Friday, February 9, 2024


Drew, Carly and Joss talking about Spencer dying. She wants to post old photos on social media but doesn't want to hurt Trina. Trina likes the post off camera. WHY CAN'T SHE BE THERE? Then Joss leaves and Carly and Drew talk about Carly being a long term editor at Crimson and how great she is. Carly tells Drew she will only stay at Crimson if he drops his revenge on Carly. I about fell over  

Sonny and Jagger argue about the past: Karen, Stone yada yada. Jagger says he's in town to "save his life" Sonny laughs. They fight more--it's hysterical. 'I'M TRYING TO SAVE YOU" Sonny: I DON'T WANT IT. Blah blah..

Jordan is out with Brick and I might throw up. Anyway, Brick goes to order champagne and Dex says he'll pay for it and pulls out a platinum card and Brick's all: WTF is that!? They get the bubbly and Brick tries hard to flirt with Jordan. It's embarrassing. 

Joss joins Dex at the bar because Dex's fave band is on tonight. They decide to go some place "quiet". Brick gets up to follow them. 

Maxie, Spin, Cody, Maxie and Sasha are throwing AXES. I guess Cody is trying  to get Spin and Maxie to date.  Sasha gets a bullseye. 

Millow. Ugh They talk about getting back together, or not getting back together. Drew being 'different" yada yada Michael's going to stay the night. Wiley comes down. He's happy. 

Spixie win the ax throwing thing, they get to go to dinner together

Dex and Joss are at his place in bed

Brick finds Dex's off shore bank account. 



  1. All that money Michael has been paying Dex is going to get him killed.

    1. YUP! Then Michael will feel all the guilt feels for a long time!

    2. OR just as Sonny forgives Michael this comes up and Carly, Joss and Michael are in big trouble with Sonny AS WELL as Willow

  2. The credits: Wylie is there! Awwwwwww. :)

    Carly's kitchen:

    Crew and Joss: They have pictures of a young Spencer! It's of Nicolas Bechtel!!! :) They showed his pictures the other day too. I'm glad they showed his pictures! I agree Trina should be there!!! Along with Cam! The Tribbles love looking at Spencer pictures too. Awww look the Tribbles are crying. :(

    Crew: Yeah Carly, Drew is Ryan Lavery now and he won't let go of his anger and hatred for Nina! He will want to destroy her life. So buckle up buttercup and get ready for the revenge train that will drive over her.

    Ax throwing club:

    Cowboy Cody, Sasha, Spinny, and Maxie: Oooo double date? :) No damn. :( I like their scenes! The look on Spinny's face and his hands on his face when Cowboy Cody hit a bullseye! ROFL!

    Spinny and Cowboy Cody: Yeah Cowboy Cody I want Spixie back together too!!!! Spinny wins the line of the day.

    Spinny: I don't know where you are going with this, but please stop immediately.


    Spinny: I'm not interested in Maximesta.

    Your nose is growing Pinocchio!

    Cowboy Cody and Sasha: Geez again they get interrupted from kissing. They are not twinsies right writers? Soooo let them kiss!

    Sonny's office:

    John, Sonny, and Badger Bob: Love the talk about the past. :)

    Badger Bob: Listen to him Sonny!!!! Stop being stubborn!!!

    The Savoy:

    Jordan and Brick: Oooo is this a date? :) Love how he is flirting with her! She likes it! :)

    Jex: Dex is horny. *Snicker*

    Mildew home:

    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Dex's home:

    Jex: Hmmm we didn't get to see the zex! Awwww. Does she have Adam on the brain? *Snicker*

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to April 8th 1992* Jagger's debut!! :) Him and his friends want to rob Kelly's.

    1. Joss is grieving. She just wanted to be cuddled.

      And for anyone with Adam on the brain, I can recommend a good neurosurgeon.

      I noticed Nicholas B. too. Since they're good bying Spencer it was great that they showed him too.

    2. "Di says, Joss is grieving. She just wanted to be cuddled."

      Oh so no zex just cuddles. :)

      "And for anyone with Adam on the brain, I can recommend a good neurosurgeon."


      "I noticed Nicholas B. too. Since they're good bying Spencer it was great that they showed him too."

      Yeah I'm happy! :)

    3. They showed NB on Laura's phone the other day too! Lol, Drew is Ryan Lavery now? Was that how Ryan Lavery was?

    4. "Chatty says, They showed NB on Laura's phone the other day too! Lol,"

      Yeah I loved that! :)

      "Drew is Ryan Lavery now? Was that how Ryan Lavery was?"

      Yes!!! Mean and cruel! He was never like that! Then Cameron Mattheson left AMC for awhile, and then when he came back Ryan changed. He was awful! I don't know what happened to Ryan. I hated him after that.

  3. Pretty easy to find out where Dex's riches are coming from. Or just kill him. Not too sure I like Brick with more story.
    Not much of a day. Especially a Friday.

  4. Just one question..Who the heck is Ryan Lavery and what's he got to do with GH?

    1. Yeah, I don’t know who he is either.

    2. CM was Ryan on All My Children!! Google and read his story!!

    3. And Ryan was related to Duke, right?

    4. "Di says, what's he got to do with GH?"

      Drew reminds me of Ryan Lavery! Mean, cruel, and so angry! Drew sometimes has the bug eyes that Ryan used to have.

    5. Don't want to know his story because I never watched that soap. Or anything else he was in.GH is the only soap I watch. The characters in it are GH characters now and the only ones I know.

    6. Ryan Lavery on AMC was a cousin of Duke Lavery's.

  5. ----couldn't remember if Willow knew about Dex, Michael and Carly's agreement? but then Michael lied and said he told his dad everything/no more secrets and Willow doesn't Michael back permanently yet cause she is afraid something else will happen
    ---I liked Cody telling Spinelli to go for it.....and I like Brick and Jordan (sorry Karen)
    ---Eden is drop-dead gorgeous
    ---Sonny doesn't know anything so there IS nothing to tell John-Jag. Surely the writers aren't changing and it IS Dex working with someone?? I kept thinking Selina is paying off like Tony or Fred--but Michael gave Dex the money ----WILL MICHAEL confess?
    -----If Jason is the shooter - SCREAM ----

  6. The only really good thing today was it looks like Maxie and Spinelli are getting back together.

  7. I'm thinking that due to the change in writers, or not since this seems to be a trend with GH, that the identity of the shooter has changed multiple times. It also wouldn't surprise me if the same is true of the person who was the intended victim. But we all know Jason will be the one to save the day.

    Please, please have Sonny throw hardware when he finds out how Michael hired Dec to spy on him.

    Di, the OG Ryan was a good guy on AMC. Sorta like Chase or Dante. But, later he went weird the way Drew is now.


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