Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Party Day

 Jake sees the message "don't forget me" on the drawing board. It's still fresh paint. Jake calls Finn to come over. Finn arrives and they decide to figure out what's happening. Dante comes too. Liz disarmed the alarm because the boys kept forgetting. Dante says that the police outside saw nothing. Dante says that her house is a risk since even WITH security and locks changing, someone is getting in. Finn says she can stay with him. She says NO! My boys! Then thinks maybe they could stay with Laura and she can go far away to 'protect' everyone. 

Finn and Laura are at Kelly's talking about Liz. Laura overhears Ava that Esme might be pregnant. She freaks outi. Leaves. Scotty and Ava talk about what she's entitled to if she leaves the marriage. 

Esme isn't pregnant. She's afraid Spencer will throw her out of the house. Nikolas is like no way, you can stay here. Spencer ends up leaving. Es is alone with Nikolas and Laura comes in just as Nikolas has his arm around Esme. "AM I INTERRUPTING"?? lol ..she tells Nik that Ava is with HER LAWYER at Charlie's. Also talks about why he's letting ES stay there. He says it's Sonny's fault. Laura says everyone thinks Esme did the tape. 

Sonny and Dante congratulate Brando at the gym. He's on his way to The Savoy. They talk about his eloping..and Sasha, yada yada. Brando leaves. Then Dante gets called to the PCPD. Oh Spencer comes in to confront him about taking Esme. GOOD SCENES!! 

DECEPTION Party at The Savoy. THAT was quick. Felicia and Anna are there for Maxie. Nina is there...and Ms. WU because she's a SURPRISE INVESTOR!! OMG! YESSSSS!! Awesome. The stock is going up (they are watching on the computer). Austin comes in---kisses Maxie. Brook looks surprised. Then she's mad that Maxie didn't tell her she was seeing him. Lucy asks Sasha to do a speech. Sasha downs a pill. 

Austin and Brook have a truce. 



Liz is going to stay at her house alone...send the kids to Laura's

Sasha makes an ok speech at the Deception stock party; the stocks go WAY UP and everyone is happy


  1. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Ava and Scotty: Divorce already Ava? Damn you don't waste time. :)

    Laura, Ava and Scotty: Laura's head exploded at the thought of Vampira being preggers. Hahahahaha.


    Sonny and a sparring partner: Whoever this sparring guy is, he should be on more. :) Let's get to know this guy.

    Sonny, Dante, and Brando:

    Sonny: WHAT?! She did?

    Hahaha. He sounds just like on state of mind.. WHAT? NO! ROFL!

    Brando and Sonny: Awwww a nice loving hug. :)

    Dante and Sonny: Awwww a nice loving hug. :)

    Spencer and Sonny: It looked like Spencer was going to knock Sonny out!!!


    Spencer and Vampira: NOT PREGNANT! YAY! :) Whew.. But we didn't get to see it! All off camera. That sucks. Shirtless Spencer yum! :)

    Nik and Vampira: Oh look he has his arm around her. Yeah her plan is working. Slowly but surely. All she has to do is cry cry cry and he comforts her, then they kiss, then they go to bed, then Ava sees them in bed. :)

    Nik and Laura:

    Nik: I told Esme she can stay here without running it by Ava.

    Laura: Why would you do that?

    Nik Jr: Because she is hot! DUH!

    Laura and Vampira: Vampira! Laura doesn't trust you. If you want Laura on your side, then you better bite her and turn her into a vampire! :)

    Liz's home:

    Fiz, Aidan and Jake: Wow! Aidan and Jake in the same room!!! All we need now is Cam there.. Then all three boys will be in the same room together! :) And then bring little V in.. :) Oh hi Dante. Glad you are there!! I thought Jake was going to call his grandpa! Glad he called Finchy.

    Aidan and Jake: I thought Aidan was going to tell Jake what if it's mom!!!! Oh look cereal! Honey nut Grainios! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! I guess they couldn't say honey nut cheerios or they would have to pay for it.. It's still funny. :)

    The savoy Deception party: Everyone looks great! Blazer Lynn isn't wearing a blazer! She is wearing a nice jacket! :) Is the actress who plays Sasha pregnant again? I keep seeing a baby bump. Ms. Wu has shares of Deception?!! YAY!

    Anna, Felicia, and Maxie: Anna wins the line of the day.

    Anna: I'm British. We don't do awe!


    Brasha and Gladys: Oh that's sweet that Sasha gave her 1 flower. :)

    Curtis and Ms Wu: WHAT?! You don't want her to have her gambling room in the Savoy?!?!! WHY CURTIS WHY?!?!!?!?! :'(

    Curtis and Nina: Curtis why do you think Ms. Wu is trouble? Do you find her attractive? :)

    Stocks: STOCKS GOING UP! YAY! Now everyone is rich! :)

    Pawtucket Holtster and Maxie: Kisses! Awwwwwwwww. :) What's the matter Brooky? Feeling jelly? :)

    Pawtucket Holtster and Brooky: Well I'm glad they made a truce.


    I'm glad Sasha is taking pills and not powder that will go up her nose, cus I don't want to keep hearing her sniffing her nose.

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  2. thoughts-----
    Sasha's speech wasn't even a big deal after all---she didn't act like she was on drugs...
    WHY all the hoopla and then Esme isn't pregnant and didn't even lie about it? Bizarre
    Selina Wu's dress was amazing and I want it now!!
    So I guess she will make a deal and get info on Marshall ---- so Curtis gives in...but the lunch with Britt and Selina that we never heard the 'rest of the story'
    -----Sonny and Spencer - good - I can't WAIT until Spencer little twit finds out the truth...
    I TRULY think the writers had NO idea what to do with Liz's story and because it's been going on for 2 1/2 months they keep changing it.....I don't think it's DID now-----I think it is Hayden or someone related to her family.......OR they are going to rewrite her history with the rape.....SCREAM...
    Curtis in that suit was the best part of my day...........

  3. sonya said, " All she has to do is cry cry cry and he comforts her, then they kiss, then they go to bed, then Ava sees them in bed. :)" 😒 👎

    1. ROFL! Well it's a lot better than having her drug Nik! I don't want that.

    2. I don't want the little psycho in anyone's bed. I want her out of the house and caught in the lie by everyone.

    3. "Di says I don't want the little psycho in anyone's bed. I want her out of the house and caught in the lie by everyone."

      I want her to get caught in a lie by everyone too, but we probably won't get that!

    4. when did Esme go get the phone? Isn't the cabin far away?

    5. the morning after Laura talked with her, she said, "I am going to bed - I have an important errand to run."

  4. They don't have any idea what they are doing with Liz story. That happens when you don't write with a long range plan. Make crap up day by day doesn't work.

  5. My guess about Elizabeth is that something traumatic happened to her while living with her parents in Colorado that she blames them for, perhaps for always being off traveling on medical missions and not being around to protect/help her. It's now starting to manifest again.

    Why would Sasha give the speech at the IPO party? She is a model, for Christ's sake. It would make sense for Sasha to welcome the crowd and introduce either Lucy or a business attorney to make the actual speech.

    When James Patrick Stuart got his gig on the Disney show, we were assured it wouldn't interfere with his "GH" commitment. I think we've seen him exactly one time since then. It makes no sense that Valentin would miss the IPO launch. Also, Anna is left hanging a bit without her guy. Either bring him back more often or write him out.

    1. He has been back taping. I've seen photos.

  6. Loved Laura freaking out about maybe pregnant Esme.
    Loved Anna's line about the British not doing awe. I laughed out loud. :)
    What was the look Brando gave druggy Sasha after her ok speech? That she hinted at Liam? What was that about?
    So the boys think Franco might be haunting them? I guess I would rather have that story than Liz having a split personality. I think. Lol!
    I seriously need Spencer to buy a clue. Good god, they're writing him stupid. I did enjoy his conversation with Sonny, though.
    If I'm not careful, Madame Wu is going to replace my Ava as "Queen!" Speaking of Ava, she needs to stay at Windemere and spy on that little psycho. (Thanks Di!)

    And from Monday I found Nurse Driscoll to be beyond annoying. Her first screech for Security was funny. The rest....was obnoxious. I highly approved of Terry scolding her.

    1. I think Amy would be a fun character to see more often for comic relief and gossip, but only if they write her better than Monday. That was a bit much.

      I think it would be nice to see Amy, Brook Lynn and Maxie hang out more often.

    2. Yes, I agree. those 3 good have some fun conversations. they wrote her as a stereotype on Monday.

  7. The ladies at Deception all looked gorgeous and even Austin did, too. Like his new hair. Selena is quite a force with her presence now at Deception. Val should have been there. I guess we have seen so little of Anna because JPS was gone. Sonny has a new hair dye again. Nick and Spencer are ridiculously stupid. This Nick has lost all of the intensity and strength of the character. He sounds and looks weak.


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