as heroes all the time.

    1. I agree with everything you said especially how that there should be more folks who want Sonny taken down.

  2. Thanks for another great SS and for hanging in!
    "Julian Jerome plaid of the week"!!! Hysterical.
    I don't get the importance of Jason. Not that interesting of a character.
    MW/Ava is and will always be, the Queen. She is fabulous.
    My hope is for some cast trimming and a really good mystery, unrelated to the mob. I always thought the art gallery would be a great source. And let's go back to Karen's and others' concept of a brownstone with all kinds of lives intertwined. And somehow, in a way that everyone might like, bring RoHo back.

    1. NOOOOO. Don't bring ROHO back.

    2. I know you don't want him back but he is such a fine actor with the right role. He is naturally funny with his dry wit and sarcastic humor, like Kin Shriner.

    3. I absolutely want him back. Fantastic actor.

    4. It doesn't matter what the role. He played them all the same way. Atb least in the last one he wasn't stuffing food in his mouth to pull the camera in his direction and away from the other actors.

    5. Agree - Roho is great in the right role

    6. I'd love to see him in a comedy show.

    7. Love Roho, disliked Austin most but that wasn't his fault. What a talent and I'm on board.

  3. ---so the pretty reliable spoilers say Jason hits Dante (not sure how serious) and runs away and later this week Ava and Spinelli see Jason on the still a while before Jason sees people......(still think Dex saves Sonny)
    ----what I REALLY wish would happen (and I got this from Real' saying on Instagram to
    'stay tune for Taggart"-----meaing he IS coming back ----------the best twist would be TAGGART is behind all of this - he hates Sonny and organized crime, so he is doing it to eliminate organized crime.....and Jason is his Anger Boy that is brainwashed? and that would explain Taggart's absence and his drinking and anger about Trina? and he has access to WSB stuff -THAT would be a good twist..
    -----BUT BUT BUT I am still angry that Jason isn't gonna be Jason - real Stone Cold wouldn't hurt Sonny.....................
    -----I don't mind John Jag being involved - I know lots of people still think Cyrus is and that is fine with me - he can go off screen cause I think Jeff K said he liked to do 'stories' and not stay long times?
    -----in defense of Sonny - he IS different now than the Karen days....
    ----I think Nina and Sonny ARE done - YEAH - cause let's face it - she is in love with MIKE - not Sonny-------------------and I just LOVE Ava this way with Sonny.
    ----just don't see chemistry like Karen said with Blaze and Kristina - I FULLY believe Blaze started off as one character (trying to get close to Krissy cause of Sonny) but now it's about her mom (where is her dad) ----------but I love Eva so I don't mind her coming in the story - just don't have her sleep with Sonny!

    1. I think Sonny has evolved for sure since Strip Club days. He still gets away with everything under the damn sun for sure tho! If it WAS Taggert, great but the absence of him has been so glaring and so great, it would be weird if all of a sudden he's some king pin boss. It seems like they would have shown him as PCommish -- to show he was working "the inside"?? I don't know. The Jason thing? I can't imagine he's coming back as a "new" Jason as in new-new.

  4. It is the CarSon and Jason show!. Arghhhh. Don't want the "Three Musketeers" back. Carly will be so happy; she was after all "so in love with her Jason". (gag me)

    1. Ohhhh my mama always said it wasn't nice to tempt. lol * approaches with gag behind my back* pMSL

    2. I agree Lindie. I will have my ffwd button ready when they go in that direction

  5. Things I liked this week: Jane Elliott with Brooklynn, Maxie, Lois and Gregory. (that braid on Lois though, it almost looked like a hair piece!) Jane with anyone really. What a nice surprise to have her rejoin for this long. I hope she stays. Also liked Sonny & Ava, Maxie and Spin (and Felicia)And closure to Nina and Sonny. Yes he loves you, but he's not coming back. No more tears, be a strong woman and stop with the neediness. I really liked them showing the teens more too. I just love Elizabeth, and I like that she is on screen but I just don't see it with Finn but at least she's on canvas.

    Things I disliked: Drew. Carly. Michael. Dex. Repeat.

  6. I think the memory mapping / amnesia / mind control storyline(s) have been done and done and done and then done again. I did not want any of these to be part of Jason's return.


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