Monday, March 18, 2024


Joss is shocked that Dex almost killed Cyrus. Nina leaves. Dex explains he did try to talk Sonny out of it but Sonny was insistent. He went to do the job but Sonny stopped him.  Joss asked if he would have killed him if Sonny hadn't showed up. HE says yes. She's like WHO ARE YOU?! 

Olivia and Tracey talk. Tracey is being nice to her. Then, LOIS comes out with coffee because Tracey left. They talk about Dante's early life and how he stood up to bullies. 

Sonny tells Dante to hang in there and be strong. Tracey comes in to visit. She's reminded of Luke in the hospital. 

Trina is talking to Ava about missing out on Paris and working at the Gallery. Nina walks in. Trina goes into the backroom. Nina cries to Ava about Not seeing SONNY. Ava's going to take her to see him I think. She tells Trina to take all delivers that might show up. THEN Joss comes in all crying. Trina hugs her. 

Diane is trying to figure out how to get Alexis back her license. A LOT of lawyer speak. Diane is going to try to get her reinstated asap. 

Kevin explains bias in early psychiatric studies and how that mistake could have been made. A lot of information and also Marshall discusses his experience about society and institutions. Stella then starts talking about racism and bias in the medical field and how she still sees it to this day. She gets angry. Curtis says she's a social justice warrior. 
Curtis and Marshall talk in the PT room and Marshall says he has to forgive that doctor or it will make him as hateful as he was. 

DEX calls the non-emergency PCPD hotline. I think he's turning himself in tomorrow? 


  1. ----WHY would Dex confess to Anna about attempting to kill Cyrus?
    -----and we just dropped Trina's sadness and moved to the selfish whiny Joss - acting like she didn't know Sonny's life or what Dex did... wish she would go to college in California
    ------most things I read agree with me/us that Nina has become unbearable and completely destroyed her character - she was the worst today - NYE is when Sonny found out - why can't Nina be cra-cra and strong?
    ------I thought Nina left with Ava so I am so confused about what Ava is doing unless she is gonna ask about Nina and then relate to Nina that Sonny doesn't forgive her.
    -----WHY all this with Marshall and wrapping up this in one week and then he is on recurring and off contract???
    ------Tracy gonna be sick?
    ------I'm glad Diane is helping Alexis 4 years later???
    ----when will Jason find out about Britt?

  2. Guess the new HW's suddenly woke Joss up.
    I hope Kevin's summary of medical life 40 years ago was THE END of that intolerable story. Robert Gossett is a very good actor but his the character does not give him the chance to shine.
    Nina is entering FF status.
    Diane is fabulous. Speed those appeals right through the system.

  3. Sorry Joss being shocked is just dumb. She grew up in this life and has defended Sonny and Jason over and over no matter who was hurt. Some of these about faces on characters without any reasoning is too off. Joss is way smarter than this yet normally backs the killings and vendettas.

    1. "Linda says, Sorry Joss being shocked is just dumb."

      Yeah I agree!! Dumb reason to break them up.

  4. Dex's home:

    Jex and Nina: Man! Nina should be nicknamed Ms. Stone cold!


    Joss: Who are you?

    Seriously Joss? Seriously?! Damn the new writers are breaking them up! Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: This was a defenseless old man in a hospital bed.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What?!?!?! Cyrus is not defenseless Joss!!!

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Diane: This is great!!!! Yes Diane help her get her law license back!!! Damn it's been 4 years since Alexis lost her law license!! :(

    Ava's art gallery:

    Ava and Trina: Awww Trina. :( I want to give her a hug! And tell her to burn her clothes! Hate her outfit today.

    Ava and Nina: MAN! Nina is desperate!

    The hospital:

    Doc, Mr. Hat man, Curtis, and Stella: Great scene!!!! Stella you keep fighting the good fight!

    Mr. Hat man and Curtis: Yes Mr. Hat man! Forgiveness IS about you and not about the other person. Now when is Curtis going to stand up and walk?

    Sonny and Dante: :(

    Sonny, Dante, and Ava: Oooo Ava put her hand on Sonny's shoulderrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! :D Dante wake up you gotta see this! :)

    Tracy and Stella: Yeah Tracy you BETTER listen to Stella!!!! :D

    Q home:

    Olivia and Tracy: Very nice scene. :) I'm glad Tracy knows how to make coffee! :)

    Olivia and Lois: Great scene! Yeah I would never date a cop! I would never date a doctor either!

  5. also I'm gonna let it go but when Marshall came to town her talked 2 times on the phone with someone about 'not finished yet' and 'I know man - but it's not time' (paraphrasing)......

    1. Remember that also - thought at the time something was gonna come of that

    2. Yeah, I think the original intention was for Marshall to have some sort of vendetta with Sonny.

    3. "mufasa says, also I'm gonna let it go but when Marshall came to town her talked 2 times on the phone with someone about 'not finished yet' and 'I know man - but it's not time' (paraphrasing)......"

      YUP! I won't ever forget that!

      "Kevin says, Yeah, I think the original intention was for Marshall to have some sort of vendetta with Sonny."

      Yeah it sure was! I mean he was really upset with Sonny and it seemed like he hated him.

    4. Sorry but I had to ffwd. everything except Diane/Alexis and Ava with anyone. Too much time with Hatman, although I like him in small doses.


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