Sunday, March 24, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Of Gods and Mobsters


Elizabeth's Face Says It All!! 

So, this week went ok for me for the most part! I actually liked some shows and was laughing. That means promise and hope, people!! How did you feel about it? I almost think they've hired different dialog writers as well. Some days I am really into it and others....stink-a-roo! 

It's winter again here. We were so spoiled and now--brrrrrrr. I'm having hot cocoa! 

Let's give it a go!! 

WEEPING WILLOW!!  I'm putting her first because she was the one chosen to nurse St. Jaysus back to health and...she freaks out. LOL. Plus, she's not smart enough to fake a UTI to get some antibiotics so she steals some and sends the hospital into a tizzy. Geesh, Deanna thought someone was going to jail! HAHA. BUT!! HEY! Spinelli hacks right into the mainframe pharmacy at GH and fixes it all in 3.4 seconds. I do love how he leapt over the desk to help out. My big takeaway was when Willow had a panic attack about it and was hyperventilating in the horse-house. GEESH Louise, don't let her near anything mob! What a baby! 

MARSHALL'S MISDIAGNOSIS AND SOCIAL JUSTICE:  If you didn't watch Monday's show, you really should. I thought this was done well and gave information without preaching. Kevin just listened which I appreciated. Marshall's POV was shared and then Stella also talked about being tired of 'fighting'. After, there was a great scene with Stella and Tracey talking about the fact Tracey just takes things for granted in her privilege. Jane and Vernee were just delightful and managed that scene SO well. We are all hoping that the interactions continue. 

JOSS IS A COMPLETE IDIOT!! GOOD GRAVY!! She actually acts confused about Dex's role in Sonny's organization and calls Cyrus a "poor old man" two times LOL. Goes to Carly and wonders if JASON ever killed for Sonny. Girrrlllll where you been? I get there's a bit of "selective knowledge" but this was another example of 180 dialog. THEN Joss goes to Cry to Trina--TRINA who thinks her love is DEAD!! Cripes. Buy a clue!

PLAN:  ALEXIS TO THE LAW!  Diane and Alexis want a "Davis Miller" situation so Diane magically comes up with getting her license back. Unfortunately she explained it all to Alexis THEN to Robert so we got to hear the law-gobble-dee-gook 2x. Snooze, Just have her pay a fine and do some online classes and BOOM! There it is. 

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS!! I'm 100% for Ava and Sonny frenetic zex one night but THIS? IS she falling for him? UM.. NO. I love them together but her BROTHER and the whole Morgan mess. Unless she's bamboozling him, then this is just weird. They need to be frenemies and occasional benefit people. NOT Love-Style. Plus, where did Nina go in this whole thing? They were at the Gallery talking to Trina and POOF! 

MOLLY AND MOMMY MOMENT: A lot of people said they "bonded" with the NuMolly over the scene with Alexis when she was concerned about her going back into the law. It was heartfelt and conveyed a real sense of worry over Alexis' alcoholic background. At least it wasn't over the surrogacy. (Not my fave) 

HEATHER'S HIP! Well, this has made Laura into a Granny "I care about everyone in Port Charles, even the evil ones" moment. First she is sympathetic to Esme. Then she is all forgiving to Cyrus and now she's helping Heather solve her Cobalt Poisoning!! Kevin is even trying to tell her that Heather will probably still be a bit on the edge but she doesn't care. And I bet BOOTS Heather doesn't go to San Quentin. Laura's going to have her released into her care and probably set her up in the damn guest room.  I hope this doesn't happen but-- it's going that way. 

SONNY: GOD'S ANSWER TO HOMOPHOBIA:  I had to write that because... Eva LaRue listens to his sage advice over a cocktail at Charlies and BOOM! Now, I'm not saying that it wasn't good dialog but... um... it was so 'packaged'. That's my 2 cents anyway. I still say they are wasting Eva. She should be connected to Port Charles in another capacity as well. 

DEX SPILLS HIS GUTS!! Talk about 360s and things happening at break-neck speed. What the hell, Dex! Weren't you the one out in the Pine Barrens willing to get shot in the face rather than turn Michael into his dad? I mean...just because Joss dumped you, you go in and tell Anna every detail of everything? Anna just sat there like: Oh SHIiiiiiiiiiiiiit. LOL. She was like "LOOK YOU NEVER CAME IN HERE". I guess I kind of get it about the Dante shooting but he told you about the Pikeman shipment too! Dex looks like more of a weenie doing this than he did before. We all know it's to set him up as an informant but-- eesh. 

CHEM TEST 101!! Anna has to go tell Jagger that the lightbulb went off about Sonny being a 'Baddie" so she takes him booze and they talk.  I found it all rather bland so I have no chem-comment on this one. 

VALENTIN TO THE RESCUE!  Valentin popped up for a day and consoled Nina. Told her she was too good for Sonny and to knock it off. (Good advice because I can't take her crying all the time). You think he's going to be back soon? I have no idea. 

WHAT EVER THE HELL THIS WAS! If you saw Drew come calling on Nina, you got a belly laugh for sure. First of all, the guy is on speed in every scene and it bugs the hell out of me. Secondly, Drew all of a sudden is yucking it up with Nina. She brings him coffee and donuts! They banter! He tells her Crimson needs her. She's delighted Carly got canned for sure but should she go back?! Cynthia played those scenes so well, I didn't even care they were with Drew. 

BLOWING UP DECEPTION!  After a very weird "We need more anger" photo shoot, Cody ends up quitting and then Sasha walks out the door. Lordy--it was like "Quit ya job day".  Having Lucy be the 'bad guy' is interesting. I understand they are trying to shake things up but it's pretty jarring. Who will be the new face? I'm hoping for Selina Wu!! Oh, and MAXIE? what!! Someone got to her hair and wardrobe because she looked amazing. More of this please! I'm also chalking it up to the fact she's back with Spinelli. KS has just glowed lately. 

CODY'S DIALOG DAY!! Well, I think Cody was featured on Friday's show more than any other character has been featured in awhile. Cody talks to the horse for while.  Olivia stops by the horse house to feed him and talk to him about Dante and life. Did you know they went to camp together? :eyeroll: Then Sasha pulls in and they talk about life, careers and feed the Stance carrots. Someone likes this boy. BIG TIME. PS. Where is COMET!! 

TURNING IN!  St. Jaysus of the Holy River Crossing Bridge and Holy Quartermaine Boathouse turned himself in with little fanfare on Friday., WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST DO that in the FIRST PLACE? Come on now, if you think you can get out of jail free, why did you hold up so long and involve Danny? It makes no sense. This is the part of the show I'm not on board with so, I just tune most of it out. I did like how much Chase hates him though! BTW, Jason's back in BLACK doing his Jason Stare-face and appears to have a tanning booth in that boathouse.


Donna visited the PCPD with her class and Chase was adorable. 

Willow freaks when medicine goes missing, Spinelli to the rescue

Kevin explains that Marshall's doctor was bias and racist; discussion follows

Heather gets wheeled in for her new hip

Joss cries to her mama and Trina about the Dex breakup 

Liz explains to Aidan how Jake is feeling--without Jake being there

Sasha and Cody quit Deception. Everyone blames Lucy

Drew offers Nina the position at Crimson again

Diane is determined to get Alexis' law license back 

Dex confesses a million sins to Anna; she says "keep it quiet"

Anna and Jagger talk about Sonny and such

Sonny explains kids need to lead their own life. Eva LaRue listens

Cody and Olivia share some pasta she made. 

Molly opens up about her fears for Alexis drinking again

Dante's status: unchanged

Jason turns himself into the PCPD. 

So, for me, the week was up and down but mostly up. Jason is still a thorn in my side and I can't help but think we've all been here before. I'm already tired of him staring into space. The Joss/Dex thing was so unexpected that it was actually entertaining. From the breakup to Dex spilling everything to Joss acting like she has a head injury was just interesting to me. Everyone quitting their jobs and reshuffling; ie; Nina BACK to Crimson? LOL Okay. Ava/Sonny... Laura being all weird and wanting to help Heather. The Marshall discussion. Some days the dialog was light and airy and others just wooden. One more thing; HAIR AND MAKEUP! Something happened because everyone's make up looks a lot better and Maxie? She was just perfection in her latest Deception meeting. No more ratty sweaters. :Clapping: 

How are you feeling? Hope you are liking something about the show. I think next week will let us in on WHY Jason is doing all of this shannegians. I sure hope so. 



  1. It was definitely a mixed bag week. I think some of the strange, super-quick turn of events -- Sasha and Cody quitting Deception, Alexis returning to practicing law, Drew asking Nina to come back to Crimson, Natalia being OK with her daughter, the wrap-up of Marshall's storyline -- are basically the new writers clearing out the crap they don't care about. I am fine with that as long as we have some new (better) storylines by this time next month.

    Also, I am not familiar with Eva LaRue (Natalia) but she seems too good to let her go just with the Kristina/Blaze storyline. I agree with you, connect her to someone else in Port Charles and give her a juicy plot. I would *much* rather watch her than the folks who play Drew, Cody, Sasha and Jordan.

    1. Also, I think they are establishing a friendship between Tracy and Stella. I am 100% here for that.

    2. I agree! I think the new writers are tying up storylines they don't like super-quick.

    3. I agree as well. I love the air time Jane has been getting

  2. Thanks for another great SS!
    We all knew the transition would have some craziness. Whoop, there it is. Joss/Dex, Deception, Drew....and the list goes on.
    Dialogue is better as is hair, makeup and wardrobe. Scenes are longer. All good things.
    Willow stealing pills is hard to believe anyway. No wonder she had a melt down.
    True, nothing would be different if Jason had just turned himself in immediately rather than involve anyone else. I'm surprised that Carly hasn't been crazy with worry about him.
    Still no body found nor has Jason mentioned him.
    I think GH is heading in a good direction.

    1. I am thankful we didn't see Carly crazy and frantically worried this week about Jason. No thank you. I am sure she will go self righteous this week in her defending him no matter what he may or may not have done.

  3. ---cannot figure out WHY Robert/Marshall is NOW recurring? WHY can't he and Stella be a couple/Stella is Curtis mom or something? Great scene with Kevin but knowing he is recurring was a letdown.
    ------for me Joss the WORST character of the week - the MOST annoying character - it's like the writers completely rewrote her character (like they have Nina)....
    ----Dex is also THE WORST! I think Anna also has changed - she cried lots and then I liked her being strong - and now she HATES Sonny????? They completely dropped Pikeman - Anna should wanna know more from Dex ------ I am not going be happy if Anna hires him to spy - and WHEN is Sonny gonna thank Dex for saving Dante??
    ----Make up was SO much better this week!!
    -----not sure WHO will run the Invader ----- I think Nina will hire Sasha.......
    -----I DO think John Jag is not gonna be the original person -not sure who first picked Jason up from the island - and then John Jag must have made Jason work for him---so I still think the leverage is Carly or Michael------------but we still don't know WHO the head guy? (not sure Jason would turn himself in IF John Jag was the head guy???
    ------Will we see Brennan again and that shooter in Pentonville????
    ------BUT I am happy with the direction of the shows................except JOSS

    1. I'm good with Nina hiring Sasha just make her stop crying and begging. Its pathetic.
      I agree that Joss was way different this week and it was just weird. Eden can do whatever they give her, so give her something better.


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