Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Sage My House


Nelle is in Ava's apartment, I totally forgot she rented that! Smaltz is there trying to talk to Nina for his article. Sasha comes in, tells him to get out. Then Sasaha tells Nina she's so scared about what could happen to Brando-- and the robbers being out on bail. Nina says "Sonny took care of it'-- "DID he KILL them"? She asks. They talk about the mob.. and relationships and .. just stuff. 

Brando talking to Lucy about the house. Sasha wants him to look, she's too busy. Brando is so sad about Liam. 

Dante finds Sonny at the gym. Sonny is all bummed about Michael.  He tells Dante what Michael said to him.  Dante dogs on Nina and her bad behavior. Sonny tells him to stop judging. Brando walks in during them arguing. Brando agrees with Sonny and sees Michael as entitled. Dante says he loves both of them 

Willow and Michael talk about him rejecting Sonny.  Blah blah blah He wants to make the Corinthos name a good one. Keep it for Morgan. :eyeroll: He talks about how much he doesn't want to be like him and Willow says not to get too revengeful or he WILL be like Sonny. 

Liz and Finn discussing her situation (again). He still wants her to move in, she still says no. She's going to the Metro. Later they are there sitting in chairs waiting for her room to get ready. Lucy asks how Aiden's project went on the Ouiji board. Finn yells at her for believing in that stupidity and the supernatural. He apologizes and goes to take Liz' stuff to her room. Lucy talks to Liz about what's happening. She THINKS it could be a Franco's spirit and she should take comfort in it. Lucy suggests a medium go to Liz' house. 

Harmony looks at Carly in the trunk and is going to smash her head in with a rock "I'm going to make this look like a tragic accident" .... DUN DUN DUN.  Oh she was putting the rock on the gas pedal to make it look like Carly drove off a cliff. BUT ALEXIS WALKS UP (she's a temp recast).. how did she find her there? DAMN IT. She says Harmony mentioned it when she was drunk. Anyway, Neil was Harmony's court appointed therapist and he kept notes and when he lost his license he felt bad for Nina and was going to tell... Harmony explains that befriending Alexis in the jail was her way of making it 'up to her'! Alexis says that she's out of her mind and she killed 2 people. Carly starts bashing on the trunk. Harmony goes to leave but ALexis runs to the trunk and sees Carly. Tries to wake her up. "She knew too much" Says Harmony and SO DO YOU!! 

It's so sad Nancy had to have surgery and wasn't here for the big reveal ..end Harmony story! Couldn't be helped but..damn. 


  1. I was thinking the same thing about NLG.
    Another cliff victim? Won't be Alexis or Carly.
    Michael is either annoying or boring.
    Too many dangling stories. Wouldn't it be better if they focused on two or three stories at a time, to their resolve, while segwaying another story etc. The sex tape story really deserves to be front and center until done. IMO.

  2. Yes, too bad about Nancy but this sub is so good that I didn't mind at all.

    kd, I think your first word should be Nina, not Nelle. lol For a second I thought I'd missed a flashback.

    If Liz has a medium in I'll be miffed. Going to see Kevin and trying to recall the face he saw in her "dream" would be more helpful. And why would Franco rip up her weding dress, ghost or no ghost. Doesn't make sense.

    hmmmm Wonder if Alexis gets in jured in the car crash so they can have Nancy recuperating on set if she needs a cane or something.

    I also hope Harmony says she got Willow from Nina's mother before she goes over the edge.

    1. OMG YOU know me, my BRAIN IS BURNED OUT LOL

    2. I think we're all more than a little singed these days. lol

    3. "Di says, I think we're all more than a little singed these days. lol"

      Hahaha yes!!! We are. :)

  3. Wow! The comment section looks different! :)

    The gym:

    Dante and Sonny:

    Sonny: We've all done things in our past that we regret. We should not judge until we have walked in someone else's shoes.

    YEAH SONNY! Thank you! Tell him!!! :)

    Brando and Sonny: Brando is SO sucking up to Sonny! ROFL!

    Mildew home:

    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Nina's home:

    Nina and Poptart Smalls: Nina! Give him an exclusive!!! :)

    Nina and Sasha: Hmmm. Is the actress who plays Sasha preggers again? Yes Sasha, Nina does want to be in a relationship with Sonny! :)

    Metrocourt lounge: At first I didn't know where this place was. A new set! LOVE IT! :)

    Lucy and Brando: Awww great scene!

    Fiz and Lucy: Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: There is an explanation for that. Supernatural isn't, you know, real.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah okay Caleb the vampire. Whatever you say.

    Finchy: What you did was incredibly irresponsible!

    Uh WHOA! Shut up Finchy! There is no reason to be so rude to Lucy! Lucy handled it very well! I'm glad he apologized!!

    Liz and Lucy: Ooooo a medium! YES! Lucy has a great idea!! :)


    Finchy: What she believes in is total nonsense.

    Yeah whatever you say Caleb.

    The cliff:

    Harmony.com and Carly: Oh Harmony.com stop talking and put the petal to the medal!

    Temp recast Alexis and Harmony.com: I see this woman and I said out loud to myself, who is that? Then the announcer said who it is! OH! Hahahaha. She looks familiar and her voice sounds familiar. Was she on OLTL? Hmmm. Anyway GREAT SCENE!!! :) Now Alexis knows all! :) Hmmm Alexis's voice went deeper! ROFL! Dammit Temp recast why did you have to interrupted them?!

    1. I am thinking that's why we didn't have so many replies yesterday as the comments first appear that we can't make any

    2. "Linda says, I am thinking that's why we didn't have so many replies yesterday as the comments first appear that we can't make any"

      It appears, but it just looks bigger. :) Maybe it confused people.

  4. Nu-Alexis to me looked like a older Robin Scorpio......Sonny's look to Brandon was weird and made me realize again that Brando gonna join Sonny/son wannabe-----Michael and Willow are useless
    I still don't understand how Harmony is gonna get away with hurting Carly and Alexis ---- but I did go back and listen - Harmony never said NINA was Willow's mom....guess Carly is the only one who realize it....But will Harmony die or go to jail or run>
    and now I am questioning if this Liz thing IS Franco........which started Jan 7
    again Sweeps start Thursday.......

    1. Thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought she looked like Robin.

    2. did you tell me this on Twitter? Someone did... !!!

  5. I really like the actress who plays Harmony. I was rooting for her to send the car over the cliff and carly is in rehab for 1 yr. with amnesia and her memory never returns.

    1. Ooooo I like it! :) But I want Carly's memory to return, and her to change. :)

  6. It’s totally understandable that Nancy Grahn has to be away for surgery, but can you say worst time for a recast in GH history? The biggest moment in the story for Alexis after more than 2 years of build up, finally she gets the answers and realizes Neil didn’t die of a drug overdose. He was murdered by Harmony. This is like Jane Elliot being recast before that famous scene when she withheld Edward’s heart pills. Can you imagine that scene without Jane? The Alexis recast is fine but this is extremely jarring at a critical point in the story. Why couldn’t it wait until Nancy returned?
    Same case a month ago when Leslie Charleston was recast and her temp played a a critical scene where for perhaps the first time since the late 70s, we actually heard Monica talk about her first marriage to Jeff Webber and how her infidelity with his brother and his with Heather resulted in their split. Leslie Charleson should’ve played those scenes and instead it was a recast. So stupid.
    I like Harmony and the actress that plays her. But the character has been written into a corner. Sure does smell like a rewrite to me. The actress was photographed with the rest of the cast because she is on contract, but she was never added to the opening credits when they were updated. Right about the time that the writing for her character did a 180. Earlier this year it was clear they were toying with the idea of pairing Harmony and Alexis. But then that was dropped.

    1. Worst recast timing in history, I don't know but I remember when Tamara was leaving the role of Carly after Michael was kidnapped, that really bothered me as it was her story and she and the young Michael had a nice rapor. As much as I like NLG she is no Jane Elliott (close but no cigar)

  7. I respectfully disagree that they wrote Harmony in a corner, she was created that way. She is a criminal no matter which way we look at it. Just serving time and saying I'm sorry after supporting that freak Shiloh... It just so happens we liked the actress, which stinks.

  8. It would be interesting to know if way back when Neil died if the story was already put in place with Harmony as his killer. It was about 2 years ago. Or if it was left as a loose end that fit into the present scenario.

    1. 100% agreed. Honestly I really never like Neil. Didn't dislike him, just was meh for me.

    2. Loved Neil. Love the actor who played him.


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