Thursday, March 21, 2024

Hair! Wardrobe!


I TOOK yesterday off for the dentist (great report BTW)...and I didn't even want to watch the show so I haven't. I did read some on twitter but that's about it. 

Laura is waiting with Heather before her hip surgery. They are like BFFs now :eyeroll:  Heather talks about getting older --about dying. Lots of stuff about the past and people they've lost. Heather is going to surgery and she is wondering what's going to happen to her after because she's supposedly going to San Quentin. She's taken out. Kevin walks in. Laura's all sad. Laura wonders if the poisoning will wear off. Kevin doesn't think so. Laura also wonders if Heather's REALLY responsible for her actions if the cobalt did it. 

Deanna tells Liz meds are missing (Willow looks guilty). Liz says it's not a big deal yet. Pharmacy might have messed up. Willow texts someone and then 'takes her break' right there. Goes to see Michael and freaks out. I MEAN SHE FREAKS OUT! Then Michael goes into how Jason helped him in Jail when he was beaten and "other things" and he has to help him now. He calls Spinelli to hack into the hospital computer. Spinelli starts hacking.

Drew comes in Nina's office at the Intruder looking all punk-ass'd. OH! He wants to offer her her job back at Crimson! LOL She figures out that Carly is messing up. Drew says NO, I fired her! She says OH! You broke up! Nina also gets Drew coffee and donuts LOL . He says he's not sure if he wants her back but he doesn't want the magazine to fail either. This is a turn of events. Lordy.

Spinelli passes out security measures for Deception to Maxie, Cody, Brook and Tracey. MAXIE LOOKS FANTASTIC!! WOW. Spin tells them about changing the passwords daily. 

Sasha's doing a photo shoot. Tracey wants her to look mean in her photos. The client thinks Sasha is too wholesome and nice looking and he cancels the shoot. 

Then, Sasha and Lucy walk into the Deception meeting with everyone else. Everyone is bummed that the photo shoot didn't go well and Sasha was "too wholesome" for it. Lucy says they want a "kate moss' type. Tracey says "HEROIN CHIC"?? ahahaha. Tracey gets called to a board meeting at GH. Lucy thinks they need a 'second' face to go along with Sasha. She insults Cody "the stable boy" and he quits! She tells him he can't quit, he has a contract and he says "SO SUE ME".  Then Sasha threatens to quit too. 

Kevin is going to see if anyone ever got off stuff from heavy metal toxins

Nina's considering taking back Crimson. 

PS. Did they hire all new wardrobe/hair/make up people? Because everyone looks better! 


  1. I might as well have been watching a completely new soap today....
    -----suddenly Sasha is too pretty to model and Lucy hates Cody and Lucy wants another model and now Cody quits and Sasha thinks she might hate modeling too.....BIZARRE AND STUPID!!!!!!!
    ----do Lucy and Maxie have equal partnership? I think Brook Lynn is gonna be the next model.
    -------then we all know Drew and Nina gonna have angry sex and today was chem testing and because I detest both of them - I didn't like it or care enough to like it. Although all the Crimson employees need to quit - WHO wants to work with unstable bosses?
    -----WHO will run the Invader? when Alexis leaves?
    -----and then the biggest WHAT THE moment was Tracy being the only board member who received an alert about a missing bottle ----------------never saw Portia or Terry -------------- never saw other board members and NO WAY would the board receive the notice that fast.
    ------by the way I know Spinelli fixed it on the computer but what happened to counting bottles? Willow was also on my nerves
    -----and yes Laura is dressed better - Sasha's make-up was perfection
    BIZARRO show today - BIZARRO

    1. The new writers obviously want to get rid of all the "old" lifelong GH fans and they've drunk so much of the kool-aid that they don't realize that the bleary eyed alphas don't watch soaps.

    2. "Mufasa says, suddenly Sasha is too pretty to model"

      And wholesome!!! Since when?! That didn't make any sense.

      "and Lucy hates Cody"

      Again, since when?!!! Come on writers!

      "and Lucy wants another model and now Cody quits and Sasha thinks she might hate modeling too.....BIZARRE AND STUPID!!!!!!!"

      Yes! Bizarro world!!!

  2. Is it bad that I want poisoned Heather?

  3. Mufasa Sasha looked stunning!

  4. There were a lot of funny one liners today!!!!

    The hospital:

    Heather, Laura, TJ, and Willow: Heather wins the line of the day.

    Heather: I thought you shave your head for every surgery.


    Laura and Heather: Great scene! Oh Heather you are still beautiful now cut that out. And yes you had beautiful hair back in the day, and you still do!

    Kevlar: Great scene!!! :) Awww yes Laura has a big heart. :)

    Diana and Liz: Maybe it's a glitch or someone else took those particular meds..

    Liz and Tracy: Hmmmm. To quote Karen, that was a nothing burger. :)

    Cowboy Cody's horse home:

    Mildew: Geez Willow you didn't think that was going to happen?! You are not a naive person!!!

    Alexis's office:

    Ryan Lavery aka Drew and Nina: He smiled at her poison joke? HUH?! He wants her to have Crimson back? HUH?! What a bizarre scene! I kept thinking HUH?!

    Photo shoot: Yeah I kept thinking that bald guy was not impressed! ROFL! That photographer is very handsome.. Where was the other photographer who kept calling Sasha, Sashay? :)

    Deception office:

    Maxie, Lucy, Sasha, Cowboy Cody, Spinny, and Tracy: At first I was confused about why Spinny was there. I get it.. Security. Wait Sasha isn't wholesome?! Since when?! And Lucy being rude to Cowboy Cody?! What the hell was that all about? What a bizarre scene!

    Spinny on the phone: The way Spinny jumped over that table! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1986* The takedown of Mr. B! :) There are 58 parts to it.. Enjoy!

  5. Mr Big. Now that was a great storyline and NO SPOILERS. No one saw that one coming. Was excellent

    1. I think everyone's jaw hit the floor when Burt Ramsey, the co-police commissioner was outed as Mr. Big. Awesome storyline. Now THAT is how you deal with mob bosses not how they deal with Sonny. Love MB but Sonny is a mobster, not a good guy.

    2. Yeah I did not expect that!!! It was a great storyline I agree!

  6. Maxie finally looks like a fashionista again. And I agree, I think Brook Lynn will be the new Face of Deception.

    Also, I will be 100% fine if Cody and Sasha decide to leave town.

    1. She had that pep in her step look like right from the salon. She looked great.

  7. Today Summed Up:

    Nina to Drew: You're horrible
    Drew to Nina: You're horrible

    Laura: What if a hip infection made Heather insane?
    Kevin: Uh, ok?

    More Drew and Nina complaining

    Liz: If a pill is missing, I WILL be in trouble!
    Deanna: But as Head Nurse shouldn't you be the one doing inventory?
    Liz: Willow, a pill is missing!

    Michael: Spinelli hack GH!
    Spinelli (offscreen): But isn't inventory a multi-step process, that involves binders of papers and scanning. And with it being a giant hospital, there are probably multiple storage rooms-
    Michael: JUST DO IT!

    Drew: I'M LEAVING!
    Nina: (whimpers): don't go...

  8. Bizarro world indeed. I had whiplash. Lucy, Nina and Drew were all insufferable. If Drew/Nina pair up at least I can FF the two characters I detest most, at the same time. BTW, Alexis needs to lock her office door. And I was glad Cody quit. Nobody needs the headache that is Lucy Coe.

    I did enjoy Laura and Heather. And Doc can be on my screen anytime.

    1. Julie H said " If Drew/Nina pair up at least I can FF the two characters I detest most, at the same time". THIS, THIS, AND THIS!!

  9. Friday...special report on Princess Kate having cancer. Don't understand why everything about the royals must be public. Already 15 minutes in. There is only one special report I want to hear.


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